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Best Professional Foosball Tables Reviews

If you plan on playing foosball professionally in tournaments, then a standard foosball table just wouldn’t cut it.

It would be best to have a top-caliber table, which is where professional foosball tables come in.

The standards are so high that the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) has to approve a table to quality as a professional model.

From using solid rods all the way to having textures foosball balls, there are a lot of impeccable details that go into making a professional foosball table.

Best Professional Foosball Tables Reviews

1. Tornado Classic Foosball Table: Ultra Heavy Duty

The Tornado Classic Foosball Table elegantly combines heavy-duty construction with a timeless contemporary look.

To begin with, the table has a 1.5-inch-thick cabinet.

These thick sidewalls allow for quicker and more consistent play, which is just what you want in a commercial-grade foosball table.

The chrome-plated rods are lightweight in construction, which conveniently allows for quick rod movements.

At the same time, their rugged steel construction ensures that the rods will resist bending and warping.

As the tabletop surface is solid and level, players can easily make fast foosball shots with accuracy and timeliness.

Still, on the level playing surface, this table comes with leg levelers that are very easy to use.

You have counterbalanced foosball men as well.

This means that you can rotate the rod so that the men stay out of the way, and they will stay put without falling over.

Additionally, the foosball men’s feet are designed to provide more precise ball control.

Lastly, there are the urethane foosball balls, which resist nicks and chips and roll true.

Ultimately, the perfect quality of this foosball table will have you playing on it for years, fantastically standing the test of time.

  • Precise ball control.
  • The ball can’t pass between the man and the wall.
  • Extremely rigid and durable.
  • Has single side ball return ideal for solo playing.
  • Assembling the unit can be quite tasking.

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2. Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table: Best Design

Every single detail in the Tornado Tournament 3000 foosball table has been designed to cater to professional players.

First off, you have the patented Tornado men that have sharp corners and a larger cross-section. This deliberate design allows for better ball control and passing.

The thin-wall split competition bearings have further enhanced ball control and shot-blocking.

At the same time, the foosball men are counterbalanced, so you can easily play 1-on-1 games without the men getting in the way.

This foosball table features a split-cabinet design, which allows for full access.

This way, maintaining the table is conveniently easy, as is cleaning the ball routes as well.

Another advantage of the split cabinet design is that it allows for the rods and tabletop to be transported intact, making it much easier for you to assemble the unit.

The score assemblies on this table are ITSF-sanctioned, and you have the game and match counters on the side of the table.

Bottom line, this is a great premium table with design features that boast of the same.

  • Precise ball control.
  • Smooth action rods.
  • Straightforward assembly.
  • None

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3. Shelti Pro Foos II Foosball Table: Best Price

The Shelti Pro Foos II looks amazing and plays impressively well.

As you’d expect from any other professional foosball table, this one guarantees great response, accuracy, and consistent plays every single time.

The precisely sized and angled foot of the foosball men optimizes ball capture and control, both at the front and back.

At the same time, the sharp foot edge allows for better control of bank shots.

Unique “Lock-On-Men” compression bumpers have been strategically placed to ensure the men do not “walk” on the rod.

Factor in the fact that the foosball men are counterbalanced, and you can rest assured that the men will stay put on the rod, whichever position you put them in.

The premium balls included with this foosball table are made from urethane.

Having centerless ground for true roll enhances ball control for faster, more accurate plays.

A “Stay-In-Play” field trim detail around the playing field walls ensures that balls can’t come to rest in that area, thereby halting play.

To further enhance gameplay, Shelti has provided a rattle board behind the goals, and so when a goal is made, a sound is produced to alert the payers of the same.

Ultimately, the Shelti Pro Foos II might as well be the best priced professional foosball table in the market. Better yet, you don’t have to compromise on quality!

  • Affordably priced.
  • Incredible accuracy and ball control.
  • Sounds goals scored.
  • Assembly can be a bit challenging.

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4. Garlando Open Air Foosball Table: Best for Portability

Professional foosball tables are often too bulky and too heavy to keep moving around.

However, that is not the case with the Garlando Open Air foosball table.

Manufactured using an innovative material, this foosball table comprises a hi-tech compound of plastics reinforced with fiberglass.

This combination results in an outstandingly sturdy table, yet at the same time, still pretty portable even though it weighs 60kg.

This table’s folding legs greatly help with its portability, making it easy to store and transport.

Better yet, the weatherproof material of this table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

So, instead of restricting your foosball table to the basement, you may as well opt to play in the backyard instead.

Featuring ball return on both ends of the table allows for quick and easy recovery of the ball.

Your streamlined gameplay is further enhanced by the anti-rust steel roller bearings, which help improve game speed and reduce stress on the player’s wrists.

For safety, especially when playing with kids, this table additionally comes with telescopic safety rods.

