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Best Beer Pong Tables In 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Beer pong is a popular drinking game that brings some fun, laughs, and emotions to parties, tailgates, and events.

Due to their popularity, there is a wide variety of beer pong tables with several features to add flavor to your game.

Here, we scrutinize the best beer pong tables on the market.

In case you are not familiar with the rules, read how to play beer pong article first.

Best Beer Pong Tables In 2021

1. GoPong Beer Pong Table

The GoPong beer pong table comes with six pong balls for a fun party.

This incredible table will make heads turn during your house parties, picnics, campsites, tailgates, and more.

It weighs only 25 pounds and has an overall measurement of 8 “x2″ x27.5” which is in compliant with official rules on beer pong table size.

We like the smooth black finishing made of sturdy aluminum.

The surface features premium beer proof material that will withstand any spill and is easy to clean.

The table collapses to a neat small briefcase, which is perfect for easy storage.

The compact design enables you to carry it from party to party.

  • Has six pong balls
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Beer proof Melamine surface
  • Foldable design
  • The small briefcase doesn’t have handles
  • The height not adjustable

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2. The Pong Squad Football Field Beer Pong Table

Impress your guests by picking this sharp-looking beer pong table from Pong Squad.

This piece of art is definitely worth the money and will bring some spectacle to your party.

It’s lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand rowdy players.

The overall dimension is 8 “x2″ x2.5” as per official regulation.

We love the fact that it folds into a small size briefcase for secure storage and portability.

Unlike the GoPong, the Pong Squad one has a carrying handle, and this gives you the freedom to hop between parties smoothly.

The table has an elegant design with the surface featuring 22 holes with covers for holding wash cups and beer cups.

The legs have a unique telescopic design that pulls and pushes easily.

This elegant table is also a perfect gift idea for families and friends.

  • 22 holes make it ideal for a big party
  • The holes come with covers
  • Lightweight design
  • Folds nicely
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a handle
  • Little space on the sides

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3. Red Cup Beer Pong Table

Add some showiness to your tailgate by choosing the Red Cup Beer Pong Table.

This high-end beer pong table is ideal for professional play.

The table comes with more features that boost your play.

The bottle opener on the far end and the ball holder are bonus features that will lift your play and fun.

These accessories are of premium build, and for the price, you’ll get real value.

There are six balls enough for a party.

This table complies with the beer pong table regulations regarding the overall dimension.

It weighs 24.6 pounds and with a measurement of 26.5 x 25 x 5.9 inches.

Further, it folds easily into a small briefcase.

The carry handles are a big plus since you can carry anywhere.

  • Sturdiness
  • Extra accessories such as opener and ball holder
  • Foldable design
  • Lightweight
  • Has a carrying handle
  • Pricey

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4. GoPong PRO Beer Pong Table

Get ready for a wild party with friends since the GoPong PRO Beer Pong Table, which is a premium version.

This 36 inches table comes with six balls and is more studier and heavy-duty.

The outside features an elegant black design and an aluminum frame for a better play.

It is lightweight for easy transport.

The compact design is easy to fold into a small size.

However, like the previous model, it lacks a carrying handle.

The easy to clean surface made of high-quality material is the highlight of this table.

It’s spill-resistant and easy to clean, thus keeping your surface in good condition.

  • Easy to clean
  • Has a spill-resistant surface
  • Elegant black design
  • Sturdier
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Has no carrying handles

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5. Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong

The Red cup pong top features a stylish graphic sketch with an easy to clean surface doesn’t wrap and is spill-resistant.

It’s also of suitable height for any player and conforms to the Beer Pong table regulations regarding the dimensions.

The specifications are 96x24x30 inches when unfolded and 24x24x6 inches when folded with a weight of 24lbs.

We recommend the Red Cup Pong for anyone looking for a portable beer pong table.

It’s easy to set up and folds easily into a sleek design for easy storage and transport.

The tables also come with other accessories to enhance your play.

These include a bottle opener, six pong balls, and a ball holder.

