20 Best Yard Games To Try In 2021

This year, dare to be different. Give your family an unforgettable summer experience by taking them away from their electronic gadgets, to some outdoor fun.

There are various fun-filled outdoor activities that you can enjoy as a family without breaking your budget.

It’s even better since most of these games can perfectly fit your backyard.

Besides, the benefits are also amazing.

From helping to lower stress, building social bonds to significantly boosting your cognitive functions, there are enough reasons to choose outdoor gaming over that expensive phone.

Sounds interesting? Here are some of the top 20 yard games you should consider trying in 2021;

  1. Backetball

BacketBall is in many ways similar to beer pong. The major difference is its large size.

The game is suitable for individuals of all ages, thus making it an ideal yard game for families.

There’re two versions of Backetball; the giant beer pong and the beach edition. They both come in various colors and different types of game balls.

If you want to bring the beach to your lawn, then the beach edition makes a perfect choice. You can find them in orange/blue, so you get to select your favorite color.

On the other hand, the Giant Beer Pong comes with one massive red cup to give you that exclusive traditional; beer pong exposure.

The different variations of both the Beach Edition and the Giant Beer Pong include the party pack, Combo pack and the Starter Pack.

Here’s a video on how to play

  1. Spikeball

Playing Spikeball means you have to use the mini trampoline-like net.

The playing set is usually light, thus making it easy for players to carry around even in a suitcase/bag.

The foldable nature of the net’s legs makes it easy for participants to transport.

The net can comfortably rest on the ground and it comes with 2 extra balls for maximum enjoyment.

If you have ever played volleyball or have watched it being played, then you will definitely like Spikeball because of their undeniable similarities.

However, in spike ball, players get only 3 tries to ensure they get the ball straight into the net, instead of getting it over the net in case of volleyball.

You will have to divide yourselves into teams of two. And each team will play by spiking the ball unto the net in turns.

The focus here is not to give your opponent the chance to spike the ball back at you or even catch it.

The game is usually full of thrill and speedy. Its competitive nature will keep you all on your toes.

So if you’re looking for a challenging yard game for you and your loved ones, then you got Spikeball!

  1. Kan Jam

Kan Jam has been around for years. And people have been enjoying it within their outdoor spaces.

So if you haven’t tried it on your lawn, then you have been missing out on a lot of fun.

This incredibly simple game is characterized by thrilling competition that accommodates both kids and adults.

To play the game, you require two cans, which are normally open at the top, complete with a big slit on the front side of the can.

The slit/opening should be a little bit bigger than the Frisbee you will be using.

The standard height of the set-up cans is knee-length and they are usually set at a distance of 50-ft apart. The playing teams have to be divided into two and should contain at least 4 members.

The focus is to get the Frisbee into the can through the top of the front opening for score points.

The portability of the cans makes then easy to set-up at the yard and folding them for storage whenever you’re not playing.

  1. Ladder Toss

This’s one of the best games to add glamour to your barbecue, family get-together, tailgate, etc.

Ladder toss was also in the past known as Horsey Golf and it’s a simple game to set-up. The playing rules are also friendly, even to beginners.

It’s light enough to carry around and normally comes in a carrying case, so you don’t have to worry about storage.

The main focus of this game is for players to throw their bolas at designated ladder rungs for points.

This video will give you a glimpse of how to go about it;

  1. Ring Toss

Ring toss is an outdoor game that can easily fit within your yard. The compact nature of the game makes it easy to play anywhere.

And even though the game is largely associated with kids, adults can also join the fun. After all, nothing beats the feeling of having your kids guide you through it all.

The sets usually come with 1 wooden base, rope rings, plastic rings, and a carrying bag. However, the number of rings depend on the type of set you purchase.

The game positively impacts your physical and mental energy levels, increases concentration and boosts hand-eye coordination. You will also get to learn the essence of teamwork.

Plus it’s suitable for all ages and gender.

  1. Bocce Ball

If you have been considering lawn bowling, then the classic Bocce ball should be on your family’s playing list.