Bottom line, you don’t have to settle for mini foosball tables if you are looking for a portable model.

The Garlando Open Air is a full-size professional model that will serve you just as well.

  • Portable design with foldable legs.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Streamlined gameplay.
  • It’s pretty heavy.

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5. René Pierre Outdoor Foosball Table: Best for Outdoor Use

Environmentally-cautious foosball players might be happy to know that with the René Pierre Outdoor Foosball Table, they can enjoy a game of foosball without compromising their values.

Designed and handmade by French artisans in France, this table is constructed from high-grade Medex.

Medex is a moisture-resistant, eco-friendly material that’s extremely sturdy and highly resistant to the elements, i.e., humidity, water, heat, harsh UV rays, and even insects.

This is what makes the table so perfect for outdoor use. You can set it up on your patio and leave it there all year round.

Just as well, the rods are treated against rusting, and they also feature a telescopic design for safety.

What this means is that the rods aren’t designed to pass all the way through the cabinet, and this eliminates the risk of accidentally hitting your opponent.

The foosball men are made using hand-painted, die-cast metal, and they are firmly attached to the rods using screws.

As far as the cabinet’s stability goes, this table has a reinforced angled base, which keeps it perfectly resilient even during a spirited match.

Overall, this is the best professional foosball table for outdoor use, be it during wet winters or hot summers.

  • All-weather protection.
  • Very durable and sturdy.
  • Telescoping rods enhance safety.


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6. Kettler Weatherproof Foosball Table: Best for Durability

The Kettle foosball table is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so your tournaments can happen anywhere you wish, even by the beachside!

Because it is meant to withstand exposure to harsh outdoor conditions and elements, this foosball table is built for extreme durability.

The table is constructed using high-quality laminates and weatherproof resin, while the playing field is made from tempered glass.

The glass playing field allows for high-speed playing.

The nylon bushings further enhance fast gameplay, and these also help reduce wear and tear on the table.

Chromium-plated anti-rust stainless steel rods have been used here, with unbreakable foosball men being mounted directly on the rods.

So, no matter how high spirited a game or match gets, you can rest assured that the men won’t break or fly off the rod.

Additionally, the rods are telescopic as well, which makes this table very safe for use.

The side and corner rails feature a sloped design, and this is done to ensure that the ball is always in play and doesn’t get stuck, thereby interrupting the game.

Behind each goal, you have ball pockets that allow for easy ball retrieval.

Bottom line, for anyone looking for an extremely durable professional foosball table for outdoor use, you probably cannot do better than the Kettler weatherproof foosball table.

  • Great value for money.
  • Very durable and weatherproof.
  • Allows for intense high-speed playing.
  • Comes with a foosball table cover.
  • The handles are quite skinny for a professional table.

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7. Warrior 2020 Pro Foosball Table: Best for Safety

The Warrior 2020 is an official tournament table recognized by both the United States Table Soccer Federation (USTSF) and the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF).

First, this table uses a pro-style ball return system whereby the ball is channeled to the table’s center without hoses.

This is convenient but also enhances streamlined gameplay.

Another premium feature is the rod guard system, whereby there are rod guards that prevent distracted players from being struck by a fast-moving rod.

At the same time, this safety feature comes in handy in protecting younger children when they happen to come too close to view the action happening on the foosball table.

This added safety level isn’t something you find on most other tables, even at a professional level.

High-performance split bearings used on this table allow for faster and more powerful shots.

Another feature is that the foosball men have been designed with ridged feet for better ball control and grip.

This way, a player can execute all shots with relative ease, and banking the ball is made easier as well.

The Warrior tournament foosball balls included with this table have added texture, which improves grip and ball control.

  • Fast and accurate plays.
  • Rod guards are an impressive safety feature.
  • Allows for great ball control.
  • Assembly can be a bit challenging.

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FAQs About Professional Foosball Tables

What Foosball Table Is Used in Tournaments?

There isn’t just one specific table that’s used in official foosball tournaments around the world.

That being said, though, the ITSF has a few approved tables that can be used in all tournament competitions all the way to the World Cup.

These are:

  1. Bonzini – ITSF B90
  2. Garlando – World Champion
  3. Tornado – Tournament 3000
  4. Leonhart – Leo Tournament
  5. Roberto Sports – Sport Revolution

How Much Does A Professional Foosball Player Make?

Professional foosball players’ salaries could vary widely.

They can make as little as $39k, or as much as over $135k yearly, depending on where you’re looking.

What Are the Professional Foosball Table Dimensions?

A regulation-sized table measures 56” L x 30” W x 36” H.

What to Setup A Professional Foosball Table?



Professional foosball tables are always close to perfection because tournament-level foosball players really do know their stuff.

From the exhilarating gameplay of Italian tables to the impressive ball control and durability of French tables, there is a lot of variety out there designed for all the different players and their specific needs.