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5 Best Dart Flight Protectors: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

If you inadvertently hit your darts on the board with another dart or a bounce-out occurs, you have put your dart flights at risk of damage. 

Dart flight protectors help with keeping your dart flights safe from harm and assist with making sure your flights are spread out for optimal stability. They come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, which can make it difficult to pick one. There are also many brands that produce dart flight protectors. 

In general, dart flight protectors should be lightweight so that they don’t weigh down the path of your dart, but they should also be durable enough that they provide a lot of protection. 

This guide has been comprehensively written to show you the top dart flight protectors available on the market today. We also provide information on how to pick the right dart flight protector for you.

In case you don’t have enough time to read the full guide, you can simply check out the table below that summarize my recommendations for best Game Changer Cornhole Bags.

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The Best Dart Flight Protectors 

1. kwmobile 6 Dart Flight Protectors

Kwmobile dart flight protectors are standard metal flight protectors. They are meant to keep your dart flights intact and undamaged. 

These flight protectors are made of robust metals that offer protection for different types of dart flights against wear and tear, kinking, drops, shreds, and crashes. They are very solid and sturdy with optimum functioning. 

In addition, this flight protector package is easy to install. All you need to do is attach the dart accessory to the end of the dart flight and enjoy a fun game of darts. 

This product is a very versatile accessory. It fits every type of dart, from a traditional steel dart to a plastic dart for an electronic dartboard. It is indeed a must-own for both casual and professional dart players. 

Features and Specifications:

  •  Solid and sturdy metal material
  • Comes in black color
  • Package Weight: 40 grams
  • 6 pieces of metal protectors
  • No dart flights in the package
  • Versatile accessories

What We Like:

  • It is easy to install.
  • It offers top-quality flight protection.
  • It’s very sturdy.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It comes in limited color options.
  • It makes your darts considerably heavier.

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2. US Darts 5 x Sets Target Dart Flights Protectors

The US Darts Target dart flight protectors are extraordinarily effective products. They are aluminum and bullet-shaped, which assists with their aerodynamics

These colored dart flight protectors are available in aluminum and silver. The tips are round-shaped toward the end with a solitary section for stability. These protectors fit cozily on the dart flights as a result.

They fit perfectly onto all types of darts, no matter the material or shape. They also immensely reduce friction that could contribute to wear and tear. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Can fit on any type of darts
  • Made of aluminum material
  • Provide a maximum reduction in wear and tear

What We Like:

  • They’re aerodynamic.
  • They’re made out of high-quality material.

What We Don’t Like:

  • They add a significant amount of weight to the dart. 
  • Some users have found their tips to be flatter instead of the round tips that are advertised.  

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3. DTTRA 18PCS Aluminum Alloy Dart Flight Wing Savers Protectors Dart Accessories

This new product is yet another high-quality product for protecting your dart flights. DTTRA aluminum dart protectors help to enhance controlled throws and add additional stability. They are one of the best options on the market in terms of dart flight protection products. 

They help to prolong the life of your dart flight by protecting it throughout the entirety of the flight path. They offer consistent flight performance and are extremely durable. No matter how many flights your darts take with these dart flight protectors, no damage will occur. 

DTTRA aluminum dart protectors have a durable design and maintain flight square meters. They help to effectively reduce wear and tear on your flight and are appropriate for all flying shapes, materials, and sizes.

With 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, it’s clear that these dart protectors are beloved by all types of dart players around the world. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Made out of Aluminum alloy
  • Come in a variety of colors (red, black, blue, purple, etc.)
  • Packaged comes with 18 flight protectors

What We Like:

  • These flight savers are suitable for a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes of darts.
  • They have a durable design.
  • They reduce flight wear and tear.
  • They have reliable aluminum shafts.
  • They’re relatively cheap considering the number of flight protectors in the package.
  • Aluminum is lightweight with a great appearance.

What We Don’t Like:

  • There’s a lack of aerodynamic design.

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4. LEIPUPA 45 Pieces Assorted Colors Anodised Aluminum Flight Savers

This product does a great job of performing its desired function of keeping your flight darts protected. The structure of this dart flight protector is great. It has a square shape with a little indent close to the tip, making it exceptionally firm and stable for your flight. 

Additionally, this product is excellent at snugly fitting your dart flights without bending them out of shape. 

The aluminum alloy adds weight to the flights, guaranteeing that the flights move through the air steadily. 

These protectors extend the life of your flights by reducing wear and tear and correcting the wing to a 90-degree angle. They fit all flight materials, shapes, and sizes and come in 5 assorted colors. 

