Best Commercial Foosball Tables Reviews

Commercial foosball tables are also known as coin-operated foosball tables.

Just as the name suggests, these tables have coin slots that allow you to monetize the game, similar to how you would with a pool table.

Their monetization makes these tables great for public use. So, you can have the table in a sports bar, restaurant, a community center, or even the office break room.

Coin-operated tables are probably the most expensive foosball tables out there.

So how do you go about ensuring you truly get your money’s worth?

Best Commercial Foosball Tables Reviewed In 2021

1. Shelti Pro Foos III: Classic Design

The timeless-looking Shelti Pro Foos III is a full-featured, high-performance foosball table ideal for heavy-duty use.

The heavy cabinet is made from premium grade 1.5” thick MDF, which provides heft, strength, and straightness.

The cabinet has then been finished off with a high-pressure, oiled cherry laminate wood exterior that gives it that classic, timeless appearance.

As you’d expect from any premium-quality foosball table, this one comes with counterbalanced men mounted on heavy-duty hollowed steel rods.

Three-man goalies have been provided to enhance full field play, and a rattle board behind the goal post sounds when goals are made.

The playfield has reinforced stress points, side ball return, and a stay-in-play surface that prevents the ball from getting stuck, thereby halting the game.

The coin operation features include a 4-coin, push chute mechanism set at 25¢, 50¢, 75¢, or $1 per game.

Another feature is the coin-release 9-ball dispenser that can hold up to 3 spare balls.

This foosball table’s split cabinet design has dual locks, one for locking the cashbox and the other for locking the cabinet.

Bottom line, you can always rely on a Shelti foosball table to deliver fast action, at the same time allowing you to make complex shots.

  • Commercial-duty construction.
  • Smooth playing surface with no dead spots.
  • It can hold a total of 12 balls.
  • None

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2. Tornado T-3000: Rugged Design

The Tornado T-3000 is an ITSF-certified foosball table, meaning if you plan on holding tournaments in your arcade, then this is just what you would need.

Constructed out of 1.5” stainless steel laminate, you never have to worry about this table getting any dings or chips.

Better yet, durable end protectors have been provided, which helps preserve the laminate edges of the table.

The table has 3 goalies, and the sharp corners of the foosball men allow for better passing and overall ball control.

Additionally, the table features thin-wall split competition bearings, which also enhance control and shot-blocking.

The rugged styling of this table comes complete with a ¾” playfield capable of withstanding the most abusive play.

The handles provide a super high grip, while the telescopic rods are a handy safety feature.

Conveniently, the table provides side ball return and comes with a split cabinet design for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The table uses a push chute coin mechanism and is capable of holding 15 foosball balls at any one time.

The score assemblies on this table are ITSF-sanctioned, and you have both match and game counters.

  • Solid commercial build.
  • Heavy-duty playfield.
  • Has telescopic rods for safety.
  • It’s quite expensive.

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3. Great American Action Soccer: Playful Design

If you are looking for a commercial coin-operated foosball table for a space that’s used by teens, then the Great American Action Soccer foosball table would be a perfect fit.

The bold contemporary graphics on the exterior of the table are very eye-catching. Better yet, you can customize the graphics to your desired preferences.

These are done on Formica laminate, that’s then been attached to the 1” MDF cabinet.

The high-performance foosball men are made from polypropylene, and they have been counterbalanced.

As for the goalie, this table comes with a 3-goalie system.

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The rods are made using solid chrome steel, which guarantees hardwearing durability without ever warping or breaking.

The coin operation mechanism is a vertical 5 removable coin system.

This reliable mechanism is easy to adjust on location, and better yet, it can be converted to most foreign currencies.

The ball return system is jam-proof for seamless play and incorporates an anti-cheat system as well.

For easy maintenance of your game table, this foosball table uses a removable drawer system.

Overall, the visual appeal of this foosball table is sure to spruce up the look of your arcade or community center.

  • Sturdy build.
  • Ergonomic handles.
  • The coin system can be converted to foreign currencies.
  • The 1” cabinet isn’t thick enough for a commercial table.

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4. Garlando World Champion: Contemporary Design

The Garlando World Champion foosball table has some premium features that you certainly won’t find on other commercial foosball tales.

After all, you wouldn’t expect anything less from the official foosball table of the Garlando World Foosball Championship, now would you?

First off, the high-quality cabinet is constructed using layers of plastic-laminated plywood and MDF for extreme sturdiness.

The table comes complete with an ITSF logo and an official competition plate bearing the series number.

To ensure a fast, high-speed game with smooth play, nylon bushings and steel ball bearings have been used on the table.

