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5 Table Tennis Accessories That Every Player Should Have

Table tennis is a lot of fun.

Nobody can deny that.

The thrilling feeling that you get while playing a fast-paced game with a tough opponent is something out of this world. You just can’t have that anywhere else.

The experience that table tennis delivers is definitely unbeatable.

Mainly, you only need to have two rackets and a steady table to be able to play table tennis.

However, there are other things that might level up your game and make the whole experience better.

They call them accessories.

Some of them are just that. You don’t need to buy them because they don’t add much value and joy to the game.

However, there are some items that fall under the accessories category but they’re more than that.

In my opinion, as a hardcore table tennis player, the next five items that I will discuss in this article are must-have accessories that every true table tennis fan should possess.

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1. Good-quality glue is not an accessory

glue for table tennis

More sophisticated table tennis players usually refuse to buy ready-made rackets. Instead, they prefer to buy the individual pieces (blade and rubbers) and build their own customized paddle. The main reason behind this is to make sure they’re getting the best quality paddles.

Still using ready-made rackets?

You should seriously consider throwing them away if you’re serious about playing table tennis.

You’re missing out a lot. Ready-made paddles don’t usually provide the same speed or precision that customized paddles do.

Finding a well-built blade or a smooth rubber is not a hard task if you know where to look.

However, most people fail to distinguish between good glue and bad glue. I don’t blame them. They all look the same.

But when you gather a lot of experience, you start to realize which products are the best. And the Germany-made Killerspin Torque AQ Glue is definitely an incredible product.

It’s a fast-drying glue that is 100% safe for your hands.

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2. Should I use a rubber cleaner ?

rubber cleaner for ping pong

For your own information, rubber cleaner/booster is a liquid product that is used regularly on the rubber in order to remove dirt from it and keep it clean. As a result, it improves the speed and overall spin of the racket.

All professional players use it.

I still remember the first time I heard about this magical product that can make your shots faster and win you games. At first, I didn’t believe in its effectiveness. I thought that this is just a new thing to fool amateur players and make more money out of it.

Apparently, I was wrong. It was a friend of mine who first showed me that these cleaners do actually work. They help keep your rubber clean and protected which increases its life span. I was impressed. I didn’t stop using them since then on all of my rackets.

That’s why I want to show you a great cleaner that everybody seems to love.

It’s the Butterfly 8181 Care Kit that comes with the cleaner, a sponges and cleaning tips.

I highly recommend it.

Check out what they are saying about it.

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3. Is rubber protection that important?

rubber formula tennis

Another accessory that I believe is necessary for regular table tennis players is the rubber protection. Its function is to protect your rubber from oxidation and to maintain its elasticity, grip and tackiness. This can have enormous effect on your play.

There are many rubber protectors out there, but I prefer the Donic Formula adhesive rubber protect.

This product lasts for a long period and does provide proper protection to your rubber from any external elements.
Many buyers have tested its high quality.

Check out what they are saying about the Donic Formula Rubber Protection.

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4. A bag to carry all your table tennis stuff

table tennis racket bag

A bag is something that you need to have to carry your stuff when you go for a training session.

Any regular bag can do the job.

However, a personalized bag that are made just for table tennis players will certainly offer a better solution.

There are many table tennis bags in the market with different sizes, colors and characteristics. Some can carry only a few balls while other bags are big and made to contain your balls as well as your paddles.

Today, I want to share with you a great bag that I think it can be used for multiple purposes. It’s the Killerspin Barracuda that can carry your balls along side with the paddles.

It’s an amazing bag that is both elagant and convenient.

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5. A water bottle is a must-have

water bottle

Drinking water is extremely important when you’re playing table tennis. You should make sure that you have a bottle of water close by to keep you hydrated.

You can go for any regular bottle.

But if you want to go with something more fancy to impress your friends, there’s this Nilgan Tritan water bottle that  comes in so many colors and designs and it looks really amazing.

It’s a top-quality bottle that is both nice looking and made of good materials.

It’s light and easy to carry around.

Also, it’s fairly priced.

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BONUS: A towel is more important than you think

table tennis towel

Table tennis is a highly competitive sport.

There is almost no time for rest during a game because the ball doesn’t stop bouncing from one side to the another.

So, there’s no wonder that players start sweating just a few minutes after starting the match. There’s a lot of physical effort that is being made.

That’s why it’s important to carry with you a good-quality towel to wipe off all the sweat that can distract you from the game.

Again, any regular towel can usually do the job.

However, if you’re looking for something that is top quality and more specific to table tennis players, I recommend the official Killerspin Towel.

It’s a 100% cotton towel that most buyers seem to be happy with.

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Before you go…

To conclude, no matter how some of these elements may seem unnecessary to you, I should point out that the investments you do to improve the conditions in which you play table tennis will certainly have a great impact on your level of commitment and motivation.

For most casual players, there’s no need to spend their money on accessories.

As for serious table tennis players who want to improve their skills, it’s highly recommended to have most of these accessories.

I hope you liked this article and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

We would love to hear from you.