stiga pro carbon review

Stiga Pro Carbon Table Tennis Paddle Review

Stiga Pro Carbon is a popular racket from the Stiga Brand, which is best known for the production of durable table tennis products.

This racket is way ahead of other brands when it comes to performance.

It’s well balanced in terms of spin and control and has been approved for use in competitive tennis games.

In our review, we’ll look at the various features that make the Stiga Pro Carbon a sought after racket. Read on.

Stiga Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle Review

Latest technology

Without a doubt, Stiga Pro Carbon is a classy racket for any player willing to take their game to another level.

The advanced carbon-tech and Nano-composite are behind the outstanding performance of this paddle. Hence, you can make impactful shots pretty fast.

The Stiga Pro Carbon blade is a 7-layer ply consisting of two wood layers infused with two carbon layers for firmness and responsiveness.

This combination makes it ultra-light and doesn’t feel heavy on your hands.

Impressive Performance

The Stiga Pro Carbon is as fast as it can get.

With a speed/spin/control rating of 99:100:80, it has the perfect balance for an impressive performance.

This racket will smash swiftly, and your game picks up quickly.

ITTF approved Nitrix Rubber

Whenever you play in a competitive league, you need to be sure that you are using the right product.

By right, we mean approved by the relevant sports body.

The Stiga Pro Carbon features ITFF approved Nitrix rubber, which significantly boosts your confidence.

In addition, you can use it for tournaments.

Further, the rubber is more consistent since the bonds are tighter and this makes the Stiga Pro Carbon suitable for offensive play.

With a 2mm thickness, the rubber feels a bit springy which is good for a beginner to easily dominate on return shots.

Thankfully, the rubber is replaceable any time you notice signs of wear.

A Comfortable handle with a dip

The handle has a flare design that enables it to rest comfortably on your palm.

This offers a perfect grip, and thus you can play longer without getting tired.

There is a tiny dip on the handle that enables you to feel every shot and improve on your game.

The handle may feel firmer; nonetheless, you can sense the impact of the balls after every shot.

  • High speeds and better control
  • Reasonably priced
  • Rubber is spongy and is ITTF approved
  • The blade design consists of two layers of carbon for powerful shots
  • Lightweight yet tough
  • Comfortable handle
  • A renowned brand
  • The rubber wears out very fast

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Stiga Pro Carbon Ping Pong Paddle Specs

  • Perfectly balanced in terms of speed, spin, and control rating
  • ITFF approved rubber for competitive league
  • Carbon-tech and Nano-composite technology for power and speed
  • Flared handle
  • 2mm rubber and 7-ply blade


If you’re looking for a racket for targeting the best spots on the table, then Stiga Pro Carbon is a good choice.

Overall the paddle comes in a unique design where the carbon fiber enhances its speed and spin.

The blade is a bit soft but very tough to offer unmatched strength and control. For most users, this is what you need for topspin and offensive play.

The versatility of the Stiga Pro enables you to practice several tricks, such as spinning loops, topspin, trick serves, or backspins.

The Stiga Pro Carbon is an amazing paddle that guarantees an above-average performance.

Although the rubber doesn’t maintain its tackiness for long, it provides an excellent tennis experience when smashing the shots.

A beginner and a mid-player will adapt quickly to this racket and help in scaling up their game.

Since it’s fairly priced, you can be assured of an improved performance at least before the signs of wear start showing up.