The game inspires players to be strategic in playing and it’s awesome for players of all ages. And with little skills.

The best part is that you don’t need a specialized court to play, literally any level ground can do. So it’s up to you to get creative.

You will need;

  • 1-pallina
  • 8- Larger bocce balls, a set of four in two different colors
  • A tape measure, though optional
  • A 79-ft by 10-ft bocce court.
  1. Bottle Bash

The flexibility of the Bottle ball game makes is a perfect yard game. It can be played on both smaller and larger grounds, depending on the level of the game you want to try.

Any space between 20-ft to 40-ft is good enough to kick-start the game.

The sets include non0breakable bottles, metal poles or inbuilt turfs, you can easily play bottle bash at the beach, back yard or submerged in water for some additional thrill.

You will only require 2 teams to play the game. And each team should contain at least 1 player.

The objective of the game is for a player to toss the playing disc into your opponent’s bottle set. Your opponent should try their best to hold the Frisbee together with the bottle to prevent you from scoring.

Because of its simplicity, the game can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. So you have no excuse for denying your family some fun.

Here’s how to go about it;

  1. Beer Pong Golf

If you’re a golf lover and would like to share a feel of it with your family members within your yard, then you should try out Beer Pong Golf.

You just have to purchase the boards together with the mats and you will be ready. You should, however, ensure that the mats are made out of quality material for durability.

The mats usually come attached to a heavy rubber that helps to keep them in place even as you hit the balls.

The nature of this game offers you the flexibility to literally play it anywhere as its t-shaped legs are easily foldable for storage and transportation. So purchase some and bring some fun into your tailgate, cocktail and any other party.

  1. Tetherball

Tetherball is an easy game to play. Most individuals are likely to associate it with their childhood days.

The most amazing thing is that nowadays the game isn’t only associate with kids.

Adults play it too and with various versions, you too can try it out.

It’s much more than hitting a ball around a pole. You get to have fun and maintain fitness while at it.

Tip; ensure the base is stable to avoid tipping.

  1. Badminton

Forget about indoor Badminton. The outdoor one is more fun and a great way of connecting with family and friends, right at your yard.

It’s also a little bit competitive than the indoor one. So if you have been looking forward to a challenging experience, what better way to explore but with the one you love?

With the easy availability of sports equipment in various stores, you can quickly order a portable outdoor Badminton set and start having fun.

Normally, the sets come with everything you require. That’s the net, poles rackets, and birdies. They are also pretty affordable, so you can easily get one within your budget.

  1. Kickball

Kickball is a classic game whose origin is linked to the USA. And there’s a greater chance you enjoyed this game back in elementary school.

So it will be like refreshing your mind.

You need a slightly large backyard, which is also flat to play kickball. Let your kids, friends and even neighbors join in the fun.

The focus of this simple game is for a team to score more runs than the other to emerge as the winners.

Players kick the ball, run through the bases and get to score a point. The task of the opponents is to slow down the running team as much as possible, to avoid scoring.

  1. Cornhole

Cornhole has managed to gain popularity due to its flexibility to accommodate players of all ages.

At first, it appears as a simple game, but it exhibits some complexity traits when you get to play. But that makes it even more appealing.

Who wants to participate in a game without a thrill element?

And because of this, it’s equally loved by both kids and adults. Setting up takes less than a minute, so you can invite the kids to also help out.

Looking for a cornhole set, check this out.

The set usually comes in vibrant colors

And the carry bags make it easy for you to transport and store your Cornhole set.

Below is a beginner’s guide to this game;

  1. Rubber Horseshoes

Rubber horseshoes is another classic game that makes most parents (of the past decade) nostalgic.

During those times, the game was played using heavy metal horseshoes that today’s parents can’t imagine allowing their kids to use. But it was fun, right?

The good news is that you no longer have to live with the fear of your loved ones getting hurt as today’s market is filled with a variety of friendly modern rubber j horseshoes. So you get to select suitable ones to use in your yard.