We also love that unlike other packages of dart protectors, this product comes with a whopping 45 protectors for a very reasonable price. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Comes in different colors
  • Aluminum alloy material
  • 5 colors mixed in a package
  • Number: 45 pieces
  • Versatility in fittings 

What We Like:

  • This product offers stability and flight square.
  • There are different colors to match your dart flights.
  • These flight protectors feature high-quality aluminum alloy.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The product is expensive. 

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5. Scott Edward Dart Accessory Set

These dart protectors feature a wide assortment of color options so that you can coordinate them to the color of your dart flights. They fit securely, which helps them maintain the structure of your dart flight. 

These are top-notch protectors made of aluminum material. They are lightweight and sturdy. The structure of these protectors is rectangular and flattened with one little notch close to the tip.

The dart ring this protector comes with is used to ensure the metal dart shaft is solidly screwed into the barrel. Also, it prevents the dart plastic shaft from falling out easily. 

The Scott Edward company states that their products are “simple and user-friendly,” and we agree!

Features and Specifications:

  • Varieties of color
  • 15 pieces packed in a package
  • Aluminum protectors material
  • Snug fit
  • Add weight and help dart flights square up

What We Like:

  • It’s made with top-notch quality aluminum.
  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • There are many color options.
  • It fits on all types of darts. 

What We Don’t Like:

  • The aerodynamic design is lacking.

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Factors To Carefully Consider When Buying a Standard Dart Flight Protector

A game of darts is fun to play, but it is very complex. If you are serious about playing darts, you have to purchase many accessories. One of the most important accessories is a dart flight protector. Without this, your dart flights will quickly become damaged. 

We’ve compiled a list of a few guidelines to assist you with buying the best dart flight protectors.


This measure comes down to preference. Dart flight protectors are either manufactured with aluminum or metal. The metal ones are strong and durable but may be heavier than necessary.

On the other hand, dart flight protectors made of aluminum are lightweight with faster flights. You need to find the perfect balance between durability and weight. 


Quality is very important. A decent dart flight protector is typically more lightweight, which demonstrates that it is made out of high-quality material.

Bad dart flight protectors will be heavier and won’t protect your dart from the impact of getting hit by other darts or hitting the ground. 

Shape and Design

The shape and design of a dart protector are very important, and different protectors are designed in a variety of ways. 

You should look for a lightweight dart flight protector that is also highly aerodynamic.

A bullet-shaped protector with a round tip is preferable over a level tip. Bullet-shaped protectors help to maintain your darts’ flight path without negatively affecting your performance. 


As a general rule, more expensive items are often made out of higher-quality material and perform better. Even though this is not always true, you should be cautious of suspiciously cheap products.


The most common dart flight protector colors are silver and black, but if a simple muted look is not your style, many protectors come in a variety of fun colors. Some protectors even come with unique designs on them, which is great for both separating your darts from other people’s and also adding a little bit of style and flair to your dart game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Dart Flight Protectors?

Dart flights can easily become bent and broken after receiving a hit from another dart or from the floor. This can mess up the trajectory of their flight path, and in turn, negatively affect your performance. One of the reasons that dart flights become damaged so easily is because they are made out of plastic. The plastic makes them lighter and allows them to be thrown more easily, but it also leaves them susceptible to damage. 

Dart flight protectors are metal or aluminum items that are attached to the tips of flights and help to keep flights at a 90-degree angle, which minimizes drag and maximizes stability. 

Who Needs a Dart Flight Protector?

This is dependent on your preference. If you are a player who plays frequently and doesn’t want to keep buying darts, then you should look into getting some protectors. 

Flight protectors are great for beginners and professionals alike. Nobody wants their equipment to be destroyed quickly. Dart flight protectors could be just the thing you need to reach maximum performance. 

What Are the Disadvantages of Flight Protectors?

There are increased chances of bounce as a result of the increased surface area a protector creates. In professional games, you don’t want this to happen. Consider only using dart flight protectors during practice instead. 

Also, dart flight protectors can get lost easily and are difficult to retrieve if not properly installed.

Our Favorite Brands

US Darts

US Darts has been around since 1998, and they have quickly established themselves as one of the leading companies in dart manufacturing. They are notable for their imaginative designs and premium item quality with unparalleled creativity. They make dart flights, dart flight protectors, and other dart accessories.

Scott Edwards Store

This company was established in 2009 in Utah, USA. They are devoted to manufacturing and distributing sporting accessories for both indoor and outdoor games.

They consistently research, develop, and manufacture quality products. Their products are simple and user-friendly.


Dart flight protectors are small and may seem insignificant. However, they are completely necessary to protect and maintain your dart flights.  

Use our list of things to look for in dart flight protectors to determine which of these factors are the most important to you. Then, simply select one of the high-quality dart flight protector options from our list, or use your newfound knowledge to do some research and buy your own. After that, have fun playing darts with the satisfaction of knowing that your dart flights are well-protected.