Best soft steel tip darts reviews

Best Soft Tip Darts In 2021: Detailed Reviews

Looking for some soft tip dart to blow your friends’ minds?

Below, I cover reviews of the best soft tip darts as that you can buy in 2021.

I also made sure to include darts that for all budgets.

I know that some of you may want some fancy and luxurious darts while others may just be looking for some decent darts that can justify the price.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Best Premium Soft Tip Darts In 2021: Detailed Reviews

Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Premium Soft Tip Darts

These darts would be perfect for anyone that has been looking for a nice set of skinny soft tip darts. The barrels made of 90% tungsten and 10% nickel offer a perfect balance as far as the weight is concerned, and this weighting makes them a great set of darts for players of any level.

Although maybe these darts might not be weighty enough for most expert players, they are perfectly balanced for a beginner or intermediate player. Additionally, each barrel comes with knurled bands for an enhanced grip in any weather condition and trains the player to have consistent hand placement.

If players need the barrel to have a tighter fit to eliminate the need to re-tighten it during play, then these darts come with locking holes located on the diamond-cut lightweight aluminum. Overall, these are a high-quality pair of slim profile darts with amazing flight, great balance, and a great gripping point. They even come with a unique traveling case, to ensure perfect storage of your dart set.

Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Premium Soft Tip Darts

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Arachnid 90% Tungsten: Best Soft Tip Darts For The Money

Weighing 18 grams, these grams are just the ideal weight preferred by most beginner players. Despite being weighty though, they also feature a rather slim profile, and this is owing to the ultra-dense tungsten alloy used in making the barrel.

Thinner darts are preferred for better control which in turn results in higher scores, and this is particularly important if players are just beginning to get the hang of things. These darts are also slightly shorter compared to other darts in the market, and the result is a better balance as well as enhanced grip.

When in use, they fly extremely well and tend to be true to the target as anticipated by the player, which is just what you want in a good darts set. Another exciting bit about these darts is that they come with a full set of accessories comprising three darts along with three spare flights, seven spare points, three spare shafts, and a deluxe SideRider case which can clip onto the player’s belt.

Arachnid 90% Tungsten: Best Soft Tip Darts For The Money

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Bottelsen Skinny's Tough Koat 90% Tungsten Luxurious Soft Tip Darts

Bottelsen have seen in the dart-making business for more than 30 years you, so they have an idea about what a good dart design entails. Their products tend to have a premium feel but keep in mind that these darts might have a higher price tag compared to others in the market.

These particular Skinny’s darts have a barrel made from 90% tungsten, and this barrel is both durable and very comfortable to the grip. As a pleasant addition, these darts are quite short, and this gives the player better control and gives the dart better balance.

The flights are incredibly thin and feel rather flimsy, but they perform their task very well. These darts have a consistent flight with pinpoint accuracy. The flights also reduce drag and produce high-speed shooting without the player having to relinquish control. The shafts, on the other hand, are made from anodized aluminum that is strong and incredibly lightweight, further enhancing the perfect balance of these darts.

Bottelsen Skinny's Tough Koat 90% Tungsten Luxurious Soft Tip Darts

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Viper Ranger 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

With barrels fashioned from 80% tungsten and 20% nickel, these slim profile darts allow for a tighter grouping which is just what players want if they wish to get the highest scores possible.

Additionally, just like with any other high-quality darts set, this one also comes with knurled bands and deep grooves on the barrel along with hand painted rings. These measures are taken to provide a firm grip, allowing the player to have consistent throws every time.

To give the barrel a more secure fit, the darts come with locking holes located on the diamond-cut lightweight aluminum color master shafts, and this eliminates the need to keep re-tightening the barrel after a few throws. When players purchase this set, they get three darts, six slim high-speed flights, three extra nylon shafts, nine 2BA soft tips and a repair tool for the darts.

Viper Ranger 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

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Viper Bully 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Viper darts often come with cool-looking slim flights bearing sharp cross-hair graphics that gives them a tactical look. Besides just looking good though, these aerodynamic flights are designed to give optimum speed during flights. These particular darts are designed for use with both electronic and sisal dart boards, and they come packed with a variety of handy features.

Similar to the Viper Ranger, these Viper Bully darts also have a barrel made from 80% tungsten and 20% nickel. These high-quality materials combine to give the dart exceptional balance as well as premium styling, all the while maintaining a slim profile ideal for enhanced grip and control.

The grip of this dart has been further enhanced by the use of knurled bands placed strategically on the barrel as well as the deep grooves which create perfect gripping points all the while encouraging consistent hand placement even after someone has been playing all day long. The soft tips are made from reinforced 2BA and these results in points that are more durable ideal for intermediate level players.

Viper Bully 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

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Best Cheap Soft Tip Darts For Beginners In 2021

Whimlets Professional: Top Cheap Soft Tip Darts In Market

At 20g, this dart set is perfect for more experienced players who enjoy having a bit of heft in their playing darts. This dart is perfectly balanced, therefore assuring players of amazing control leading to perfect shots every time.

