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Best Dart Cases For The Money In 2021: Complete Guide

There are so many dart cases and wallets in today’s market. The options can be overwhelming especially if this is your first time buying a case for your darts.

This guide here will help you choose the right dart case that will fit your needs no matter what are they.

A lot of research was done to prepare this buying guide and these five dart cases you have here are the best out there. We took into consideration reviewing different types of dart cases (Nylon, plastic, metal) that will fit the needs of casual players as well professionals.

We start with a section about things to consider before making your final decision and the we go into details to talk about each dart case and why we they deserved to make it to this guide.

Buying Guide: How To Pick The Best Dart Case For You

Dart Cases Material

Dart cases can broadly be categorized into two: hard cases and soft cases.

While hard cases can be made from metal or plastic, soft cases are made from fabric or nylon. The material used will dictate the durability of the case as well as the amount of protection offered to the darts.

The material will determine the price of the case as well. Metal cases are comparatively more expensive than plastic and fabric cases. However, they also offer better protection from external attack, which can cause physical damage to both the case and the darts.

Soft cases are more expensive than plastic cases, but they also have the added advantage of having more pockets and storage compartments when compared to hard cases. This way, nylon and fabric dart cases can hold more accessories.

Size and Storage Capacity: What is right for you?

Dart cases come in a variety of sizes ranging from compact to large. A person’s choice of the dart case size will depend on the needs of that particular player. While some people only play with one set, more experienced players will prefer having several sets of darts.

Also, more professional players might want to have some spare parts such as extra flights or shafts; therefore, preferring a case with extra pockets and sleeves.

Whichever the case, the dart case should be large enough to carry all the darts and accessories which a player might need.

When considering size, the player might also want to consider the portability of the case. While some players would want a case that easily fits in their purse or pocket, others might not mind having a bulkier case that’s cumbersome to carry around.

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Purpose of Using That Case

Some people buy dart cases to keep their equipment secure and organized for home use, while others are competitive players buying dart cases for travel purposes.

Travelers and pro players are better off going for a metal case because these repel water and dirt, they are sturdier, and they often come with a lock for extra security. Furthermore, metal cases have a sleek and professional look, which is befitting for those taking part if dart competitions.

Casual players getting a dart case for home use don’t have to worry too much about the darts getting damaged as a result of external attack. Most likely, the case will always be placed in the same location and only taken out while playing.

In this instance, plastic or soft cases would be preferred because they are cheaper. Additionally, the case can easily be kept in a locked cabinet or on a high shelf away from children’s reach.

Dart Cases Durability

Ultimately, every player wants to know that they are investing in a durable case that will last them many years to come. However, a player’s choice in dart cases might also be influenced by how much abuse they expect the case will go through.

A player who anticipates external influence such as drops and knocks is better off going for a metal case. Metal cases will hold up much better to abuse, keeping the darts safe and secure.

Alternatively, in such an instance, one might also want to consider getting a nylon or fabric case that been heavily padded to protect the darts from external influence.

Best Dart Cases In 2021 For Casual and Professional Players

1. Casemaster Legion: A Dart Case For Professionals

The Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case is a perfect choice for a player who has many dart sets and accessories.

The case can hold three dart sets (9 darts) and has expanded storage comprising twelve flight pockets, ten shaft pockets, and two large plastic storage tubes for additional tips and other small accessories.

Additionally, there is a large pocket where one can store money and credit cards. In total, this case conveniently comes with 34 methods of storage.

The black interior lining of the case is intricately woven for durability and features strong stitching. All storage compartments are designed to hold items firmly, keeping everything in place even when the case is tilted.

Casemaster Legion best dart case review

The nine dart slots are set into a foam protective insert, and there’s plenty of space on either side, so players don’t have to fold down the dart flights. This case can hold up to a 6.75” dart.

Despite the large storage capacity, the case is pretty lightweight, and this is owing to the aluminum shell. This durable shell ensures that no harm can come to the darts while they are in the case, and the case even has reinforced corners to guard against knocks and drops.

For portability, the case comes with a briefcase-like swivel handle, therefore, making it easy to carry it from one place to another. Additionally, the heavy-duty dual buckles keep the case firmly locked so nothing can accidentally fall out.

This modern dart case is sleek, spacious, sturdy, reasonably priced and conveniently lightweight and portable. What’s not to love?

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2. Casemaster Classic: A Dart Case With Style

To being with, although this Casemaster Classic is a soft case, it is constructed from tough nylon complete with a hard resin interior. This hard case construction prevents the external walls of the case from bending. As a result, the case stands up to the elements, therefore, offering superior protection for your darts.

