Best Basketball Arcade Games In 2021: Detailed Reviews

Basketball arcade games come with many features that can overwhelm anyone not familiar with them.

So, it’s important to first understand a few things about basketball arcade games before moving to deciding which game set is best for you.

In this guide, we’re going to do exactly that.

However, if you happen to have limited time at your hands, I suggest you check out the best basketball arcade games that I recommend in this table below.

Best Value For Money
Hall of Games EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game for 2 Players with LED...
Best Premium Arcade
Pop-A-Shot Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game - Blue...
Best Cheap Arcade
TRIUMPH SPORTS USA Play Maker Double Shootout Basketball Game Includes...
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1,693 Reviews
3,318 Reviews
872 Reviews
Average Rating
Best Value For Money
Hall of Games EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game for 2 Players with LED...
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N° Reviews
1,693 Reviews
Average Rating
Best Premium Arcade
Pop-A-Shot Official Home Dual Shot Basketball Arcade Game - Blue...
Table Model & Brand
N° Reviews
3,318 Reviews
Average Rating
Best Cheap Arcade
TRIUMPH SPORTS USA Play Maker Double Shootout Basketball Game Includes...
Table Model & Brand
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872 Reviews
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Best Basketball Arcade Games Reviews

In summary, we found that the following double shot basketball arcade games are the best in the market.

Read detailed reviews below:

1. Lifetime: Best Basketball Arcade Game For The Money

Deluxe model of Lifetime is designed for players of all age groups. It has 12 inbuilt games for single and multi players.  Foldable power coated frame is strong, flexible, foldable, and durable.

With tubing diameter between 1.5” and 1.75”, the entire assembly is ideally designed for indoor basketball arcade in your home, office, and wherever you assemble and install it.

You can assemble most parts of the frame without need of extra tools, except for board, hoops and scoring bar. Ramp cloth is made from strong washable nylon material.

It is soft and adjustable with straps and buckles to the height of frame. It is resistant to stress, ball impact, scratch, heat and humidity.

Lifetime: Best Basketball Arcade System For The Money

Side netting is sturdy and flexible. Strong MDF board can be assembled easily onto rear frame. It has high impact resistance and long durability.

Lifetime arcade has an assembled dimension of 90″Lx52″W x90″H. You can vary its height of rear frame with the help of push buttons that fit into holes along its height.

Adjustable range is 90”-84”. Two hoops arcade allows various options for multi player games with accurate scoring system. Highly sensitive optical sensors keep track of your score from start to finish.

It allows you to reset score at any time or when you change game type. Lifetime arcade comes with seven soft and form rubber basketballs with pump and needle.

All in all, I do believe this game set provides the best value for money like any other arcade game out there. The Lifetime basketball arcade set isn’t cheap nor too expensive.

It’s in the middle and it provides the same value you get with premium basketball arcade games for only a few hundreds.

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2. Official Pop-A-Shot: Best Premium Basketball Arcade Game

If you want to play 10 different games with just four rubber basketballs with your competitor and keep winning, Pop-A-Shot is your first choice.

The system offers six audio options with high quality optical sensor, clear display unit, and flexible gaming control.

You can work on Pop-A-Shot from your first days of gaming to the rapid training sessions wherein your free throwing frequency will be highest.

The steel frame with 1.5” pipes is strong and flexible. It is supported by a combination of front and rear frames with unique design.

Cross piping and grooves in the frame make it highly impact proof, durable and flexible. Backboard is thick and impact resistant.

Official Pop-A-Shot: Best Premium Basketball Arcade Game

Frame can endure the highest volume of stress and pressure without warping. Overall design and construction of Pop-A-Shot is highly professional and formal.

Nylon material for ramp, side net and hoop nets make your gaming flow without slight disturbances.

Wheels on the frame allow you to move the Pop-A-Shot to any room in your room without even having to fold and carry.

High end gaming control, high resolution display, and high quality optical sensors make scoring fast, accurate, and easy to monitor.

