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Best Boomerangs For Beginners In 2020: Ultimate Guide

Boomerangs can be a lot of fun. It’s not just for kids as many people think. It’s actually a difficult game that takes a lot of practice and patience to be good at.

This guide is here to help beginners who want to start playing this game choose the right boomerang for them. There are many things that you need to consider before buying a boomerang.

The first section of this guide will help you understand more about boomerangs and how are they not all the same. The second section is all about reviewing the best boomerangs for beginners that you can find in today’s market. I always update it so be sure that these products here are up to date.

How to Choose the Right Boomerang To Buy

a. Materials: What’s a boomerang made of?

Traditionally, boomerangs were constructed from wood, and this is because the wood was readily available back in those ancient times and it could be shaped into whatever form the thrower wished.

Wooden boomerangs are still pretty popular to date because they are very durable, oddly satisfying to hold and also because they are the best fliers.

Besides wood, modern boomerangs are made out of other materials including plastics, aluminum, carbon fiber, paxillin (paper phenolic), hardened leather and soft foam. The material used will have an impact on the boomerang’s appearance, texture, strength, weight, durability, and price.

b. Size of a boomerang

There are numerous boomerang sizes in the market, and you can find one that measures as little as 4 inches from tip to tip or one that’s over 6.5 meters in length. As far as size goes, your choice will be informed by your intended purpose of getting the boomerang.

For sporting or hunting, you are better off going for a larger boomerang measuring about 2.5-3ft long. On the other hand, if you are getting a boomerang simply for recreational use, then a smaller model measuring about 16-20 inches in length would suffice.

Keep in mind that the larger the boomerang, the heavier its likely to be and consequently, these are designed to be straight flying boomerangs because they will fall to the ground after striking the animal you’re hunting down.

Additionally, larger boomerangs tend to stay in the air longer and travel farther compared to smaller boomerangs.

c. Technique: Right handed boomerangs VS Left handed boomerangs

Throwing a boomerang cannot be compared to throwing a ball. The former requires technique, and this explains why most boomerangs come with an instruction manual outlining how you should properly throw the gadget.

First off, are you right handed or left handed? Boomerang designs are very hand-specific, and you will often find this specified on the package when you make your purchase.

Right-handed boomerangs have a counter-clockwise flight whereas left-handed boomerangs circle clockwise. While you can throw with either hand, ultimately, the flight path of the boomerang will depend on the boomerang and not on the thrower. A successful throw is also largely dependent on the wind speeds and direction as well as how the thrower holds the boomerang.

For larger and heavier boomerangs, a full grip is preferred, and some models even come with a notch on the gadget’s curve, meant to accommodate this hand placement. When there are strong winds, a humpback throw is more popularly used, and with this technique, the thrower may opt to “surf the wind” by employing little throwing force.

Generally, a throw can be described using five characteristics based on variables which the thrower has control over. These are:

  • The angle in relation to the wind.
  • The elevation of the throw.
  • The amount of layover (the angle at which the boomerang tilts from the vertical).
  • The amount of spin.
  • The hardness of the throw.

d. Boomerangs for Kids vs Boomerangs for Adults

Boomerangs for kids and those for adults vary because they are designed according to the thrower’s age, physical size, and arm strength.

Generally, boomerangs intended for kids are perfect for all kinds of beginners including the adults. This is because they are often small, very lightweight models which can be handled relatively well without requiring much effort and skill from the thrower.

Additionally, boomerangs for kids should be made from softer materials for safety, and they will often come in a tri-wing design which makes it easier to get a full return from the gadget. Being easy to handle means that the thrower can learn and master proper throwing technique without focusing too much on the power of the throw, as would be the case if they were dealing with a larger and heavier boomerang.

However, arm strength also has to be taken into consideration because some people naturally have a “heavy hand” and if this is the case, they will tend to exert too much force when throwing the boomerang. If this is the case, then such throwers ought to go with a heavier model designed for string throwing.

Best Boomerangs For Sale For Beginners In 2020

Hummingbird Jarrah Finish Australian Wood Boomerang

Boomerangs designed in the original Aboriginal way are not always easy to come by, but you can rest assured that they do guarantee value for your money. This particular model features the authentic Aboriginal design which makes it a beautifully shaped, traditional returning boomerang. It is handcrafted from Australian jarrah which is a reddish-colored eucalyptus wood and finished off with glossy red custom paint.

