best folding air hockey tables

Best Folding Air Hockey Tables Reviews In 2021

Today’s marketplace is flooding with tones of products.

So sourcing for the right table quality according to your needs is quite a hustle.

That’s why we are here for you. To provide you with a comprehensive folding air hockey table review to fasten your choice.

Let’s get started.

Best Folding Air Hockey Tables Reviews

1. Fat Cat 6’: Best Polar Blast Air Hockey Table

Fat Cat 6’ Polar Blast enjoys bestseller privileges in the current marketplace.

It’s an ideal choice for players in tight spaces, whose love for this classic game is unstoppable.

It comes with a dual-motor system to provide best airflow for easy sliding of the pucks across the playing surface.

This foldable table is easy to store within small spaces. Remove the safety locks and fold them in the legs.

The table displays unique graphics that add amusement to the game once run on power.

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Fat Cat 6’ Polar Blast has scorers and puck returns on both ends to maximize playing convenience.

It’s also lightweight, making it an awesome choice for nomad players.

This air hockey table comes with leg levers and locks to help you achieve maximum stability and focus on enjoying the game.

In Conclusion, this table is portable, has a compact design, making it one of my best recommendations for small spaces. On-the-move players also find it useful.

  • Can withstand competitive playing
  • Allows height change to suit various player heights and sizes.
  • Awesome for fast-paced games
  • The Fat Cat Customer Support isn’t very responsive

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2. PUCK Calix 4-Foot Folding Air Hockey Table: Best Hinge Air Hockey Table

PUCK Calix 4-Foot Folding Air Hockey Table provides greatest gaming fun for family and friends.

It’s a great choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

It comes in a ready to stand built-in hinge design.

So, you can get right into action in minutes.

This package includes a side-mounted electronic scoring system, to help you track the progress of the game.

PUCK Calix 4-Foot Folding Air Hockey Table provides you with a near-to-actual arcade feel as the uniform airflow offers rapid gameplay.

It’s a high quality table with sturdy design and it includes a lifetime guarantee!

Bottom line is that this table provides unmatched fun for night or daytime activities. It’s simple, small, and offers quick folding to fit smaller spaces.

  • You don’t have to record scores manually
  • The legs are attached ready for unfolding to play and folding for storage
  • No dead spots on the playing surface guaranteeing a smooth game
  • Might be too low for some players

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3. Carrom Face off: Best Convertible Air Hockey Table

Carrom is one of the best convertible folding air hockey tables for beginners.

You can use it over a tabletop or independently depending on your playing preferences and space limits.

It comes with a single electric blower, which provides enough airflow on the playing space for a decent-paced gameplay.

The convertible air hockey table contains goal boxes complete with an in-built slide scorer, so you can focus on playing.

It’s made in the US for quality guarantee and easy access to customer support in case of any issues.

My last word is that this table includes two sets of legs, making it an excellent recommendation for tabletop and floor use.

Also, its simplicity and decent quality make it a perfect starter pack for kids.

  • Suitable for both big and small spaces
  • The quality is acceptable for gentle to mild players
  • Doesn’t need expert skills to set-up
  • Suitable only for beginners.

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4. IFOYO 4-in-1: Best Multi-Function Game Table

IFOYO 4-in-1 can comfortably accommodate slide hockey, table tennis, pool, and soccer foosball. It’s suitable for experimental and multi-talented players of various skill levels.

It measures 48″x 24″x 32” (LWH) making it best suitable for kids because of its small size. But adults can also enjoy it.

This foldable table is made from quality MDF materials for stability and longevity.

It’s easy to fold and compact to match most small game room spaces.

IFOYO 4-in-1 doesn’t need batteries or electricity to operate saving you on utility bills.

The package comes with all the necessary playing accessories saving you some bucks.

You simply have to set-up and enjoy the games.

To conclude, this table is an excellent recommendation for multiple game lovers.

It provides hours of joy and bonding to the entire family.