  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Suitable height
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Not very sturdy to withstand heavy play

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6. Beer Pong Table

Imagine a beer pong game with no spills?

Beer spills are not going to be a problem since this table is fitted with optional holes, which is a good idea. beer pong table is 8 feet with cup holes on the surface to take care of the spills.

Equally, the holes are secured close to the edge to prevent the cups from sliding and spilling on the table.

The lights accentuate the table and add color during play.

Additionally, the surface features an easy to dry material that is also easy to clean.

Other accessories include four dry erase pens and six pong balls.

The table folds into a small briefcase that’s convenient for storage and transport.

Therefore you can carry it anywhere there’s a party.

  • Bright lights
  • Has optional cup holes
  • Folds easily
  • The surface is spill-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • The table feels a little bit flimsy

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7. Beer Pong Table

Clean, beautiful, and sturdiness are words that describe the Beer Pong Table, which is one of the best beer pong tables.

It’s ideal for someone looking for a durable beer pong table for partying endlessly, thus adding life to a beer party.

This durable table features stunning sketches and black aluminum legs that can withstand high temperatures and substantial impact.

This table folds neatly into a small briefcase making it convenient and easy to carry to any party.

There are optional holes for the cups and prevent beer spills.

A bonus feature is the Bluetooth speaker.

You can connect the speaker to your phone and listen to music even as you play.

  • Has optional holes
  • Has stunning graphics
  • Can connect to a Bluetooth speaker
  • Folds easily
  • Portable
  • Has a carry handle
  • A bit tall for short players

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Best Floating Beer Pong Tables In 2021

1. Floatation iQ HydraPong Beer Pong Table

If you’d like to have fun with your friends at the pool, then Floatation iQ HydraPong makes an excellent choice.

The set-up is easy, and the polish on the table surface is smooth and shiny.

The package consists of a floating mat, four ping pong balls, one safety sheet, and rules.

The materials are durably made of Polyethylene, which is both tear-proof and will resist heavy use and tear.

Your safety is guaranteed since it is super buoyant, puncture-proof, and will float in water.

No products found.

  • Tear and puncture-proof
  • Easy to set up
  • Super buoyant
  • Durable
  • Colorful and smooth surface
  • Pricey
  • The table doesn’t have an anchor

No products found.

2. GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table

This GoPong Floating Beer Pong Table lets you add fun and flavor to any pool party.

The set consists of six cup holders, six pong balls, and four roping grommets.

The complete set up allows for ten beer cups; thus, you get to enjoy with friends at the pool.

We recommend this product due to the sturdy and thick material that floats effortlessly.

For this reason, the GoPong is a versatile table for playing pool pong and for floating and relaxing at the pool even during summer when temperatures are high.

It’s also suitable for social floating.

The table inflates quickly by pumping; however, it doesn’t come with a hand pump.

This elegant product is also a perfect gift idea for your loved ones on any occasion.

  • Versatile
  • Inflates easily
  • Elegant design
  • Sturdy and thick material
  • Doesn’t come with a hand pump

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3. DreambuilderToy Floating Beer Pong

Upgrade your pool party by picking the awesome DreambuilderToy Floating beer pong.

This set is a ten cup float and comes with an inbuilt cooler for your drinks in hot summer.

The size is enormous and measures 6X3 inches for maximum floating comfort.

The material is high-quality PVC, which is both thick, durable, and scratch or tear-proof.

Undoubtedly, this is an excellent addition to your pool party that will resist even the rowdiest players.

There is a valve that enables you to inflate easily by the use of pumps or dryers.

  • Floats easily
  • Thick and sturdy material
  • Has a valve for inflating
  • Has an inbuilt cooler
  • The cups have a wide spacing

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Features to Consider When Buying A Beer Pong Table

There are several things to consider when buying a beer pong table.

Since there are two types of these products, the factor may differ.


The game of beer pong table is popular in beer parties where players can get rowdy. It’s essential to consider the sturdiness of the table so that it can withstand any game.

Most of the products reviewed have an aluminum frame, which is lightweight yet sturdy.