In fact the scoring system can keep track of rapid shooting. Frequency could be as high as a professional basketball player could throw. Pop-A-Shot comes with 7 rubber basketballs and pump.

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3. Harvil: Another Great Electronic Basketball Game

Strong and flexible power coated steel frame, natural wooden board and 3 ply flexible ramp cloths, safe netting, twin metal hoops, and flexible nets are the elements that make Harvil.  Frame measures 81″L x 41″W x 81″H. Exterior construction is made from rear frame and an open front frame.

Connecting pipes between two frames passing through the middle legs make Harvil truly flexible, strong and durable. You can easily fold the system and carry it to your favorite place with no hassles.

Large hoops are designed for 7” basketball. Optical sensors can update the score whenever the basketball passes through the ring successfully.

So, you can be sure of your scoring count. View the scoring on LED display that gives you accuracy and clarity.

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Natural wooden board is resistant to warping, heat, humidity, and termites. It has a professional design with attractive image Fixing it with rear frame is simple as you can use the screws system.

Pre-assembled system of Harvil needs to disassembly for transport, as it is easily foldable.

Harvil gives you an option to play 8 different basketball gaming types.

You can change the settings with the help of easy to operate controller which can be fitted onto front frame pipe. Harvil comes with 6 rubber basketballs and pump.

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4. ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game

ESPN basketball arcade has the design and construction of a truly professional gaming system. It has large 3.8” MDF board with bright display and strong set of hoop rings. 12” steel rims are sturdy and flexible.

Steel frame measures 81″L x 48″W x 80.5″H in dimension with foldable construction.

ESPN EZ allows you to play rapid paced games with 7” diameter basketballs and endures high stress and impact force. Construction of ESPN EZ frame is simple, yet sophisticated.

Multiple joints from rear frame through middle legs up to the front frame make it highly flexible and durable. You can easily disassemble entire arcade and carry it wherever you go.

ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game

Twin hoops with flexible nets make it easy for you to practice all your free throwing and scoring patterns. You can also train on fast paced scoring techniques which are supported by highly accurate sensors and a high resolution display.

Controller on front frame bar is compact and filled with multiple functions for power on, start, score control and game change.

ESPN EZ has 8 inbuilt gaming modes for two players. It gives you freedom to start a new game at any time without needing to complete previous one.

It is a flexible system that offers you highly entertaining and competing platform for your family and friends. It comes with 4 rubber basketballs, pump and pin.

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5. Giantex: An Affordable Indoor Basketball Arcade Game

Power coated steel frame measures 80″LX42″LX81″ in dimension with MDB backboard and polyester ramp cloth and side netting. Front frame and rear frame assembly has a strong support from middle legs that lean onto rear frame.

Adjustable height and length of frame makes it easy to fit into any room with a maximum ceiling height of 81”.

Rear frame supports a broad MDF board with dimensions of 40″LX30″WX0.3″H. Twin scoring sensors connected to electronic scoring display work efficiently to give you accurate scores.

Electronic controller on front frame bar has multiple buttons for On/Off, Start/Stop, game selection and score control.

The scoring system is connected to a sound system that makes your playing truly entertaining and exciting. P

olyester ramp material is smooth, soft, flexible, and resistant to stress & strain.

Giantex Affordable Indoor Basketball Arcade Game

It stretches freely when you change rear frame height. It has a firm construction to endure vibrations from free falling basketballs from hoops.

Twin hoops are strong and light in weight with flexible polyester nets. They can endure pressure of frequent contact with rubber basketballs without warping or breaking.

You can easily fit them onto MDF board with help of bolts and nuts.

Playing on Giantex indoor basketball arcade with four rubber basketballs is a great way of spending free time with your family and friends at your home and office.

I totally recommend it especially for people with tight budgets.

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6. Shaq: Cheap Basketball Arcade Double Hoop

Shaq Basketball Arcade is a high tech system which allows you the freedom to play the game with someone who is right next to you, or someone who is not near to you.

