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Best Shuffleboard Tables In 2021 For All Sizes

There are many options in the market for a shuffleboard table ranging from tables that are just for casual play to other tables that were built to suit regulations for shuffleboard professional competitions.

The purpose of this guide is to help you find what is right for you, whatever that may be.

Buying a shuffleboard table is not a cheap investment so learning about the different features is a must.

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Best 9ft Shuffleboard
Carmelli Dark Cherry 9 Foot Shuffleboard Table
Best Long Shuffleboard
Playcraft Woodbridge - Cherry 14' Shuffleboard Table
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8 Reviews
324 Reviews
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Best 9ft Shuffleboard
Carmelli Dark Cherry 9 Foot Shuffleboard Table
Table Model & Brand
N° Reviews
8 Reviews
Average Rating
Best Long Shuffleboard
Playcraft Woodbridge - Cherry 14' Shuffleboard Table
Table Model & Brand
N° Reviews
324 Reviews
Average Rating

We cover that in this guide as well as reviews of the best shuffleboard tables out there that we think deserve your attention.

I included 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft tables as well as other sizes like 12ft and 14ft to help meet all needs out there.

Let’s get started then.

Best 7ft and 9ft Shuffleboard Tables For Casual Players

Carmelli Dark Cherry 9-Ft Shuffleboard Table

The Carmelli Dark Cherry has a beautiful wooden look. It is a common knowledge that Carmelli makes some of the best shuffleboard tables in the market. And this 9ft table here is another proof of that.

This table is a perfect purchase for those who may be looking to get a 9ft shuffleboard table which has a traditional look, but one that doesn’t cost as much as the traditional premimum shuffleboard tables do.

It measures 9ft long by 24 inches wide. Wider shuffleboard tables are preferred because they contribute to a challenging game that’s also more fun to play.

As a result, therefore, the Carmelli Dark Cherry is a perfectly sized shuffleboard table for kids and adults alike. The total table dimensions are 108in L x 24in W x 31in H, and the playing surface dimensions are 98in L x 15in W.

Weighing 250 lbs., this shuffleboard table isn’t light in weight. Moving it around will be quite tasking, so keep this in mind while positioning the table in the game room.

The table is made out of durable CARB-Certified MDF with dark cherry laminate. The corners are made of molded cabinet-grade plywood, and the playing surface features a glossy polyurethane finish.

The plywood corners of this table are very strong and guarantee that the table does not get damaged even if it gets knocked accidentally while moving it into the game room.

At the base of the table, the two pedestal legs come with 6-inch antique bronze levelers which allow the table to stay sturdy and level on any floor surface. One of the pedestal legs even comes with built-in storage for pucks, wax, and other accessories.

The Carmelli Dark Cherry comes with climate adjusters, which is quite rare for shuffleboard tables in this price range. To top off the antique look of this classic shuffleboard table, there are two wooden abacus scoring units on each end.

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Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table

This Barrington shuffleboard features clean design lines and rich interplay of materials. The black sawhorse-style metal legs contrast the wooden tabletop beautifully, and the tabletop itself features a brown and tan palette.

Rest assured that this table performs as beautifully as it looks.

The scratch-resistant wood veneer finish on the playing surface ensures that pucks slide true and guarantees that the table can withstand intense gameplay.

Additionally, despite being an indoor table, this shuffleboard table is UV coated for added durability.

There is carpeting on the inner walls of the playing surface and in the gutters as well. This carpeting not only protects against scratches, but it also helps to minimize the noise produced, especially when a game gets intense.

Measuring 9ft long by 24 inches wide, this shuffleboard table gives a generous playing surface. The overall dimensions of the table are 108in L x 24in W x 32in H, and it weighs just under 210 lbs.

The reinforced solid wood apron corners ensure that the tabletop is strong and stable.

The stability of this shuffleboard table is further enhanced by the A-style solid metal legs. One can comfortably lean on the table without worrying about upsetting the table or toppling it over.

Additionally, these steel veneer table legs come with 1.5inch leg levelers for sturdiness on any floor surface.

This table uses the 1-2-3 scoring system, and there are two wooden abacuses provided which help players keep track of scores.

Conveniently, this shuffleboard table also comes with climate adjusters.

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Fairview Game Rooms 9-Ft Shuffleboard

Right from first glance, it is undeniable that this Fairview shuffleboard table was manufactured with both fashion and durability in mind.

With clean design lines, the luxurious chestnut-colored frame of the table beautifully contrasts the chrome leg levelers and the tan playing surface.