The boomerang additionally features individually patterned inlay style decorations reflective of the traditional Aboriginal designs, and so it would make for a great collector’s item if you aren’t getting it for recreational use. This solid wood construction means that this V-shaped boomerang has impressive strength and durability, but at the same time, it is still pretty lightweight and measures 12 inches long from tip to tip.

Hummingbird Jarrah Finish boomerang

This light weight allows the boomerangs to have precise returns and the airfoil wing construction is what gives the gadget a curved flight path when thrown.

At the same time though, it is just heavy enough so that it doesn’t get carried away by light winds. This boomerang flies with consistency and excellent accuracy which makes it great for beginners and being a long-range boomerang, it covers distances of about 90-120 ft.

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Polypropylene Pro Sports Boomerang

This right-handed boomerang is constructed from premium grade polypropylene plastic that is very durable. Besides having excellent impact strength, polypropylene boomerangs are also popular because of their lower price point while still offering high flexural strength and moisture resistance.

Keep in mind that this boomerang might be susceptible to UV degradation, but as long as you ensure proper care and maintenance, then this shall not be a problem. Another advantage comes in whereby polypropylene boomerangs are rather easy to repair in case of any breakages. This Pro Sports boomerang comes in an attractive bright orange color which makes it very easy to keep track of the gadget while it’s flying through the air and this would be very necessary because the boomerang can cover a distance of 30+metres.

Polypropylene Pro Sports Boomeran

Also, this boomerang is pleasantly lightweight, and so it can stay aloft for a longer period than heavier boomerangs. What makes this gadget particularly suited to beginner players is that it is very forgiving and so the boomerang would still return even when you don’t make a perfect throw. To help you master perfect throws through, there is a user manual booklet included will the purchase of the boomerang.

Additionally, throwing instructions are embossed on the underside of the blades, and this eliminates the need of having the instructions booklet on you at all times. Because of its excellent wind resistance, this boomerang performs just fine even when used in windy conditions. In fact, it performs best when thrown while a light breeze is present as opposed to when it’s completely calm.

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Polypropylene Black Mamba Boomerang

First off, the Black Mamba is a right-handed boomerang so keep that in mind while making your purchase. It is constructed from high-quality premium-grade polypropylene which means that this boomerang has impressive impact strength for durability of the gadget.

At the end of the day, durability is a key consideration when buying a boomerang because no one wants to end up with one that gets broken just a couple of hours after taking it out of its box. Besides the durability, polypropylene boomerangs also have the advantage of being much lower priced compared to their wooden counterparts, and they also have better moisture resistance.

Polypropylene Black Mamba Boomerang

This classic V-Omega boomerang is glossy black, so it is not as easy to keep track of as other brighter colored models in the market. However, the visibility of the gadget has still been enhanced by the pink stripes on either arm. The airfoils give it great aerodynamic properties, and this makes it a returning boomerang that works perfectly as long as the thrower has mastered the proper throwing techniques. It has a range of over 30 meters and has very high wind resistance, so it works perfectly well even on a windy day.

Weighing 3.2 ounces, this is among the medium-weight boomerangs in the market, and it is suitable for throwers with a heavy hand or those who like a bit of heft in their boomerangs. Keeping the weight of the gadget in mind, therefore, make sure you weigh at least 90lbs to ensure sufficient arm strength capable of throwing this boomerang effectively. For efficient throwing, instructions have been embossed on the underside of the blades, and there is also a 24-page instructions booklet included with your purchase.

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Eagle Wooden Boomerang

Being a wooden boomerang, the Eagle is construction from Finnish plywood that’s aircraft grade quality. The benefit of using aircraft grade plywood over ordinary plywood is because the former is of higher quality and has stricter controls concerning the voids in the layers of wood as well as on the surface of the plywood.

Additionally, with aircraft grade plywood, the adjacent layers of ply may be rotated by 45⁰ rather than by 90⁰ and this results in a stiffer material composition that’s also stronger and more durable. The surface of the boomerang is finished off with a custom paint job in an eye-catching design, and this makes it easy to keep an eye on the boomerang while it’s in the air.