Collapsible frame is made from strong and flexible steel. It has an assembled dimension of 46”L x 81.5″W x 80”H. You can assemble entire frame without aid of any external tools.

Connecting pipes between rear and front frame can be adjusted to change the height and length of arcade according to ceiling height in your room.

Black nylon ramp cloth with flexile side netting make your basketball gaming safe and hassle free. Height of netting is ideal to prevent the ball from popping out of frame.

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MDF Baseboard supports twin hoops are made from strong and sturdy material with standard diameter and nylon net. The ball slides into the hoop smoothly and rolls back to front frame.

Shaq Basketball Arcade High tech system has a mobile holder on which you can place your smart phone. Inbuilt Bluetooth gives you connectivity with phone and app.

It gives you the ultimate freedom to play with your online friends and take part in competitions. The app makes it possible to have multi player options online.

Shaq Basketball Arcade comes with 4 rubber basketballs, pump and pin.

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7. Triumph PlayMaker Double Shootout Basketball Game

Black and red color combination of triumph basketball arcade with pre-assembled pipes and easy to assemble frame measures 81″L x 43″L x 81″H.

Strong and flexible construction of Triumph is based on in its unique design.

Triumph frame has plenty of grooves and shafts for easy and faster assembly. Rear and front frames have support of sturdy middle legs that lean on rear frame and extend towards front frame.

Connecting pipe from front frame to middle leg is also adjustable. So, you can vary its height independent of rear frame.

Construction and connectivity between rear frame and mid legs make Triumph truly professional platform to practice entertaining basketball arcade with your family.

Triumph PlayMaker Double Shootout Basketball Game

MDF board has a game listing, two hoops with nets, an electronic display and connecting system to scoring and game control.

Optical sensors located within the hoops are highly sensitive and count only actual baskets that go through the hoops and reach the front frame.

With such an accurate system, you can play your natural game freely and keep improving with every gaming session. Triumph also includes an inbuilt time tracker clock.

So, you can measure the time between two successive throws and know your speed. It gives you an option to improve your speed and efficiency of playing games.

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8. Hathaway Sure Shot Dual Electronic Basketball arcade Game for Kids

Power coated steel frame, high density backboard, strong hoop rings, precision scoring sensors, foldable construction, and high resolution display are some of the attractive features of Hathaway Sure Shot Dual Electronic Basketball Game.

It has an inbuilt sound system for creating multiple effects while you play. It makes your game more interesting and absorbing to core. Ramp material is highly flexible and non-bouncy.

It prevents the returning basketballs from jumping out of the frame. Even when it happens, the side nettings will keep the balls within the frame.

Hathaway Sure Shot Dual has 8 types of gaming modes. You can play the entire set of games with the help of high tech control that is fitted on to the front frame pipe.

It is easily accessible and gives you multiple options.

Hathaway Sure Shot Dual Electronic Basketball Game

Construction of Hathaway Sure Shot frame is simple, yet it can support your rapid ball throwing impact by constantly maintaining its stability.

The supporting strength is provided by the backboard, hoop rings and the hoop nets. They also provide direction to the basketball as it passes through the hoops.

Optical sensors and the scoring display unit are in perfect sync with each other.

Hence, they can work to perfection to give you the most accurate scoring with zero errors at the highest frequency and speed of ball throwing.

Hathaway Sure Shot Dual Electronic Basketball Game comes with five rubber basketballs and pump.

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9. Tomasar Folding Indoor Electronic Basketball Arcade Game

If you want to enjoy the experience of playing 8 multiple games on single arcade with an electronic buzzer, Tomasar is the right choice for your home.

It is made from hard steel frame, nylon ramp & netting, and high density fiberboard.

Foldable frame measures 82.7″L x 42.9″W x 81.1″H and it is adjustable according to your room’s ceiling height. Adjustable mid section legs with flexible grooves and pipes can fit the arcade into your playing space comfortably.

Tomasar is built with an electronic scoring controller that has inbuilt options for power on, start, game selection and scoring control.