Being a 9ft long table, the overall dimensions are 108in L x 25in W x 30in H and the playing field measures 97in L x 15in W x 1.5in H. The table weighs 228 lbs. so keep in mind that it could be quite heavy to move around.

This shuffleboard has a tabletop made from Maple Veneer over five layers multicore construction which holds up well against heavy use and abuse.

Furthermore, 1.25-inch butcher block construction reduces the chances of warping, twisting, and bowing, therefore resulting in a durable and sturdy tabletop.

The smooth playing surface features a polyurethane finish which gives the shuffleboard table a shiny look while enhancing its durability.

At the same time, the playing surface allows the pluck to glide effortlessly across the surface, boosting accuracy and improving the gameplay.

To counter the effects of moisture on wood, this table comes with four metal stabilizer bars underneath the tabletop. These climatic adjusters help correct the curvature of the shuffleboard’s playing field.

In addition to the climate adjusters, this table also comes with chrome leg levelers and locking nuts for precise adjusting and leveling on any floor surface. The leg levelers allow for a height adjustment of up to 2 inches.

One of the pedestal legs features a hidden storage cabinet complete with shelving inside.

This built-in storage cabinet comes in handy to neatly store away pucks, wax and other accessories necessary to the game of shuffleboard.

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Playcraft Woodbridge 9' Shuffleboard Table

This Playcraft Woodbridge shuffleboard table would be the perfect addition to a game room, basement, or man cave. The table is 9ft long, with its overall dimensions measuring 108in L x 24in W x 31in H.

This table features a hardwood solid butcher block that is 15″ wide, 1.75″ thick, and poly-coated surfaces which give it a beautifully sleek appearance. The overall result is a very stylish and eye-catching design that’s rich in color.

The table has 1 piece, hardwood micro-lam cabinet construction for increased stability. Although not entirely made of hardwood, it has hardwood in the most important areas of the table, and uses some vinyl laminate veneer to help keep the cost down. To get this quality construction at this price point is rare.

The cherry cabinet comes with very sturdy pedestal legs which have independent metal levelers for stability on uneven floor surfaces.

The playing surface is constructed from solid hardwood butcher block and then finished off with several layers of poly-coating finish.

To prevent scratching, the walls of the playing field are lined with solid hardwood corners and carpeted walls and gutters.

This table makes use of a traditional 1, 2, 3 scoring system, and there are two abacuses on each end of the table to help with scorekeeping.

This shuffleboard table weighs 220 lbs. It is not as heavy as the longer 12ft models. However, it would still require the effort of two adults to carry the table and assemble it as well.

The Playcraft brand is known for its excellent construction and design of its shuffleboard, and the Woodridge line of products is a great value when trying to balance a reasonable price with a table that looks great and is solidly built.

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Playcraft Switchback 7ft Shuffleboard Table

The small shuffleboards are typically 9ft long. However, it is possible to find manufacturers making 8ft long tables and even more rare, are the 7ft long tables.

This Playcraft Switchback 7-Ft shuffleboard table is one such rare find that’s been designed with very compact spaces in mind.

To make the table functional despite the short length, this table is much wider than ordinary shuffleboard tables. The ricochet action also adds to the challenge of playing a game, therefore, resulting in more fun.

The overall dimensions of this table are 84in L x 44.5in W x 32in H, and the playing field dimensions are 78in L x 27 to 42.5in W.

Built with durability in mind, this table is constructed from engineered wood that has then been coated with a cherry PVC laminate.

The playing surface is made from 1.75-inch thick solid butcher block finished off 10 coats of poly-coating that holds up pretty well even during intense gameplay.

Additionally, there are 6-inch leg levelers provided, which help keep the pucks in line for accurate and precise play.

The two wooden abacuses provided help with scorekeeping, and there are also two built-in puck storage areas within the table for convenience.

The Playcraft Switchback shuffleboard table has been designed for ultimate fun, and the four built-in drink holders prove just that.

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Best Long 12ft and 14ft Shuffleboard Tables For Pros

Playcraft Georgetown 12-ft Shuffleboard Table

The Playcraft Georgetown shuffleboard table has a beautifully vintage look that would make an excellent aesthetic addition to a home which has antique décor.

The table comes in a rich hand-stained and rubbed burnished hardwood veneer that’s available in a choice of three colors: Mahogany, Honey and Cherry.

The 12ft shuffleboard has a playing surface made from a 1.75-inch thick edge-glued vertical stave butcher block.

The solid hardwood butcher’s block is then finished with ten coats of sprayed Polyurethane, and the result is a smooth glossy even playing surface for precision play and durability.