Eagle Wooden Boomerang

Boomerangs often have long flight distances, and they can easily get lost if you did not throw it well enough to get a good return. For this reason. It is always better to go for an eye-catching design whose flight path you can trace effortlessly, and this is just the convenience which the Eagle Wooden Boomerang offers.

Weighing 3.2 ounces, this boomerang is designed for adults who can achieve hard throws to give the gadget a nice round flight. It glides through the air with precision and speed even when thrown in windy conditions and it also has a long round flight of over 40 yards. Just keep in mind that this boomerang will need some layover while throwing and it is designed specifically for right-handed throwers.

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Glacier Wooden Boomerang

In the history of modern-day boomerangs, the Glacier stands at being one of the most popular starter boomerangs, and it is not too hard to see why. To begin with, this boomerang is handcrafted from airplane-grade Finnish birch wood which is considerably cheaper than other types of wood but still performs optimally, flies very well and is very durable.

The wood is then finished off with custom paint that gives the boomerang an overall sleek and stylish look. The paintwork is not just for aesthetics though. The vibrant red and yellow ends almost resemble fire flames and the come in handy in helping the thrower trace the boomerang’s flight path. The handcrafting by experienced craftsmen from a reputable company ensures that this gadget is indeed a returning boomerang and not just a stick toy.

HGlacier Wooden Boomerang review

To this extent, the boomerang is lightweight enough to give a long flight range, and airfoils have been put in place to result in a nicely curved flight path. This boomerang has been designed for kids aged between 8 and 18, and it is forgiving enough to ensure that you will not have to walk too far to catch the boomerang if you did not throw it well enough to get a return.

For training purposes, a 24-page instructions manual is included with every purchase, and this helps hone the thrower’s technique so that ultimately, you can always get a return with every throw. It takes time, patience and a lot of practice to master the right technique so do not be disheartened by a couple of failed attempts at first. Also, keep in mind that this boomerang is designed for right-handed throwers.

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Blue Speed Racer Fast Catch Boomerang: Perfect For Kids

While some tri-blade boomerangs come with the option of flipping the gadget to configure it for left-handed or right-handed throws, this Blue Speed Racer is strictly a right-handed boomerang so keep that in mind when making your purchase. Aside from that, this boomerang is made out of foam, and while it might not be as superior as wooden
boomerangs, it does have its advantages.

For instance, the boomerang can be used indoors without running the risk of breaking things, and it can also be used by younger kids without the parent worrying about them getting hurt by a returning boomerang. Also, the foam is break-proof, and so this boomerang can be used in the streets on hard ground as opposed to most models which are only suitable for use in grassy areas. The checkered flag art on this boomerang reflects the name and the intended design of this boomerang.

Blue Speed Racer Fast Catch Boomerang review

This is a gadget designed purely for speed meaning it has been constructed to have a nice long helicopter hover which optimizes fast catches. It has a flight range of between 25-35 yards comes with a tight turning radius which is perfect for constricted spaces such as backyards. The blue color makes it easy for the thrower to spot the boomerang as it soars through the air and because it can float on water, you can use it at the beach without worrying about losing it.

Overall, this is great beginner boomerang, especially for kids. It is lightweight, easy to grasp and can be thrown as much as 45⁰ off the wind direction, which is a level of forgiveness you don’t get with most other boomerangs. There is also a user manual included which guides the young thrower on how to master proper throwing techniques.

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RangeMaster Decorated Australian Right-handed Wooden Boomerang

The very first thing you notice about this boomerang is the Aboriginal art style beautifully done on the cherry-coloured surface of the boomerang. This level of detail in the artwork can only be achieved by true craftsmanship similar to that on authentic Australian boomerangs dating hundreds of years back.

Because of this, the boomerangs makes for a perfect give for players and collectors alike, but the aesthetic pattern isn’t the only selling point of this boomerang. Underneath the attractive pattern, this boomerang features solid wood construction, handcrafted from Australian Laminated woods. This gives rise to a boomerang with immense strength and durability, and quite some heft compared to models made out of plastic.