Twin optical sensors connected to LED display gives you accurate scoring.

Tomasar Folding Indoor Electronic Basketball Arcade Game

You can play in slow mode, medium pace or rapid pace like a professional. Sensors are fast enough to detect every score you make without missing.

Tomasar hoop diameter can allow basketballs of 11.8” diameter to pass though them without any hassles. So, your kids can train for fast paced scoring to improve their agility and reflex actions while playing to entertain.

Tomasar is highly realistic in design and robust in functionality. You can assemble entire system without any extra tools. Arcade comes with 5 rubber basketballs and one pump & pin.

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How To Choose The Best Arcade Basketball Game For You?

There are two basic types of Basketball arcade games are full-size machines for adults and compact machines for kids. Some of the subtypes are single, double, and three player machines.

You can also find commercial arcades and home arcades from which you can make the selection according to your choice.

Basic components of arcade basketball are hoops with board, frame, frame fabric, and basketballs for the manual arcade machine.

The electronic version of the game will have scoring sensors and an electronic scoreboard.

There are certain parameters you have to check before choosing your favorite basketball arcade game.

Here’s what I believe you should give extra attention before making the final decision.

Construction Material

Power coated steel is most commonly used in arcade. It is safe, lightweight and easy to assemble.

You can also dismantle it quickly and carry it wherever you go. Ramp material could be nylon, canvas, or any other synthetic material.

Nylon side netting material is preferred due to its strength, durability and elasticity.

Medium density fiberboard or high density fiberboard are the most commonly used materials for backboard. They are highly resistant to shocks and vibrations from basketball impact. They have resistance to heat and humidity.

They can endure accidental falls without breaking. They don’t warp or shrink, and they are durable for years.


For home basketball arcade, it is better to opt for fold design. It makes the arcade compact and lightweight. Bottom to top height should be adjustable to your room’s ceiling height or to your convenience.

Rear middle leg, height spacer, rear top leg, and bottom leg should have flexible design with braces, push buttons and multiple holes along the height, length and width.

Design of backboard assembly to rim is the most important factor. It should be strong and free from vibrations.

Most of the standard arcades come with hardware blister pack that includes cap nut, screws, plug, spacer, Allen key, and wrench for easy assembly and fastening.

Height spacer plays also an important role in adjustment. Lining up of push buttons in the frame assembly is very important for smooth height adjustment.

The rear frame provides support for backboard. In most of the standard arcades, it will consist of two T-shaped extendible legs, wide enough to accommodate the backboard.

Front frame design is the most important aspect of basketball arcade. Its height should be adjustable to your convenience. Height of front frame and height of rear frame should be independent of each other.

Scoring System

Infrared sensors can detect the basketball entering the hoop. They automatically update score and display on LED screen.

Accuracy of sensors should be at least 98%. Some of the arcades will have an audio jack which you can connect to speaker.

The entire scoring system should be connected to the button system on front bar of assembly. Button system will have a start /stop button, which is also used for On/Off. The system may have a button for changing the game type.

There may be a button for volume control also. When you press start, the score will be set to zero. Scoring bar is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery. It is connected to the


Number of hoops will be 1, 2 or 3 depending on the number of players you choose. Each hoop will have a solid metal rim with a nylon net and height spacer.

The rim should have an assembly set with cap screw, nut, and washer sets which help you fix it to backboard.


Soft and firm rubber basketballs should be skin friendly and free from allergens and harmful chemicals.

Most of the arcades will have 5 to 7 mini basketballs of 3” diameter with one mini pump and needle.

They should be able to retain the air pressure for minimum of 24 hours after every pumping to optimum pressure.

Game Selection

Game selector on scoring bar may have 5 to 10 types of games with multiple audio options (if the arcade has an audio jack). Every game will have its own set of scoring points.

This system is generally built into the firmware of scoring bar.  Some of the most common games available on the gaming arcade are One-to-One, Check point, horse, etc.

Some of arcades may also have connectivity with tablet or smart phone for game selection.