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Best Air Hockey Pucks In 2020: The Most Detailed Guide Ever!

One of the things that scare people off is when their original (that come with the table) air hockey pucks are broke or can’t slide as smoothly as they used to.

I understand the concern here. You have every reason to be worried about this since A LOT of cheap air hockey pucks are just terrible.

However, with the right guiding (meaning this guide that you’re reading now 🙂 ), things become a lot easier and the concerns will definitely disappear after understanding a few basics about air hockey science.

Hey! I’m not here to bore you with too much science, so if you want to see my top recommended air hockey pucks in this year 2020, just head to the second section of this guide.

Things To Know About Air Hockey Pucks

The air hockey pucks are the spherically shaped accessory which is hit by the striker for pushing into the goal on the opponent side. The air pressure beneath its bottom-side makes it levitate and almost fly after hitting by the striker. The average diameter of a puck is 3.25," and weight is between 20 grams and 40 grams.

  • Material:

Generally the puck is made of the various version of polycarbonate resin with an average thickness of one inch. It will have a single layer of plastic tape at the top to indicate the difference from the bottom.

You may also opt for Capron material. It has similar characteristics with polycarbonate, but its tensile strength is relatively less. You may also choose nylon which is relatively lighter and more flexible.

  • Design:

The circular edge will have a slight elevation from the base. It looks more like a solid circular plastic band. This design creates the pressure at the bottom when you hit the puck with the striker.

  • Construction:

The construction of the air hockey puck is derived from the process of injection molding. It keeps the base evenly flat while shaping the round edge with a slight elevation from the base.

You should opt for a virgin plastic product rather than a recycled material. You can easily feel the difference when you hold the edge with both your hands and apply pressure towards its center. The puck won’t bulge or bend due to its solid construction.

  • Flight:

The best way to check its flight action is to test it practically. Hit the puck on the board with the striker. The impact should pass through the center of the puck straight. The puck will move along the horizontally straight path. It may levitate by a few millimeters, but it will never fly off the table.

You can try playing all types of shots including the bank shot. It is when the puck bounces from the air hockey table, but it will remain within the board limits.

  • Quality:

Certification from the USAA will mean the puck has the professional level quality. The standard colors for the professional game are Lexan-Yellow, Dynamic-Green or Lexan-red.

For hobby games, the color could be anything. However, you can’t expect them to have the same level of quality.

  • Sliding:

The standard quality air puck will easily slide on the tabletop when you push it gently with your finger. Check the bottom surface for the level of smoothness. You should be able to experience a smooth and straight surface with no feeling of grains.

  • Safety:

The air hockey puck should be completely free from harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients. Though you can’t know it by touching it, the granular texture (however light they are) will surely be the sign of recycled plastic or treatment with chemicals. Scratch the top surface slightly with your nail.

It should be scratch-proof, and the color should not peel. It is because the coloring is done with pigments before the injection molding and not with paint after the molding.

Best Air Hockey Pucks In 2020: Detailed Reviews

Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set

Dynamo air hockey puck comes in fluorescent green which makes it visible while playing at high speed. With a diameter of 2.5mm and light-medium weight, the puck can follow the direction of the path through which you hit it.
The high-quality polycarbonate grade plastic has high tensile strength and sturdiness to withstand the different types and intensities of shots you play in the game.

The puck bottom has a smooth finish to make it slide on the tabletop with high speed and near to zero friction. The Dynamo puck is designed with its center of gravity right at the middle. Hence, the directional flow and levitation will always be parallel to the table top. The probability of flying off the table and going off direction is nearly zero.

Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set

 Medium-lightweight for speed and direction
 Engineered construction for quality play
 Florescent green for clear visibility

 No visible cons

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Super Z Outlet Home Air Hockey Replacement Pucks

The Super Z puck is designed for competitive and leisurely air hockey games. The diameter of 2.5” and smooth finishing around the circular edges give an additional float to the puck. The engineering grade virgin plastic makes a strong construction and durable material composition.