Perfect shots are also enhanced by the dart sharpener which comes with this set, therefore ensuring that your darts always have sharp points for reduced bounce outs. Besides giving perfect shots, these darts also have an elegant and stylish look and feel and they are also very comfortable to play with.

Utilizing steel tips, lightweight aluminum flights, and a brass body, these darts are tough and durable, so much such that you can use them every day without having to worry about any wear and tear. Every purchase comes with an abrasive dart sharpener, six darts, nine flights a premium storage case and an eBook to help players improve their game.

himlets Professional: Top Cheap Soft Tip Darts In Market

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GWHOLE Soft Tip Dart For Entry Level Players

Entry level players might not exactly be interested in buying a very expensive darts set right from the start. While still mastering the game, it makes sense to go for a lower priced set that is still of decent quality and this is just what these GWHOLE soft tip darts offer.

The barrels are silver-plated nickel, and this results in a set of darts that is well balanced and slim enough to allow for closer grouping. The barrels have also been precision machined to have perfectly placed knurling and groves for enhance grip and enhanced control as well.

The traditional core flights used help increase speed by reducing lag, and this results in a beautifully consistent flight path along with pinpoint accuracy. Because soft tip darts are bound to experience breakage at one point or another, especially when used by beginners, this dart set impressively comes with 200 soft tip points. The package additionally includes 16 flights in four different designs and 12 barrels.

GWHOLE Soft Tip Dart For Entry Level Players

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WINMAX 80% 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

With the option of choosing between 16g and 18g, these darts are ideal for players of all levels. The high-quality barrels made from 80% or 90% tungsten have incredible balance and styling, and they are also very durable such you can expose them to the elements without worrying about damaging the darts.

Of course, there is also a black case provided for storing the darts when not in use or when players need to carry them while traveling, so you might never have to expose them to extreme weather elements anyway.

The super slim design of these darts comes in handy by allowing for close grouping during plays, and it also provides a better handling experience when compared to thicker darts. The slim barrel additionally comes with well-placed gripping points. The well designed 2D flights increase speed while maintaining balance and they also stabilize the dart by reducing wobble. This, in turn, results in consistent flight paths with pinpoint accuracy.

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Viper Atomic Bee Soft Tip Darts, 16g

The super short two-tone coated brass barrel of this dart is probably its most noticeable and most exciting element. To begin with, it has an aerodynamic profile which results in reduced drag and this, in turn, increases the speeds of the dart allowing it to hit the dartboard with maximum force for traction.

Additionally, the barrel also features a precision engineered grip consisting of six knurled bands and hand painted rings. This provides the player with consistent grip every time they throw the dart.

The micro shaft is made from aluminum, and it is designed to be so short to give the player optimum control and flight stability. The shaft features the locking hole for giving the barrel a secure fit which in turn increases stability and eliminates the nuisance of having to retighten the barrel now and then.

Viper Atomic Bee Soft Tip Darts, 16g

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Vopa Soft Tip Darts

These Vopa darts have been termed as one of the most uniquely designed darts in the market and for a good reason too. To begin with, they feature convex nylon barrels, and these have the advantage of being more durable than plastic darts.

And additionally, the convex design makes room for other darts hence reducing the likelihood of darts crushing into each other at high speed. This feature also allows for closer grouping, hence giving the likelihood of attaining higher scores while playing.

The most impressive feature on these darts is the Vopa grip. Unlike other darts which more or less feature the same knurling and grove design, these darts have a series of hundreds of tiny cuts made into the barrel instead. This design results in a grip that is far more comfortable and one that has a more natural feel to it. The complete package comes with 24 soft tips, 12 silver-plated nickel barrels, 12 PVC dart shafts and 12 flights in four different sets

Vopa Soft Tip Darts

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What Factors to Consider When Purchasing Soft Tip Darts

Before you buy a soft tip dart, there are several things to consider so that you get real value and don’t regret your choice later on.

Type of dartboards For Soft Tip Darts

In the earlier days, players could only throw steel tip darts onto the dartboards made of softwood.

Things have changed, and there has been the introduction of other types of boards made of sisal, wood, cock, and other materials.

Soft tip darts can be used on plastic, electronic, or sisal boards.

Wood is expensive to maintain, and therefore, soft tip darts are more versatile in terms of board selection.

If you have electronic dartboards, you can consider soft tip darts due to their flexibility.

A plastic tip will easily embed on the boards.

Purpose and budget

Most people play dart for recreation or casual play where the whole family joins in the fun.

Depending on your budget, cheaper options are suitable for beginners who’d like to spend less when starting.

For an entry-level dart player, a reasonably priced set will highly motivate you as you scale up your skills.

Soft tip darts barrels are made from tungsten, brass, and nickel. Brass is cheap, lightweight, and commonly used.

As such, soft tip darts made from brass are popular for use at home, especially where the children participate in a friendly competition.