  1. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe

If your kids are quite young and you seem to have already exhausted most of the interesting indoor games, then it’s time to take the fun outdoors.

And what better way to do that than through amazing simple yet fun-filled games like Tic-Tac-Toe?

The game is pretty similar to outdoor checkers and chess.

Make it fun by allowing the younger kids to have extra fun and let the older ones use more discs with a larger game board, for some challenging experience.

You can even take your creativity to another level by constructing home-made sets. The kids will be happy to help out.

  1. Giant Jenga

Games of the mind are the best way to pass time, especially on a weekend or holiday with loved ones. And Giant Jenga is one of them.

The game is also referred to as the tumbling blocks and can be played by a large number of players. Hence, if your family is large or your squad is huge, everyone will at least get a chance to remove a block.

The game gets more interesting with each block removed until the tower can’t stand and tumbles down.

There’re various sets you can purchase to add a little complexity to each round. You require patience, skill, and a gentle hand to perfect Giant Jenga.

  1. Inflatable Bowling

Bowling is fun. It’s also classic.

If you’re a fan of bowling, have tried everything else and would like to add a new twist to it, think of inflatable bowling.

It’s exciting and has a modern touch that your loved ones will love. Especially, if you plan on having kids join you.

The climax of this game is when the players get to kick the massive inflatable bowling, intending to knock down all the massive pins on the way.

You don’t need a big yard for this, just spacious enough to accommodate the players and the equipment.

Besides, you can easily deflate everything for easy storage. Thus, this makes it an ideal pick for homes with smaller yards/limited space.

  1. Flickin’ Chicken

During warm months, when the grass at your backyard is warm and soft, it’s time to indulge in outdoor games such as Flickin’ Chicken.

The game brings a lot of excitement, making it favorable for both adults and children.

And as its name suggests, the game set comes with 4 rubber chickens, a target disc, complete with a score pad. You can consider it a take on golf.

Each player should select a chicken of a specific color that they will own throughout the game. Normally the youngest player is allowed to go first by tossing the target disc as far as possible. The other players will then try throwing their chicken pieces to land on part of the disc.

The video below explains best;

  1. Ramp Shot

This game is suitable for the back yard and requires 4 players to start.

You will need two well-constructed plastic ramps together with 4 racquetball-like balls. To receive the full package when you order, so nothing to worry about.

Once you receive your package and are ready to play. Organize yourselves into two teams. Afterward, let each team stand at opposite ends, such that they end up facing each other. The idea is for them to collaborate in game-playing by alternating between throwing and catching the balls.

Players are to earn points that will, in the end, determine the winner of the game.

Usually, the 1st team to reach the 15th point mark, win. It’s quite simple.

Have a peek at how awesome the game is from the video below;

  1. Kubb

Like every game on this list, Kubb is fun. Players play using “kubbs” and are often in teams.

The team can comprise 1 or 2 players, depending on the agreement and of course the size of the yard.

The game makes a great pick for parties, so they can comfortably accommodate family and friends.

You, however, require some skills and exactness. But that shouldn’t scare you if you’re a beginner, as all people can enjoy it. It’s also fun learning how to play.

  1. Volleyball

Surprised? Well, no need to be.

As much as volleyball is widely considered an Olympic sport, it can also make a great back yard sport, especially if you prefer quick games that keep you on your toes.

You can choose to include a net or use some sort of fence instead. Whatever works for you should be fine.

Plus, you don’t have to be many to play, you can always pass the ball among yourselves and have a fulfilling game.

The rules are also flexible, so you get to invent accordingly.


From the above list, it’s evident that outdoor games are simply thrilling.

From volleyball, tetherball, bocce ball to ring toss, you can never run out of options.

So if you’re planning for an adventurous outdoor sports time for you and your loved ones, you might as well consider trying some of the above games.

Remember to let your creative side loose and encourage the kids to help. It should be exciting.

Enjoy and don’t forget to let us know which games worked for you!