Sportcraft Air Hockey Tables Reviews: Buying Guide

Sourcing out for an air hockey table in these uncertain economic times means extra expenses.

It gets even more complicated if you’re a hobbyist on a budget.

But, you don’t have to deny yourself or your loved ones some worthy entertainment.

A Sportcraft air hockey table might not have all the features of a professional table. But, its quality serves the purpose pretty well.

Below are the best three picks to select from.

Best Sportcraft Air Hockey Tables Reviewed

<strong>1. Sportcraft 48”: Bestseller Air Hockey Table</strong>

Sportcraft 48” is currently one of Sportcraft’s bestselling air hockey tables.

It’s a famous choice for both parents and kids.

It comes with ice hockey graphics giving it an appealing appearance.

Thus, serving as a motivation for beginner players.

The electronic scoreboard of this table saves you from the hustle of manual tuning.

So, that you focus on enjoying the game.

Its package includes 2 pushers and 2 pucks, a good start-off pack for hobbyists.

But if yours is a large family, it’s advisable to order a few more pieces separately.

Sportcraft 48” has built-in adjustable leg levelers to ensure good balancing when the game gets wild.

The air hockey table uses a 110/120v electric motor for continual airflow.

This enhances smooth puck sliding.

It’s a high-quality MDF construction table to offer you decent durability.

However, this table requires assembly before use.

Bottom line is that this table is good enough at its pricing.

It’s a great starting point for beginners, and the entire family can enjoy it.

  • It doesn’t take up much space.
  • Well-balanced even for kids to enjoy without accidents.
  • An excellent entertainment piece for both kids and adults.
  • It might come with some damages. But you can exchange.

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<strong>2. Sportcraft 90”: Best Extreme Turbo Air Hockey Table</strong>

Sportcraft 90″ provides high-level playing experiences mimicking those of the actual arcade table.

It displays an elegant appearance at affordable pricing.

This table comes with all necessary accessories, allowing you start playing right away. Saves you some bucks!

Its gorgeous design complements interior décor while serving purchase-goals to your guests.

The table has a high gloss acrylic tabletop for speedy playing.

Its rail mounted LED scorer give it a premium appearance, setting up the mood for a thrilling game.

The Sportcraft extreme turbo table is medium-sized to fit in small rooms.

It has an in-built blower providing strong constant airflow across the table. This ensures the puck doesn’t get stuck.

However, this table is heavy and requires more than one person to assemble.

The process itself isn’t difficult, and once done its stability is unquestionable.

In conclusion, this table is a popular recommendation for individuals seeking decent indoor purchases.

It’s classy and offers lots of entertainment to the entire family, and friends.

  • Outstanding appearance
  • Very stable once installed
  • You don’t have to flip for placement since it offers upright assembly
  • The puck bounces off with amazing speed
  • The puck might slide and get stuck under the rails.

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<strong>3. Sportcraft 27”: Best Tabletop Air Hockey Table</strong>

Sportcraft 27” tabletop is portable. It’s also easy to store, making it suitable for tight-space buyers.

The package includes 2 pucks and pushers to allow you to start enjoying gameplay with family.

But if you plan on hosting guests, consider ordering extra pieces separately.

It uses a manual sliding scoring system, which some people feel is a hustle.

But, it functions well for enthusiasts who don’t mind tracking everything by themselves.

The table comes with a battery-powered motor, which isn’t included in the package.

So, you’ll have to buy those separately. But they make great options for a portable air hockey table allowing you to play anywhere.

Both adults and children from age 5 can enjoy this table.

My conclusion is that this table is a great recommendation for always on-the-move air hockey enthusiasts.

It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much space, making it a suitable companion for road trips, and camps.

  • It can perfectly fit into your car, under the bed, or any place you prefer.
  • Offers great entertainment outdoors and indoors
  • Suitable for adults and kids.
  • The features are quite limiting for individuals seeking near-to-actual air hockey experiences.

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Sportcraft Air Hockey Table FAQs

Are Sportcraft air hockey tables worth it?

Sportcraft tables are made from decent quality materials.

So, they can last for years depending on how often they are used.

Also, the aggressiveness of most games contributes to the wear and tear process of the tables.

Besides, if you maintain your table well, it should last you a while.

So yes, Sportcraft hockey tables are worth your investment.

They offer great entertainment on a budget.

How to do Sportcraft air hockey table assembly?

  1. Once you receive the package, check if it includes all parts
  2. Cross-check the playfield to ensure it’s in perfect condition
  3. Choose a leveled area to use for assembling and clean it up
  4. Install the parts according to manufacturer instructions.