The overall dimensions of this table are 144in L x 24in W x 31in H, and the playfield dimensions are 136in L x 15in W. The weight of this table is 260 lbs. so it would require several people to carry it.

The cradle is made from hardwood veneer, and the corners and rail caps of this shuffleboard table are also solid hardwood. The interior walls and gutters are carpeted to prevent scratching and aid with noise reduction.

For rigidity and stability, the table comes with reinforced double-paneled pedestal legs which have independent 6-inch metal levelers. Conveniently, each pedestal leg also has a hidden storage cabinet for speed wax, pucks, brushes, etc.

Keep in mind that this table uses the 1-2-3 scoring system. The deluxe wood abacuses help players keep score of the game, and the climate adjusters help shape the profile of the playing field when it misaligns as a result of environmental conditions.

In addition to the 12-ft table, this shuffleboard table is also available in 14-ft and 16-ft.

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Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

The Playcraft Woodbridge is one of the best shufflboard tables that you can get your hands on today. This a premimum table that can last for generations to come.

This shuffleboard table is available in lengths of 12-ft, 14-ft, and 16-ft. Similar to the Playcraft Georgetown, the Playcraft Woodbridge is also available in a variety of colors namely Cherry, Black, Espresso and Honey Oak.

The Woodbridge series is known for being deluxe entry-level tables which are designed for amateur players. However, this table still offers a superior playing experience and sturdy, quality construction as well.

While other entry-level tables use a laminate playing surface, the playing surface of the Playcraft Woodbridge is made from a 1.625-inch thick solid hardwood butcher block.

This edge-glued vertical stave butcher block has then been finished with multiple coats of sprayed-on satin polyurethane which gives the playing field a smooth, durable surface ideal for fast play.

The one-piece cradle is made of hardwood micro-lam complete with hardwood corners for increased stability, and the gutters and interior walls have color-coordinated carpeting. The corners are made of solid hardwood, and the top cap features black T molding.

While the 12-ft table has two pedestal legs, the 14-ft and 16-ft tables come with three legs. These reinforced double-paneled pedestal legs are built for rigidity and stability, they each have independent 6-inch leg levelers, and they come with built-in storage cabinets as well.

While the Woodbridge 12-ft comes with a 1-2-3 scoring system, the 14-ft and 16-ft length come with a 1-2-3-4 scoring pattern. For scorekeeping, the table comes with two plastic slide scorers.

The overall dimensions vary depending on the size of the shuffleboard table.

While the 12-ft table measures 144in L x 24in W x 31in H, the 14-ft table measures 168in L x 25in W x 31in H and the 16-ft table measures 192in L x 25in W x 31in H.

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Barrington Urban Collection 12-Ft Shuffleboard Table

The Barrington Urban Collection shuffleboard table is made out of birchwood veneer framing, faux concrete painted legs, and a solid wood playing surface. The result is a sleek, professional-looking table that offers sturdy features for superior performance.

The playing surface of this table is constructed from 1.75-inch thick hardwood butcher block finished in a 5mm thick coating of Polyurethane. This gives the playfield a smooth glossy appearance ensuring that the puck slides true with precision and accuracy.

The corners of the table are lined for extra protection and durability, and this table additionally comes with climate adjusters.

Climate adjusters ensure that players can use the table throughout the year despite the weather changes because any misalignment in the playing surface can be corrected with ease.

The overall dimensions of the table are 144in L x 24in W x 32in H, and the playing surface dimensions are 129.875in L x 16in W x 31in H. This shuffleboard table is quite large and quite heavy too weighing 449 lbs.

This 12-ft table comes with three sturdy pedestal legs, and at the base of the legs, there are hidden table levelers.

These 6-inch independent levelers allow the table to be set up quickly, even on uneven floor surfaces.

The 1-2-3 scoring system has been used on this table and for scorekeeping, there are wooden abacuses provided on each end of the table.

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Berner Billiards The Premier 12-Ft Shuffleboard Table

The manufacturer paid great attention to detail while making this shuffleboard table, which perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality.

This Espresso/Dark Brown table is made from solid hardwood that has been hand-stained in espresso. The espresso cradle also features natural maple accents, and the ends of the table feature a unified horse collar design.

The playfield features a Canadian Maple construction which is similar to that used on professional shuffleboard tables.

This 1.75-inch butcher block is edge glued and finished off with ten coats of Polyurethane for unrivaled strength and durability.

The glossy polyurethane lacquer finish also results in a smooth playing surface which guarantees speed and precision during gameplay.