Unlike their steel counterparts, these are harmless and will not injure your kids nor cause extensive damage to the walls.

Soft tip darts made from nickel are more superior, strong, and durable than brass.

Although they cost more, they’re heavy and deliver accurate scores hence suitable for competitive leagues.

Soft tip darts made from tungsten are the best for barrels. They’re hard, heavier, and make thin barrels.

They fly swiftly and have reduced bounce-outs, making them popular among professional players. However, they are expensive than brass and nickel darts.

The shaft materials for soft tip darts are either made from nylon or aluminum. Nylon is cheap, can easily break or blend.

On the other hand, aluminum is tough, durable, and expensive.

The skill level and weight

Each player has their style of throwing darts. Professional players prefer heavier darts since they’ll deliver accurate scores. For a beginner, you may not rely on accuracy hence the need for a lighter dart for practice sessions.

The heaviness or lightness of the barrel will depend on the materials used in the construction of the soft tip darts.

Soft tip darts weigh between 14 and 20 grams unlike steel that weigh even 50 grams.

The Ease of getting replacements for the tips

Soft tip darts points come in two different varieties. There’s a quarter inches, which is wider and hard to find on the market.

The 2ba points are very common, and replacements are readily available.

Grip and shape of the soft tip darts

There are several grip styles that every player should master. These greatly influence your selection.

Beginners and kids would be comfortable practicing with smooth grip darts.

A professional player may prefer either knurled, wave micro, or ringed.

Your selection is not limited to the texture of the grip but comes down to your preference. A rough surface is ideal since your fingers are not likely to slide off the dart as you play.

Shaft length

A long or short shaft can either increase or reduce the bounce outs.

Whereas a short shaft allows a stable throw, there are more bounce outs since the darts are likely to overcrowd the scoring area.

A longer shaft destabilizes the flight path hence reduces the bounce-outs since few darts overcrowd the dartboard.

Dart flights stabilize the dart during a throw and how you throw your dart determines its path through the air.


A painted soft tip dart is more appealing.

You can consider a titanium finish, which not only brings out a classy look but boosts durability by protecting the metal.

When To Get Soft Tip Darts

While soft tip darts are a good idea for beginners and people on a budget, they are also a good choice for professional players due to their versatility.

As a dart player, you may be wondering when to get soft tip darts.

First off, you can buy soft tip darts as a replacement set for your steel tip darts.

It’s important to have an extra set, especially when participating in tournaments.

Since they’re pretty affordable, it wouldn’t hurt your budget having an extra set for an emergency.

For a professional player, chances of missing the dartboards and throwing them at the wall are rare.

However, when your kids join you in the dart room, then it’s crucial to buy soft tip darts to protect the walls.

Tips For Playing Soft Tip Darts

Every game has rules, and playing darts is not complicated as long as you follow the laid down procedures.

It’s vital to understand the scoring system, and this will significantly help in mastering the game. Here, we’re going to share playing soft tip darts tips for all players.

Professional players prefer steel tip darts because they are heavy, durable, and lodge on the dartboards effortlessly.

However, they are expensive, and quite often, you may need to consider soft tip darts.

Although they’re lighter, the degree of lightness will depend on the composition. Brass types are lighter as compared to tungsten.

Is it easy to play with soft tip darts? There’s not much difference in playing with soft tip darts or steel tip darts; it all depends on your experience level.

When playing dart, your grip and posture influence how you throw the soft tip dart.

You’ll need to find a comfortable stance where your body weight balances well and for accurate throws.

Since soft tip darts are lighter, you can boost their accuracy by aiming higher.

You must be consistent in how you coordinate your eyes and hands.

Get to know your favorite spot on the dartboard and aim here to get the points.

Lastly, practice makes perfect, and even the best players’ still train to improve on their game.

FAQs About The Best Soft Tip Darts

What soft tip darts do professionals use?

Professional players require heavy darts for consistent, accurate throws.

However, soft tip darts are hard to throw since they’re light.

Fortunately, professionals can rely on those whose barrels are made of nickel or tungsten.

A shaft material made of aluminum is better than nylon.

What is the best weight for soft tip darts?

Although soft tip darts are generally lightweight, they come in different weights ranging between 14 to 20 grams.

The weights vary depending on the barrel and shaft material. Brass darts are lighter as compared to tungsten and nickel.

Is Soft tip darts easier?

Soft tip darts are easier for beginners since they are lighter. They are suitable for practice and skill-building.

Professionals don’t like them since they’re likely to bend or fall. They have more bounce-outs than the steel tip darts.

Do soft tip darts damage walls?

Most people will agree that soft tip darts are gentle to the walls as compared to steel tip darts.

On the contrary, they can damage the wall depending on the throw.

A masculine player throwing a soft tip dart is likely to destroy the wall if it misses the board.

However, the damage is less since the dart bounces and only leaves a tiny depression. A steel tip dart punctures the wall, and the damage is more visible.

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