RangeMaster Decorated boomerang

At the same time, however, this boomerang is lightweight enough to allow for a long flight range of 30-40 metres. This flight range has further been enhanced by the weighted wingtips whereby you have an extra-long flight range and also a slow descent thus making the returning boomerang easy to catch once it returns. In addition to being pleasantly long, the flight path is also smooth and accurate.

This boomerang is designed for right-handed throwers aged 10 and above, but you might find it better suited for adolescents and adults. To help throwers master the right techniques, there is a guidebook included with every purchase.

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Yanaki Boomerang

Some wooden boomerangs might not hold up well to repeated crashes to the ground, but this is not a concern you should have when using the Yanaki boomerang. This is because this boomerang is constructed from Finnish airplane-grade plywood which is tough, durable and very resilient when subjected to repeated crashes.

Additionally, with aircraft grade plywood, the adjacent layers of ply may be rotated by 45⁰ rather than by 90⁰ and this results in a composite material that’s stiffer and stronger. The paint job on this boomerang looks very cool as well. It is 4-toned and the vibrant mix of red, yellow, blue and white results in an eye-catching colour combination that’s easily visible when the boomerang falls nested in tall grass.

Yanaki Boomerang

The paintwork is also very durable and will not chip easily even when the boomerang crashes quite a number of times. The vibrant colour combinations also allow you to keep a keen eye on the boomerang while it’s in the air and this reduces the chances whereby the thrower accidentally gets hit by a returning boomerang. Accidental knocks aren’t very likely anyway because the Yanaki boomerang has a great hover and it is very easy to catch.

It also has superb aerodynamic qualities resulting in a smooth flight range of about 45-50 yards. Weighing 3.2 ounces, this boomerang requires substantial strength to throw it effectively, so it is perfectly suited to older kids and adults. Additionally, keep in mind that the boomerang is designed for right-handed throwers, and it can be thrown as much as 90⁰ off the wind direction.

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Technic Fossil Carbon Fiber Boomerang

Carbon fibre boomerangs aren’t very popular, but they are incredibly durable and offer great throwing consistency. At the same time, carbon fibre is popularly used for MTA s which are boomerangs designed to stay aloft for as long as possible.T he Technic Fossil Carbon Fiber Boomerang is constructed from a combination of carbon fibre and plastic and it has a thin and lightweight design intended to optimise the MTA.

On the surface, the boomerang has been finished off with cool menacing-looking artwork done in bright red and yellow paint. The artwork is befitting because since carbon fibre is naturally a black material, this boomerang is also black and so the surface finish gives it an appealing, eye-catching appearance for enhanced visibility.

Technic Fossil Carbon Fiber Boomerang

At 2.4 ounces, this right-handed boomerang might be too heavy for young throwers, and so it is better suited for older kids and adults. However, it does not require a lot of arm strength, and you would still get a perfect return even with a moderate toss. It plays well in light to moderate winds and gives an impressive flight range of 35-40 yards.

For this reason, the Technic Fossil should only be used in a very spacious outdoor space and to reduce the chances of damaging the boomerang, play in open grassy areas as opposed to on streets or concrete surfaces.

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Kilimanjaro Wooden Boomerangs

The Kilimanjaro wooden boomerang is a beastly gadget intended for advanced players who have perfectly mastered the art of throwing boomerangs. To this extent, it comes in a hook- shaped design commonly used for traditional long distance boomerangs, and it is also pretty heavy.

The Kilimanjaro is made out of airplane-grade Finnish plywood, meaning it is a high-quality boomerang that is very strong while remaining lightweight enough to handle with ease and get a smooth flight path.

Kilimanjaro Wooden Boomerangs

Instead of circling back to the thrower, this boomerang has an elliptical light path and a huge flight range of up to 70 yards which is very impressive. Additionally, for extra distance, the tips of the boomerang are weighted.

Overall, this right-handed boomerang is quite heavy, and so it is suited for adult throwers who weigh at least 150lbs. However, it does not require a lot of throwing force for you to be able to get a great return and it works perfectly even in heavy winds, but light to medium wind conditions are preferred. Also, keep in mind that for a proper return, this boomerang requires a layover of 30⁰-45⁰.

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