Glowing red color makes the puck visible on any air hockey tabletop. The bottom of the puck is finished with the smooth surface and no granules.

Hence, the horizontal movement is fast in all the directions. Soft edges also mean the high rate of bouncing from the table walls into the goal area.

Super Z Outlet Home Air Hockey Replacement Pucks

Unique levitating construction makes it easy to play the bounce shots when the puck jumps off the wall towards the goal. The Super Z puck is resistant to scratches, stress, heat, and humidity. Hence, the durability factor is very high.

 Designed for all types of air hockey tables
 High resistance to stress and striker impact
 Bright red color for maximum fun

 The probability of flying out is high on large air hockey tables

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Suzo-Happ Group Dynamo Fluorescent Air Hockey Puck Set

The Suzo-Happ air hockey Puck has a relatively large diameter; hence you can use it on large tournament size tables. The circular construction has evenly distributed material density at the base. The side ring density ratio with the base gives a free flow to the puck while on the table and levitating.

The optimum thickness of the puck prevents it from flying off the table, regardless of the shot intensity. The key benefit of this feature is its ability to move quickly towards the goal when you play the right and left wall-over shot. The sturdy construction and the weight gives added strength and resistance to impact stress.

Suzo-Happ Group Dynamo Fluorescent Air Hockey Puck Set

It is highly durable and lasts for years without damages. Grain-free bottom finishing makes the sliding on tabletop smooth and friction-less. At the same time, the design gives you added control over the puck while playing shots.

 Suitable for large competitive air hockey tables
 Best weight and thickness ratio for tournament games
 High resistance to impact fore

 May not be suitable for small tables

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Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks (White)

The white Dynamo air hockey puck has a lightweight construction with added tensile strength and agility for movement. Coupled with the smooth bottom the puck can travel fast across the length and width of the table.
The Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks is compatible with the USAA standards of design and construction.

Hence, you can use it in tournaments and competitions without any hassles. Even distribution of weight and density along its dimension makes the puck move perfectly towards the goal when you play the bank shot, over the mallet shot, and the straight shot.

Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks (White) review

The elevated ring at the edge has an optimum thickness ratio with the base. Striking the puck at an acute angle can create a slight levitation that makes it float at the height of few millimeters from the table top. Hence, you can deceive your opponent and make faster goals.

 String construction for durability
 USAA compatible design
 Optimum thickness for high-intensity shots

 White color may reduce visibility on the light colored table top

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Brybelly One dozen Large Red Air Hockey Pucks

Brybelly puck has a relatively high density and thickness compared to the other models. It has a higher smooth finishing at the bottom. It is also relatively large in diameter.

Conformance to the USAA standards makes Brybelly compatible with tournament grade professional pucks.

Sliding and gliding across the table are fast and controlled. You can use this puck to practice all your straight, elevated and angular shots.

The risk of flying off the table is reduced to near zero due to the sturdy construction. Red color gives added visibility to the puck on any tabletop.

Brybelly One dozen Large Red Air Hockey Pucks

The elevated circular ring at the edge syncs perfectly with the base to create perfectly levitating float over the table top to reach the goal. Handling the puck during the flight comes with experience.

 High-density construction for professional play
 Construction for total control
 Faster sliding accurate sliding

 May not be suitable for small tables

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Billiard Evolution 5 Air Hockey Pucks

Billiard evolution comes in four different shapes for pure family entertainment. They are ideal for small table tops and come in attractive colors. The engineering grade virgin plastic is skin friendly. It is free from all forms of harmful chemicals and toxic elements.

The sturdy construction makes the pucks durable and resistant to impact. Kids find it exciting and adventurous to play with multiple shapes of the pucks. They come in octagon, circular and triangle shapes in multiple colors. The lightweight design and innovative construction make the pucks levitate and move faster when you play on air jet table tops.

