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MD Sports Air Hockey Tables Reviews

There are a lot of MD Sports imitation products out there.

If you aren’t careful, you might end up purchasing one at exaggerated prices, and later on, live in regrets.

That means another unplanned expenditure, digging deeper into your bank account.

But this doesn’t have to be you.

In this review, we take you through the best md sports hockey tables reviewed to help you make a genuine purchase.

MD Sports Air Hockey Tables Reviewed

<strong>1. MD Sports 7”: Best Multiple Styles Air Hockey Table</strong>
MD Sports 7” is one of the bestselling picks for homes with small family rooms.

It provides serious players with desirable arcade air hockey playing experience.

It comes with great quality blower motor for airflow consistency throughout the tabletop.

Its design displays an excellent work of compromise between a kid’s air hockey table, and an actual full-size model, to suit the needs of kids, teenagers, and adults.

The table has leg levelers and top rails for great stability. You also enjoy a thrilling playing experience.

MD Sports feature sturdy construction to ensure the table offers you longevity.

It also displays beautiful graphics and digital sound effects, to warm-up the gaming environment.

Bottom-line is that this table is small taking up less space.

Its design is durable making it a popular recommendation for players seeking full-size table alternatives.

  • It has a large scorer for a realistic arcade feel
  • The table is adjustable to suit players’ height.
  • It offers best stability to withstand aggressive playing.
  • Comes with all the necessary extras to save you some cash
  • Watch out for any cracks once you receive the package and request for exchange.

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<strong>2. MD Sports 90” *48”: Best Premium Air Hockey Table</strong>

MD Sports 90” *48” is the best way to welcome guests into your home.

Its high-end features let you impress while providing hours of fun for both adults and kids at any event.

The package comes with all the necessary accessories to start playing.

You receive four pucks and four pushers to get the entire family involved in the fun as you bond and challenge each other’s skills.

Its electronic overhead scorer stretches across the tabletop.

And together with the automatic timer and sound effects give authentic arcade experience.

This allows you to concentrate on playing.

MD Sports 90” *48” contains a 110v blower for uniform airflow on the playing area.

But, we feel a higher voltage blower could do better

The finishing of this air hockey table is scratch-resistant leaving it faultless even after a competitive game.

Its “arch” shaped steel legs and 6-inch leg levers offer maximum firmness and balance, even when the game gets aggressive.

My last word is that this table’s stability and durability make it a great recommendation for aggressive players.

It suits home recreation rooms and can accommodate players of all ages.

  • It appears new even after wild games creating a lasting impression.
  • All the amazing features collaborate to allow you focus on playing.
  • Gives families opportunities to bond, learn and have fun together
  • Not portable

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<strong>3. MD Sports 48: Best Kids Air Hockey Table</strong>

MD Sports 48″ is here to give players with limited space hope. It’s suitable for entry-level kids, and teens.

It comes in a great combination of black and green colors igniting your senses and player instincts at first glance.

The table uses a 12V DC UL certified motor, which is pretty decent for a table this size.

This provides powerful and uniform airflow.

Its legs are straight, complete with adaptable leg levers for an even playing area, and suit various player heights and sizes.

The package includes only 2 pucks and pushers, so you might want to order more for convenience playing.

In conclusion, this table worth its price. It’s one of my first recommendations for parents or guardians sourcing out air hockey table gifts for their kids.

  • You don’t need batteries for the electronic scoring system
  • Its four corners are well protected to avoid injuries
  • It offers stability to allow you to showcase your prowess with ease.
  • Cross-check for holes once you receive the package.

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<strong>4. MD Sports 27”: Best Tabletop Air Hockey</strong>

MD Sports 27” is expertly manufactured to meet the needs of small spaces.

It’s suitable for apartments, and offices without recreational rooms.

It comes with a built-in fan to ensure the puck is poisoned for scoring.

The goal box of this table also contains a built-in slider scorer to spare you the hustle of manual tuning.

Its playing area displays high-quality construction having been made from wood.

If you maintain it well, it can serve you for years.

MD Sports 27” uses 6AA batteries, which you will have to buy separately since they aren’t included.

Bottom line is that this table is fun and of decent quality for limited space players.

I often recommend it as a suitable investment for families, since it accommodates players of all ages.

  • You don’t need a recreation room to use it
  • Players of all ages can use it
  • Easily portable for outdoor games
  • You will have to buy batteries.

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MD Sports Air Hockey Table FAQ

Are MD sports air hockey tables worth it?

MD sports air hockey tables are particularly well-built to offer you durability.

Also, they include all the necessary accessories you need to start playing.

These tables are available in various models. That’s why they’re favorable for players with various needs.

Therefore, they are definitely worth your investment.

How to do MD sports air hockey table assembly?

  1. Open the package check and ensure it includes all parts.
  2. Check the playfield for and damages. If you notice any, return for exchange
  3. Your assembling area should be clean and level.
  4. Carefully turn your table upside down to install parts. You might need help for heavy models.
  5. Hand tighten the bolts or screws into place before using the screwdriver.

Watch the video below for better understanding:

In Conclusion

MD Sports Hockey tables are available in various sizes and designs to meet various needs.

They have great features and have tough builds to withstand the test of time.

However, in a world of counterfeit products, you have to inform yourself to avoid falling prey.

We hope you get what you’re searching for in this article and can now shop with confidence!

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