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The interior walls on the playing field are a mix of carpeting and tan wood, but the gutters are fully carpeted. This table makes use of the 1-2-3 scoring system, and scorekeeping can conveniently be done using the provided hardwood abacus scorers.

The overall dimensions of the table are 144in L x 25in W x 32in H, and the playing surface dimensions are 132in L x 15in W x 31in H. This shuffleboard table is quite large and quite heavy too weighing 275 lbs.

To ensure a flat and true professional play, this shuffleboard table comes with two sets of climatic adjusters and leg levelers on each of the four table legs.

This guarantee that whether dealing with an uneven floor or a bowed playing surface, the faults can easily be rectified in a matter of minutes.

Similar to all the best shuffleboard tables, storage shelves have been provided on both ends of the table.

This way, players can keep their playing equipment and accessories safe and sound after each game, and the accessories would be easily accessible during the next game.

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Berner Billiards The Urban 14' Shuffleboard Table

It is said that one should always save the best for last and there is no better way to crown this list other than with the Berner Billiards The Urban 14’Shuffleboard Table.

The overall look of the table offers charming sophistication in a contemporary profile suitable for any office, game room, or living room.

This indoor shuffleboard table comes in a timeless, rustic style complete with superior craftsmanship.

The table play area is created from Canadian hard rock maple play field, and the vintage grey solid wood cabinet beautifully blends with the rustic old world finish play field.

The base is well sculpted and features interlocking support beams for unrivaled rigidity. The rock-solid legs also come with metal leg levelers for sturdy placement on uneven floors.

On the other hand, the playing surface is constructed from 2-inch thick solid pine butcher’s block that has a polymer finish for smooth, fast play.

This classic, 14-ft home shuffleboard table measures 146in L x 26in W x 31.5in H and the playing field measures 132in L x 15in W x 1.75in H.

This table has pro-style climatic adjusters which ensure that the playing field is perfectly level at all times of the year.

This table employs the 1-2-3 scoring system, and scorekeeping can quickly be done using the two inlaid abacus-style scorers.

The carpeted gutters and sidewalls help keep misfires silent and protect the wooden frame from scratches.

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How To Choose The Best Shuffleboard Table For You

Shuffleboard Table Sizes: Which One Is Right For You?

Shuffleboard tables are available in a variety of sizes ranging from tables which are as small as 8 ft long, all the way to tournament sized tables which are 22 ft long.

On the other hand, the width can vary from 16 inches to 20 inches.

The table size a buyer goes for will mainly be influenced by their playing needs as well as available space in the game room.

Playing on longer and wider tables is much more fun and challenging as compared to playing on smaller tables.

The table length dictates how fast the game goes as well as how much control one has over the pucks.

Additionally, industry experts advise that there should be clearance space of at least 2 ft on all four sides of the table to enable players to move.

Besides the game room dimensions, however, consider also how the shuffleboard table will get there.

A shuffleboard tabletop comes in one piece.

So, think about the entryway, angles, and hallway leading to the game room.

If space is narrow, then perhaps consider investing in a shuffleboard table that has removable legs.

Also, there’s the DIY approach, here is how you can build your custom shuffleboard at home

Wood Type/Material

More often than not, shuffleboards take quite a beating. This may arise from aggressive play or as a result of pucks falling on the table surface.

For these reasons, therefore, a good shuffleboard table should be able to handle the abuse, and this is where durability comes in.

Tables which have a solid hardwood playing surface are preferred because they are sturdier and therefore more immune to dings, dents and other accidental damages.

The popular hardwoods used for shuffleboard tables are Birch, Hard Maple, Mahogany and Oak.

The downside is that solid hardwood tables can be quite expensive and so this is where softwood tables come in.

Poplar and Soft Maples offer a more economical alternative, better yet, these tables can be just as reliable when finished with a very strong polymer.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Use

Primarily, shuffleboard tables are designed for indoor use either in public spaces such as a pub or in private spaces such as a home game room. However, table shuffleboard can also be played outdoors.

Outdoor shuffleboard tables can be used indoors, but an indoor shuffleboard table cannot be used outdoors.

This is because indoor tables are not designed to stand exterior conditions such as UV rays from the sun, fluctuations in temperature and moisture from the rain.

A player who wishes to use their shuffleboard table outdoors should get a table that’s been designed for just that.

Outdoor shuffleboard tables are designed for more rigorous play, and they come covered with a unique weather-proofing material. This could be done by sealing the surfaces with waterproof fiberglass and replacing the carpet with marine-grade carpeting.