When it comes to floating options, consider the thickness of the material and preferably one that’s scratch or tear-resistant.

Portable Design

Beer parties can take place at home, at the pool, or at a friend’s place.

Party goers like bouncing from one location to another. A beer pong table should easily fold to a small size that’s easy to carry.

Most options reviewed fold into a small briefcase with a handle for portability.

However, when it comes to floating beer pongs, these only deflate and inflate when you want to party.

Size of The Table

There are official beer pong regulations that set out the dimension of the table.

It’s vital to look at the measurement, which should be 8 “x2″ x27.5.”

Easy to Clean Surface

There will be beer spills during intense play. Therefore, a smooth surface that’s easier to clean is desirable.

Most often, some tables have a spill-resistant surface where the beer dries immediately, thus protecting the surface and boosting durability.

Optional Cup Holes

Cup holes are optional in that they come with covers. Nonetheless, they’re useful in protecting the cup from sliding and spilling the beer during play.

This is an important feature you’d want to look before you buy a beer pong table.


Beer parties can get wild, and it’s important to choose a table that will capture the mood of the party.

Some options come with extra accessories such as colorful lights, graphics or sketches, and Bluetooth connectivity.

All these features add fun to your party and set the mood for some frenzy.

The floating options may have an inbuilt cooler that keeps the drinks cool during hot weather.


The floating beer pong tables are versatile.

In that when you’re not playing a game of beer pong, you can use it for social floating or for lounging in the pool.

How To Play Beer Pong: The Basic Rules

You’ll need beer pong balls, also known as ping pong balls and party cups, approximately 16 ounces each.

If you’re going to play 6 cups, you’ll need 12 party cups, six for each side.

Things can get rowdy during play, so the minimum beer pong balls should be at least two.

To throw like a pro, you’ll need a professional beer pong table, which is eight-foot as per the regulation.

You’ll need two other water cups beside the party cups.

When players get wild and rowdy, they’ll end up drinking the water cup, which is full of dirt for some laughter moments.

In beer pongs, teams consist of two players each. Each team should position in opposite directions of the table.

The teams go eye to eye and throw the ping pong ball in turns into the opposing teams’ cup by a count of three.

If you throw a ball into the cup, the person must quickly pull the cup, drink, and return it back to the table.

Then shoot again. If two balls go into the same cup, also known as the death cup, the game ends.

A send occurs when you and your teammate shoot two balls in one instance. The ball is sent back to you, and you get to shoot again.

The game progresses to the final cup, where the opponent has a chance to rebuttal.

FAQ About The Best Beer Pong Tables

How Long Should A Beer Pong Table Be?

According to official beer pong regulations, a beer pong table should be 8 feet long.

Players can get wild and a little bit loud, and to shoot like a pro, this is the ideal size. However, you can still play with a shorter table if you don’t have much room.

Also, shorter tables make the game progress faster. The professional game requires an eight-foot table.

How Many Cups Do You Need for Beer Pong?

The minimum number of cups are two. However, the number of cups will depend on the game and players.

The type of game will also determine the number of cups. For a 6 cup game, you’ll need 12 beer cups, whereas, for 10, you’ll need 20 cups.

You’ll also need at least two more cups where you stuff with water and dirt to make the game a little more fun.

What Are Balls Back in Beer Pong?

During play, each team has an opportunity to request for rearrangement of the cups.

This is re-racking. You can get a ball back if you make two cups consequently. However, you won’t get a rack.

What Happens If You Knock A Cup Over in Beer Pong?

Usually when a ball touches a cup, the opposing team can make the cups move without a penalty.

However, if the knock a cup over, the cup is removed from the table and game.

Players can avoid such a situation by filling the cups so that it becomes hard to knock a cup over.


Whether you’ve a party at home or by the pool, a beer pong table promises tons of fun with your friends.

Besides, it’s portable with a compact design that doesn’t take a lot of space.

Some beer pong tables come with fancy designs and features such as ball racks, lights, ball racks, and more.