how to clean table tennis rubber

How To Clean Table Tennis Rubber — Everything You Need To Know

Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a game enjoyed by many people in the world both professionally and recreationally. 

It’s crucial that table tennis players who want to enjoy their time playing don’t use dirty ping pong paddles. The level of comfortability while holding the paddle is really important and enables you to make good contact with the ping pong ball. A good, clean paddle could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for to take your table tennis game to the next level. 

The table tennis paddle is made of rubber material, which makes it very easy for it to absorb dirt, dust, and even sweat from one’s palms while playing. This could be a limitation if you don’t know how to clean table tennis rubber. 

This article will focus on the steps for cleaning and maintaining your paddles as well as how to store them in safe conditions.

Why Should You Clean Your Table Tennis Rubber?

It is important to clean your table tennis paddle from time to time to improve its lifespan. It is a well-known fact that a dirty paddle can inhibit your level of play. This is because the accumulated dirt in the rubber reduces the amount of spin and bounce. Therefore, your paddle should be cleaned routinely. 

Good-quality ping pong paddles aren’t cheap, so it makes sense that you would want to maintain your paddle by cleaning it appropriately. If you aren’t sure how to do this, keep reading! 

how to clean table tennis rubber

How To Clean Table Tennis Rubber: Steps and What To Use for Cleaning 

We’ll be looking at some things that could be used to clean table tennis rubber in order to prolong its life span and maintain its quality.

Clothes and Sponges

A clean sponge, baby wipes, or a clean cloth can all be used to clean the rubber surface of the paddle. Using these cleaning tools will help give the paddle a deeper clean and eliminate the dirt, debris, and sweat from its surface. 

In situations where you need to remove stubborn dirt and residues, instead of using a cloth, you can use soft toothbrushes or nylon brushes.


Using regular tap water is a really easy way to keep the rubber of your table tennis paddle clean. As long as the water is not freezing or boiling, the temperature is irrelevant. The sponge or cloth can also be soaked in water and then used to gently rub the surface of the paddle. 

It is important to note that excess water shouldn’t stay on the surface of the rubber to prevent the rubber from soaking. Dry off the rubber and leave it out to dry after it’s been cleaned with water. We recommend rinsing off your ping pong paddle after each use. 


Considering the price of a new table tennis paddle, sprays are cheaper and can save you stress. One spray bottle lasts for quite a long time. Biological sprays can be used to clean table tennis rubber and keep it safe from dirt and debris. 

However, it isn’t advisable to frequently use sprays for the rubber surface since they could react with the rubber. Once a week should be fine. 


Alcohol is a special rubber cleaner and a good option for you to clean the rubber surface of your paddle. It is good for removing sticky and stubborn dirt and residues from the surface. 

Alcohol should not be used regularly because it reacts with rubber and could possibly dry and deteriorate the rubber surface. Alcohol should only be used in special cases where you have sticky and stubborn dirt on the surface. It shouldn’t be included in your regular cleaning materials. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is known to be very good at eliminating stains and fighting odors. This is why it can be used to clean the rubber surface of a ping pong paddle, especially when tough and stubborn stains are involved. 

Similar to alcohol, it shouldn’t be used frequently for cleaning. Baking soda is a very gentle cleanser, but its scrub is very abrasive. Using it frequently could affect the rubber surface of the table tennis paddle and make it unfit for regular use. 

To be safe, only use baking soda on tough and difficult stains once in a while. Since baking soda eliminates odors, you could use it to clean the handle of your paddle to eliminate sweat odors.

How To Prevent Your Table Tennis Paddle From Collecting Dust

Table tennis rubber becomes less grippy when it has a significant amount of dust on its surface. This also makes it difficult to generate heavy spins while playing. Here are some things that can limit the amount of dust on the surface: 

Bat Case

Bat cases help protect your paddle from dust, especially when it isn’t in use. The surface of table tennis paddles gets scratched easily, so it is important to keep it protected when you are not playing to prevent damage. 

Aluminum cases are an excellent choice, and they cost less compared to the cost of getting new paddles. 

Rubber Protector

Rubber protectors can also be used to shield the rubber surface of the table tennis bat. Just like the rubber case, they cover the surface and protect the paddle from dust and other debris. 

They seem to perform the same function as the bat cases, so you can purchase either with similar results. 


You now know how to clean table tennis rubber and maintain the condition of your paddles. Follow these steps to keep your paddles looking new for a long time.