Best Tabletop Shuffleboard Game Reviews In 2021

As with any product these days, there are various brands emerging in the marketplace daily.

That’s why you’re most likely experiencing difficulty in selecting the ideal tabletop shuffleboard for use.

But, worry no more. 

In this article, we show you the best tabletop shuffleboards in the market and will try to help you make a perfect choice.

Best Tabletop Shuffleboard Reviews

1. GoSports 2 in 1: Shuffleboard and Curling Tabletop Game Set

GoSports 2 in 1 is a premium quality shuffleboard table promising game value from the word go.

It’s a perfect pick for an all-inclusive family fun day, having the ability to accommodate both new and skilled players.

This table is made from solid wood to guarantee you durability and reliability over the years.

It comes with nicely weighted pucks, which glide with ease, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of the game.

Besides, the pucks are a perfect match for the shuffleboard, so they don’t feel too big or small. You’ll like them. 

GoSports 2 in 1’s smooth and flat wood surface is easy to wipe and keep clean, especially after using it with the kids, since they tend to spill and drop on stuff quite often.

The shuffleboard table, however, doesn’t come with extra rollers.

So if you lose one, you need to purchase a new pack, since you can’t play the game without all rollers.

Although this shuffleboard table is manufactured in China, GoSports have dedicated customer support in California to help with any arising issues.

Now, you can rest easy knowing help isn’t far from home!

In Conclusion, this shuffleboard top is of premium quality, made from durable solid wood materials, and is easy to clean.

This makes it ideal for all-family use.

  • Durable wood surface
  • Easy to wipe, clean, and store
  • Doesn’t need much space to play
  • You’ll need a second set of rollers for a thrilling curling game

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2. Franklin Sports 2 in 1: Portable Curling and Shuffleboard Set 

Franklin Sports portable shuffleboard table set is a true definition of double fun.

It comes ready to play, making it ideal for players with little or no hands-on-tools experience.

This best tabletop shuffleboard comes with smooth sliding pucks, that’s to top-notch steel ball-bearing technology.

They give you effortless slides, preserving your energy for the aftermath celebrations.

At only 11.02 pounds, this tabletop board is easy to carry around, making it a great outdoor adventure companion.

It can even fit into your car, to spice up those getaway road trips.

Franklin Sports places recommendable efforts into the manufacturing of this shuffleboard, the result being a high-quality tabletop.

All this, to guarantee awesome day and night games.

Besides, you get to enjoy its guaranteed longevity. You simply have to ready yourself for limitless fun.

In conclusion, this 2-in-1 board offers more fun with the shuffleboard table on one side and the curling on the other.

It also doesn’t require setting up, making it ideal for ready-to-play users and shuffleboard beginners.

  • One doesn’t need any hands-on tools experience to set it up.
  • Lightweight for easy portability, offering convenience!
  • Quality construction to withstand aggressive playing.
  • Examine for warped ends

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3. Carrom 650.01: Best Game-board-sized  Shuffleboard

Carrom 650.01 proudly reminds you that a shuffleboard table doesn’t have to be restricted indoors.

It offers convenience for both indoor and outdoor games, making a perfect purchase for picnic enthusiasts.

It comes ready to play. So you simply open the package and get straight into the fun part.

This board is made out of a 0.75-inch wooden frame, which would serve you for a long time.

Also, due to its sturdiness, the wooden surface of this shuffleboard table can comfortably withstand aggressive games.

Although the package includes eight pucks, you might want to purchase an extra set, for when you might need to replace a puck. 

Besides, more pucks mean extra fun whenever you want!

Carrom 650.01 features beautiful court graphics that are appealing to both kids and adults.

They are screen printed using topnotch wear-resistant, and non-hazardous ink making them safe for kids to use.

You can decide to play both longboard and court version shuffleboard games using this top table. It will help you sharpen your skills.

Bottom line is that this board is beautifully designed, complete with court graphics making it appealing to everyone.

Besides, it’s lightweight for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • deal for small spaces
  • Sold real wood construction for long term use
  • Pucks slide just fine
  • The bearings might get rusty, thus requiring replacement after a few months.

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4. Game Sports 3 in 1: Best Portable Family Tabletop Shuffleboard, Curling, and Bowling Set

Game Sports 3 in 1 provides a well-defined space for curling, bowling, and shuffleboard games.

It’s a perfect purchase for whole family indoor entertainment.

This best shuffleboard table has a larger surface compared to similar products in the market, making it a favorite choice among everyday players.

 So if you want to experience a more-to-real game with two or more of your friends and family, this board might be what you need!

The unique design of this shuffleboard tabletop’s mat piece oozes professionalism, guaranteeing smooth and wrinkle-free gaming. 

You can use it to create more fun on family party nights.

Having been made from the premium ABS material, heavy-duty steel ball, and chrome-plated pucks, this board is durable and reliable even under aggressive use.

It’s also foldable, and lightweight for carry-on-the-go and getaway fun uses.

To conclude, this Game Sports 3 in 1 table displays a sleek design with a smooth finish, which is easy to maintain.

It also offers a lot of fun gamin

  • Easy to set up, use and maintain
  • Comes with an extra-large game mat for more fun
  • Offers value for money
  • Doesn’t include scoring or “how-to” rules and information guide.

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 5. Mini 2 in 1 Tabletop Shuffleboard Set: Best Quick Setup Shuffleboard TableTop

Mini 2 in 1 Tabletop Shuffleboard Set offers the convenience to have fun everywhere.