  • You enjoy playing four games at an affordable pricing
  • You don’t have to buy batteries or use electricity
  • Young kids will enjoy the small-sized table.
  • Most players find the Air Hockey feature difficult to use

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5.Funmall 4ft: Best Non-toxic Game Table

Funmall 4ft. is the easiest way to satisfy your multiple-games preference within your budget.

It’s a perfect pick to make parties lively and set-up families for frequent get-togethers.

This foldable table made from good quality non-toxic MDF composition, to ensure stability in gameplay, and long term use.

It’s easy to operate and the simple assembling allows a quick change from one game to another.

The manufacturers of this table offer a 180-day warranty on manufacturer faults.

Bottom line is that this table is a great addition for family fun-filled bonding time.

It’s a recommendable surprise gift for your loved ones.

  • Gives you value for money
  • Saves on amount of space used when playing
  • You can play all the games back-to-back to ease boredom
  • Too small ping pong surface

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Foldable vs. Tabletop air hockey tables

Foldable air hockey tables are excellent additions to limited-sized game rooms. They are full-sized and players get to enjoy playing like they would in an arcade.

The tables fold to allow easy storage, saving up space. Most of the folding tables make great gifts for kids or hobbyists who enjoy the thrill of playing with family and friends.

They are suitable for most small homes worldwide and are either in form of up-the-wall folds and tabletops.

Tabletop air hockey tables are actually foldable air hockey tables that turn into tabletops. You can use them by placing them on a larger table or the floor.

They are compact, lightweight, and portable. Most of them are ready to use within a few minutes of setting-up and are beginner-friendly.

Folding tabletops are however, not as durable and stable as larger tables.

When not in use, you can store the table under your bed, closet, or whichever safe place you prefer in your house.

Is a folding air hockey table worth the investment?

Foldable tables are full size and can provide a real arcade experience. So, they make valuable possessions for players who want to enjoy games in their homes.

Also, apartment lovers, small offices tend to prefer these tables since they don’t take up much space.

Besides, there are various manufacturers producing high-quality folding tables. With proper maintenance, they can last you for years.

But, take time to examine your needs before settling for one.

Things to consider when buying a folding air hockey table

When considering purchasing a foldable air hockey table keep your space and game-playing needs in mind.

Here are some of the things you should consider to perfect your choice.


An air hockey game is primarily run by sufficient airflow. If it isn’t steady or missing the game won’t be fun.

Ensure the motor is powerful to produce great airflow to enhance the originality of the game. Thereafter, a thrilling experience will follow.


The fact that you’re searching for a folding table means you already have a storage strategy in mind.

Therefore, ensure the dimensions perfectly fit what you’ve in mind.

Think of portability too if you‘re always moving around.

However, remember the smaller the table is, the less fun it has to offer, especially for adults.


The legs and the base of the table should be steady enough to accommodate the aggressiveness of the game you wish to play. Laminated legs, made from steel or wood are sturdy.


There are two types of goals for foldable tables: rail and plastic. Consider rail ones for durability purposes.

Also, rail goals provide easy access to players of all ages.

Assembling Procedure

Since you will be folding and assembling the table whenever you want to play, the procedure should be easy and fast. There are various options in the market.

Choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

Bolting is the easiest assembling way. But some tables contain deep cabinets, which makes them challenging, especially for beginners.

Charging System

Plugging-in tables are the easiest to use. To power them, you will only need a source.

Using batteries means you’ll have to keep replacing them, which is expensive in the long run. Also, batteries aren’t environmentally friendly.

Besides, electronic scoring systems provide an exhilaration that manual ones can’t offer.

Customer reviews

Check out online for various customer reviews about the table you want to buy. You will receive genuine warnings, and recommendations to help you make a choice.


Folding tables might be small-sized, but they still provide enjoyable moments for both adults and children.

However, they are a few models in the market, and we hope this review helps you make a quick worth-while purchase.