However, different manufacturers will use different weather-proofing methods.

Additionally, outdoor shuffleboard tables will be made out of easy-to-clean materials which can be wiped up or hosed down in the backyard.

Table Thickness

A 3-inch thickness is the standard for a quality shuffleboard table. The depth of a shuffleboard table is significant because it dictates the stability of the table.

Additionally, the thickness determines whether there is room for sanding if, in future, one chooses to refinish the table.

While 3 inches is the ideal thickness, keep in mind that this is supposed to be the thickness of the actual wood and not that of the wood and finish combined.

As a result, beware of tables which have a very thick epoxy resin finish and not enough thickness of the actual wood.

Usually, the thickness indicated on product descriptions will be the overall thickness, including the thickness of finishes and sealants.

So, a product advertised at 3 inches means that this thickness includes that of the sealants and finishes which are often 0.25 to 0.5 inches thick.

Regardless of the wood used to make the shuffleboard table, the thickness of the actual wood should always be 3 inches.

Therefore, an ideal overall thickness should be more than 3 inches, and some manufacturers will even mention that all the indicated measurements are +/-0.25 inches.

Scoring System Types

Shuffleboard tables can come with a manual scoring unit or a digital one. The manual units come in two main systems: the 1-2-3 scoring system and the triangular scoring grid. The 1-2-3 scoring system, also known as the 3-level grid, is the more common option.

Just as the name suggests, this system has 1, 2, and 3 lines. These three clearly marked areas award the players different points depending on where the puck lands.

At times, this scoring system can additionally come with a ‘bonus 5’ scoring square at the corners of the shuffleboard playing field.

The triangular scoring grid is typically used on outdoor shuffleboard tables. This scoring system features a triangle which has six different scoring sections.

Lastly, there are the digital counter scoring systems. These are fun and convenient to use in that they do not distract the players from the game.

However, the likeliness of such systems breaking down over time is pretty high.

Whichever the scoring system, make sure it is functional and sturdy. The scoring system should not be positioned such that it would be a nuisance to the players.

Additionally, the system should be easy to understand and easy to use, as well.

Surface Finish

An excellent surface finish on a shuffleboard table is vital because it not only provides a smooth playing surface but a durable one as well. The finish in a shuffleboard table can either be poured on or sprayed on.

A poured polymer finish is typically 0.25 inches thick, and its nature of application rules out the likelihood of imperfections caused by air bubbles.

This coating is so strong that the table does not get damaged even when the wood underneath is a softwood. For this reason, poured polymer finishes often come with a lifetime warranty.

A sprayed-on finish is inferior to a poured polymer finish. This finish is applied in a very thin layer, and it typically wears out in about 3-4 years. As a result, one would need to refinish the table every few years to maintain the smooth playing surface.

The popular spray-on finishes are Shellac and Lacquer, and these were popularly used on old tables made with harder woods.

On the other hand, the popular pour-on finishes are Epoxy resin and Polyurethane, and these have enabled modern-day shuffleboards to be produced from softwoods without compromising the strength of the table.

Additionally, poured polymers make it possible to have a logo or graphic decals on the playing surface.

Climatic Adjusters

Wood tends to shrink and expand depending on the geographical location, the time of the year, and the humidity levels in the atmosphere. Consequently, repeated expanding and shrinking could lead to bowing, which can develop on a shuffleboard table surface as well. So how can one stop this from happening?

Well, the bowing cannot be stopped, but it can be countered, and this is where climate adjusters come in handy. These are metal bars aligned under the table and running along its width. Depending on the size of the table, there could be anywhere between 4 to 6 climate adjusters present.

The climate adjusters are basically a bolt and screw system which is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Whether the table had bowed in concave or a convex manner, the climatic adjusters will help rectify the misalignment, therefore maintaining the correct curvature of the playing field.

Ideally, climate adjusters should last as long as the table does. Therefore, when buying a shuffleboard table, make sure the climate adjusters are secured firmly so that they won’t fall apart when used and make sure they are easy to work with as well.


So, this was our guide on the best shuffleboard tables that you can get in 2021.

We tried to cover all different tables sizes to make sure you find the right table that you are looking for.

We hope we were successful at that.

Also, we tried answering all relevant questions that we think any beginner should have in mind before purchasing his first shuffleboard tables.

Let us know in the comments if you have more questions that we did not cover in this guide.

One last thing, if you are beginner and still not fully understand shuffleboard rules as you think you should, then I highly recommend that you check our beginner guide on how to play shuffleboard.