Billiard Evolution 5 Air Hockey Pucks

Competition among kids could be breathtaking and interesting for the parents. Playing the elevated shots is the best part of Billiard Evolution pucks. With experience, you can control the speed and direction.

 Lightweight and density for home air hockey tables
 Breathtaking colors and shapes
 Pucks are always airborne

 The probability of flying off the table is high

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Billiard Evolution 2 Air Hockey Pushers and 4 Pucks

Billiard Evolution design and construction make it an excellent puck for small sized tables. It is relatively light in weight and density. The design of the pucks comes in the form of octagon, triangle, and circle. Kid friendly construction and chemical free material make the pucks safe and secure to use.

Unlike the other lightweight pucks, the Billiard evolution pucks tend to stay within the table top limitations.

You may hit them at high intensity, but they don’t fly off the table. The bright and dark colors of the pucks make them visible on any color table top. Unique designs make striking and floating real for the family members.

Billiard Evolution 2 Air Hockey Pushers

Smooth bottom finishing makes it possible for the pucks to slide freely and speedily across the table top. The shapes give better control over the shots, regardless of the angle from where you hit.

 Designed for small size air hockey table
 Lightweight and colorful
 Easy to play floating shots

 Takes practice to get good control

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Super Z Outlet Home Standard Light Weight Air Hockey Red Replacement Pucks

Super Z puck set comes with two paddles. The compact design and medium-lightweight construction make the puck preferable for tournament and entertainment air hockey games. The sturdy construction of the puck can ensure high-intensity impact from the striker and slide smoothly over the table top.

The thickness of the puck design at the outer ring gives a slight floating effect when you hit it with reasonable impact force. Scoring the goals from bank shots, playing the chase shot and under-the- mallet shot are easy and fast. The exterior finishing of the puck is fine with the sturdy construction of engineering grade plastic.

Super Z Outlet Home Standard Light Weight Air Hockey

Pigmented coloring makes it free from paint and other harmful ingredients. The material is highly durable and resistant to the elements. You can afford to play high-intensity air hockey game for a long time without the risk of cracks and scratches.

 Bright red color for greater visibility
 Optimized diameter and thickness
 Designed for speed play

 Felt bottom

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Billiard Evolution 4 Green Round Air Hockey Pucks

The family entertaining Billiards Evolution puck has high tensile strength, lightweight design, and flexible construction. It allows you to play your natural game and enjoy the levitation with high impact strokes.

It is durable and resistant to high impact hit from different angles.

Smooth bottom surface finishing makes the puck easily slide across the table top with no friction. It is easy to control the puck with a lightweight paddle and guide it to the goals.

The corner ring design makes it possible to play over the mallet shots within the short size of the table.

Billiard Evolution 4 Green Round Air Hockey Pucks

The puck can fly over the table top at incredible speed when you hit it with moderate to high intensity. The floating height and angle can invariably deceive your opponent when you wish to score a quick goal.

 Strong, lightweight and durable
 Ideal for small tables at home
 Easy to play lofted shots

 Mayfly off the table when uncontrolled

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Bank Shot Billiards- 2 Commercial Hockey Goalie Mallets Large Blue Air Pucks

Bank Shot Puck has a large diameter of 3.25” for the tournament level air hockey games. The design of the puck is entirely different since the center base is elevated above the side ring. Hence, it is easy to gain control over the shots, regardless of their angle, intensity, and direction of puck motion.

Playing the angular shots with the Bank shot pucks is simple. It moves swiftly across the length of the table to reach the goal within the shortest span of time. The moderately thick and dense puck has high tensile strength and endurance. It can withstand the high intensity shots played during the tournament and professional games.

ank Shot Billiards- 2 Commercial Hockey Goalie Mallets Large Blue Air Pucks

It is easier to control the puck at high speeds due to its construction. You can train with the puck to play all the possible combination of shots in the air hockey book.

 Professional design for high end training and tournament play
 Strong construction for durability
 Quicker floating shots possible due to elevated design

 No visible cons

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