There are two adjustable supports placed inside the cabinet, and these allow the table to obtain a perfectly level playfield.

The coin operation mechanism is a 4-quarter push chute that’s ISTSF-approved and is set to 50p per play.

The high stress-resistant, cold drawn steel rods glide smoothly, and for durability, these have been fitted with bumpers instead of springs.

The playfield is designed to unlock from the upper cabinet, and this makes it easy to clean the internal parts of the table.

Additionally, there are built-in cup holders and anti-theft ashtrays, which are a handy feature should you wish to have this table in a pub.

Bottom line, the Garlando World Champion is an extremely high-quality table that’s sure to take your establishment to the next level.

  • Extremely durable.
  • The playing surface is detachable.
  • Gives utmost value for money.
  • Quite expensive.

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How to Choose the Best Commercial Foosball Table


There are foosball tables designed for use by kids, teens, amateurs, experts, and professionals.

The commercial table you go for should be easy to use by the intended users.


A commercial foosball table will likely be used day and night, every single day. And there is no guarantee that the players would be gentle with the table.

Therefore, you need a foosball table that’s extremely durable, built to withstand the most intense gaming sessions.


When getting a commercial foosball table, portability isn’t really a consideration. So, essentially, the heavier the table, the better.

Heft is an important consideration because a heavier model will be more stable, standing steadily in place even during aggressive plays.


No one wants to play on a foosball table that will keep moving or swaying, especially when things get heated.

For stability, the legs of the table should be hefty enough and secured safely to the cabinet. Braces are a nice touch as well.

Besides the legs, the heft and weight of the cabinet also play a role in determining the table’s stability.

A heavier table translates into higher quality materials having been used for its construction, and similarly, this will translate into a more stable build.

Cabinet’s Thickness

How thick is the material that’s been used for the cabinet of the foosball table?

A table with thicker sidewalls will provide quicker and more consistent play.

Ideally, for a commercial coin-operated model, it wouldn’t be advisable to go for anything under 1.5” thick.


You want a table that will provide an enjoyable experience for its users. Not one that will frustrate them.

One convenient feature you could look out for is a ball retrieval system that doesn’t require you to reach into the goal.

Or raised sidewalls along the edge of the playing surface so that the ball doesn’t get stuck, thereby resulting in the game coming to a halt.

Coin Mechanism

Consider the types of currencies and denominations that the table can use.

Also, the table should have a coin slot that can be changed, just in case the size of the coins is altered.

Handle Design

The handles on a commercial foosball table should be ergonomically designed so that it doesn’t cause strain to the user’s wrists.

This is an important factor because keep in mind, a lot of players might be playing on these tables for a couple of hours at a time.

An ergonomic design is, therefore, a very important consideration. In addition to ensuring the handles provide sufficient grip as well.

Materials Used in A Coin Operated Foosball Table

Coin-operated foosball tables require a solid build that guarantees stability and durability.

Therefore, the materials used to construct the table need to be of premium quality, bearing hardwearing properties.

Solid Wood and MDF

Solid hardwood is ideally the most preferred material for a foosball table that’s heavy-duty and durable.

However, a solid hardwood table would be extremely heavy, not to mention pretty costly as well.

Therefore, as an alternative, MDF is the more popular material for the cabinet of a foosball table.


Laminate is often used to clad the wood cabinet of the table. This is done for reinforced strength, durability and enhancing the visual appeal of the table.

Hard laminate can be used for the playing surface as well.


When plastic is used to make the foosball men on a commercial table, it has to be of extremely high quality to ensure the men are unbreakable.


Glass is often used for the playing surface because it provides a hard slippery surface where the ball can roll smoothly and have more bounce.

For durability, sanded or tempered glass is usually used.

Solid Metal

Hollowed out solid steel rods are virtually unbendable and they provide the best balance of strength, rigidity, and mobility.

Steel can be used for the roller bearings as well.

Solid metal legs are definitely recommended if you want a stable table that won’t budge even during a heated game.

Leg levelers

Leg levers are a mandatory feature in any premium foosball table, and commercial foosball tables are no exception.

A level table ensures fair play, which further enhances the gameplay experience.

How Does A Coin Operated Foosball Table Function?

Just as the name suggests, a coin-operated foosball table takes coins just as you would feed a pool table or a vending machine.

Once you feed it the coins, the table then dispenses the balls, and you can start playing.

This has been illustrated in the video below:


Putting up a commercial foosball table in your establishment could be a great way to have an extra source of income.

It would also encourage people to frequent that particular space be it a bar, community center, arcade, or even an office break room.

Besides, these tables hardly require any staff to be present. Simply assemble the unit, and you are good to go.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to have a unique aspect that your competition doesn’t have?