It’s so easy to set up and play, making it ideal for always-on-the-go players.

At only 1.08 pounds, this board is super light to carry around for multiple gaming sessions in between breaks, especially for individuals with more than one engagement.

The best play shuffleboard comes with sixteen rollers, which are more than enough for some intense fun with family and friends.

You can, however, choose to purchase an extra set of rollers for when you need replacement, without interfering with the gaming thrill.

Having been made from eco-friendly EVA + PP material, the smooth surface reduces friction, allowing the curling ball to go farther. This board is pretty durable and reliable, which can serve you for quite a long time with moderate gaming aggressiveness.

Its pucks glide across with ease, giving you the efficiency you need to advance your skills.

It’s a fun-filled home game, with impressive learning curves.

Bottom line is that this shuffleboard and curling tabletop is an all-around family fun device, which is also easy to set-up.

It makes gaming so smooth for both kids and adults. And its look is awesome.

  • Superlight to carry around
  • High-quality game mat and accessories
  • Includes 16 rollers
  • Doesn’t come with game instructions

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How to Choose the Best Tabletop Shuffleboard


Curling and shuffleboard tabletops come in various sizes. Therefore, although the standard board is around 45 inches in length, there’s no all-fit-in tabletop for all spaces.

So if your space is limited, go for a smaller model.

The main focus should be selecting the best tabletop shuffleboards that provide sufficient space for all players during gaming. A good tabletop should also fit in your favorite gaming room.

Outdoor vs. indoors

You can enjoy a shuffleboard table game both indoors and outdoors. And although most of the tabletops are designed for indoor use, you can still carry them along to your outdoor space and enjoy the fun with family and friends.

However, if you would like to invest in a solely outdoor gaming board, source out for one with protective features for durability and reliability purposes. 

For instance, in this case, a tabletop with water-resistant attributes will come in handy. It will keep the environment moist away from the inner surface of the table.

 Warping is one of the worst “enemies” you can ever come across in your shuffleboard maintenance journey.

Scoring System

The tabletop shuffleboard game has a scoring system that is normally located at the end of the table.  And it’s used to determine the winners.

The standard models are triangular-shaped similar to those on the shuffleboard courts.

But there are models with three marked sections for point allocation depending on the puck’s landing spot.


Contrary to common opinion, you don’t have to set aside a big budget to enjoy good shuffleboard.

Most tabletop boards are affordable and can go as low as $30. 

So source out for what fits your pocket, and current needs.

Overall Thickness

The thicker a shuffleboard table is, the better service it stands to offer.

Why? Because thicker boards can comfortably withstand the pressure of regular aggressive gaming than their thinner counterparts.

A thinner tabletop shuffleboard can quickly crack or chip after a few games, which will cost you more money to repair or replace.

The standard thickness range of most tabletops is 3-inch.

It’s also the best option for players who wish to refinish the wood in the future.

Surface coating

There are various types of curling shuffleboard coating. The most popular ones are the polymer and clear sealant.

The standard clear sealant is usually light and doesn’t offer many shields.

But the polymer on the other hand is heavier and of higher quality to offer long-term service even with rough games.

Type of material

For tabletop shuffleboards, the type of material used on their surface is vital in determining their efficiency.

If you’re an advanced player or tend to play aggressive games, a board whose surface is made from hardwood or maple makes the ideal choice.

They’re also quite expensive.

If you’re a beginner, you can go for a cheaper model as you save for an upgrade.

But the woods used are usually softer, thus prone to scratches and scuff marks.

The Surface Curvature

Good quality shuffleboards come with slight curves in the middle.

They ensure the pucks stay at the center of the tabletop curbing inconveniencing over-side spinning.

However, these curves shouldn’t be too steep to prevent your puck from moving in the desired direction.

FAQs on Buying Best Tabletop Shuffleboard

Are tabletop shuffleboards better than shuffleboard tables?

Tabletop shuffleboards allow you to enjoy your favorite game within your comfortable space.

They don’t take up much space, as compared to shuffleboard tables, and are cheaper.

However, that doesn’t mean they are better than shuffleboards, because they’re limited to specific lengths.

So they might not give you the 100% thrill of a full-size game room.

But, they somehow quench your gaming thirst, which is the most important factor that game board lovers like. 

What is the size of the tabletop shuffleboard?

A standard tabletop board measures around 3.75 feet compared to the standard 22 feet long shuffleboard. I

ts size allows easy fitting into smaller spaces, and portability to various adventures.

How to score tabletop shuffleboard?

The scoring area of tabletop shuffleboards is usually at the end of each playing surface. It’s made up of three sections:

  • Close edge worth three points
  • Short Middle Section worth two points, and
  • Long Middle Section worth one point.

But if the puck goes past the close edge side and ends up hanging over the edge, it counts for four points.

So for instance, if pucks have been played, team members are allocated points depending on the position of their pucks.

The furthest puck collects the most points, with other gamers playing against it. So each round allows teams to play in turns, as the game progresses.

The winner is the first player to hit 15-20 points, depending on the agreement at the beginning of the game.


Now that you’re well equipped with all the necessary information, it’s time to search for your best tabletop 1 shuffleboard.  

Whether it’s for family time entertainment or as an additional entertainment device for evening and weekend parties with friends, be ready for unlimited fun. 

The tabletop boards reviewed in this article will undoubtedly provide you with a thrilling gaming experience, whose memories will last a lifetime!