This case has the capacity of holding twelve darts, which is three complete sets. Additionally, there is plenty of additional storage, including fifteen pockets for extra flights, four plastic storage tubes for smaller accessories and a box for dart tips and shafts.

Casemaster classic dart case review

The dart slots are contained with a solid foam insert which securely holds the darts in place to guard against any movement which could cause breakage.

This case perfectly combines durability and portability. At the top of the case, there is an ergonomic handle which has secure buttons to keep everything in place. There are also tightly woven nylon straps which provide enhanced support when carrying the darts case.

Ultimately this is a great soft and stylish dart case for organizing and securing darts and other accessories. There are 32 storage methods in total, so this case would be ideal for a serious darter who has an extensive collection of darts, accessories and spare parts.

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3. Harrows Z-800: A Compact Dart Case For Casual Players

The Harrows Z-800 Dart Case resembles a wallet at first glance, which makes it a perfect case for players looking for a colorful and stylish case that’s still practical.

This is a compact soft case which can hold two sets of darts (6 pieces), and there are two full-width pockets for additional gear.

Measuring 210mm x 110mm x 60mm, this dart case can hold fully assembled darts.

This way, players can simply take the darts out and start playing immediately, no need to waste time assembling the darts.

However, not that this might not apply for darts with very large flights. In this case, it would be necessary to remove the flights before storing the darts in the case.

Harrows Z-800 Dart Case review

The darts are kept in place by an elastic band. However, to prevent damaging the case, users have to be careful not to scratch the fabric when taking the darts out or when putting them back in the band.

The band holds the darts pretty well so no need to worry about them moving about and breaking if a player happens to be travelling with the case.

This case is easy to personalize and the generous padding on the interior guards against damage to your darts.

Additionally, for ease of carrying the soft case, it comes with a carabiner clip, which is quite a neat feature. This way, players can easily attach the clip to their belt loop and carry the colorful case around in a hands-free manner.


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4. CyeeLife Darts Case: Budget Plastic Case For Casual

This handy compact case perfectly suits casual players who do not have a ton of accessories and spare parts. Compared to metal cases and soft cases, plastic dart cases are the most affordable option for storing darts making them ideal for players with a very tight budget.

They might not offer a lot of protection for the darts, but plastic cases will still get the job done as far as organizing darts is concerned. The CyeeLife dart wallet comes in 12 color choices, therefore, making this case a perfect affordable option for people who come from a family with several dart players.

This way, each member of the family can have a personalized case in the color of their choice to store their darts. Alternatively, a single player could choose to get this case in different colors for storing different dart sets.

CyeeLife Darts Case

One thing to note is that players might have to measure their darts before buying this case. Ideally, the case is suitable for use with darts that have a maximum barrel diameter of 0.366 in (9.3mm) and a maximum length of 6.5 in (166mm). The maximum length comprises the shaft length, tips and flights.

Besides the dart case, there is also a carabiner clip included. This way, players can easily carry the case in a hands-free manner by hooking the clip to their belt loop or to a bag strap. Conveniently, this also guards against losing the case by leaving it behind after a tournament.

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5. Cosmo Darts case

Looking for a functional dart case isn’t to mean that players should be forced to compromise on style. Some cases perfectly combine style and functionality, and this Cosmo Darts case does just that.

At first glance, one thing that is obvious about this dart case is that the manufacturer paid great attention to detail.

The stitching along the edge of the case is neat and strong, and it is done in colorful thread color, therefore, giving the case a beautiful allure and flair.

The case can hold a set of darts (three pieces), and there are slots which can hold eight shafts or dart tips.

Additionally, there is a pocket where the player can keep cards and money. The flap is secured with a Velcro fastener, and a carabiner clip is provided with the case.

Cosmo Darts case review

Measuring 90mm x 50mm x 170mm, this small compact unit is conveniently lightweight and portable. It is also available in a variety of colors, namely blue, purple, green, pink, orange and black. The variety of colors allow for easy personalization of the case, which could also make for a great gift for dart enthusiasts.

Despite being a soft case, the fabric used to make this case is quite durable and doesn’t fray easily as one might expect.

Also, the fact that it can hold fully assembled darts is quite convenient, especially for beginners who wouldn’t want the hassle of assembling their darts every time they wish to play. There is also plenty of room for the flights, so no need to bend them while trying to make them fit in the case.

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