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Best Steel Tip Darts To Get In 2021: Buyer’s Guide

With plenty of darts all over the place, this guide here will help you find some good steel tip darts for the money.

I know that it can get overwhelming to see all these different darts with different colors and shapes.

But, it’s actually not that complicated at all.

We have chosen for you the best steel tip darts in the market in 2021 that we think are worth your attention.

P.S: If you are looking for soft tip darts, visit our guide here

Best Premium Steel Tip Darts For Sale

ONE80 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

ONE80 has a reputation for producing high-quality darts ideal for professional players, and this particular dart is perfectly crafted. To being with, these darts come in a traditional design right from the classic flights to the symmetrically placed grip on the barrel.

The barrels feature German handmade technology, and they are also composed of 90% very high-density tungsten. This is what makes it possible for the dart to have such a slim profile and excellent durability. The well-profiled rings on the barrel result in consistent hand positioning for consistent grip with every throw.

Additionally, the barrel also comes with a smooth transition and this besides providing comfort for the fingers, this feature allows darts to be grouped closer together and protects the former darts from being damaged by the later darts. This set comes with a solid dart box that is slim and very light. It is also designed with special holding spring which ensures that the darts will not drop even when the box is upside down.

ONE80 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

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Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Viper Sinister darts are just what every darts enthusiast should have in their collection. These darts feature awesome yet simple graphics on the flights, and this gives the darts quite a flare. Additionally, these darts come with non-slip rubber sleeves that fit over the barrel and provide excellent gripping points.

Besides just looking good, the sleeves also have precision engineered grip designed to give consistent grips throw after throw. Underneath the sleeve is the nickel silver plated barrel which has unparalleled balance and styling. The barrel also has a slim profile ideal for beginner level players and players with thinner fingers. This way, the player can comfortably find an ideal grip to allow them to have a great game.

Aiding with the grip also are the deep grooves which provide a perfect surface for the rubber sleeves. For enhanced comfort, the diamond-cut aluminum shafts come with locking holes for securing the barrel. This gives a tighter fit hence eliminating the need for the player to keep retightening the dart during play.

Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

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CUESOUL Tungsten: Best Steel Tip Darts For The Money

Heavier darts might not be ideal for beginner level players, but they do have the advantage of sticking to the board much better. With heavier darts, bounce outs are less likely to happen, and so this makes them better suited for players that are very serious about their game.

Although they are quite heavy, these darts are center-weighted thus giving impressive balance and providing easier control for the player. Also, the slim flights allow for a high velocity, therefore, improving the overall balance and stability of the dart.

The strong and durable barrels are fashioned from 95% tungsten and for an enhanced grip, this barrel is grooved, knurled and also has 11 hand painted rings. With this combination. Players can be assured of a solid and consistent grip every time they make a throw. With this set, players get six aluminum shafts, six slim flights, three barrels, three tips and a slim dart case.

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Viper Bully 80% Tungsten: Luxurious Steel Tip Darts

Even with a very thin barrel profile, these high-density tungsten darts can still keep a solid weight. This allows the dart to resist wear and it also keeps bounce outs to a minimum.

The combination of 80% tungsten and 20% nickel gives these darts exceptional balance, and the slim profile ensures that darts can be grouped closer to optimize the chances of getting high scores.

The barrels also have strategically placed knurled bands along with deep grooves and rings. All these components make for excellent gripping points which encouraging consistent hand placement. Consequently, consistent hand placement also results in more consistent flights throw after throw. The aluminum shafts feature locking mechanisms which allow for a tighter fitting barrel that is stable and does not need retightening during play.

Viper Bully 80% Tungsten: Luxurious Steel Tip Darts

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Best Cheap Steel Tip Darts In The Market

CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set: Best Entry-level steel darts

This dart set is highly customizable, and this makes it perfect for beginners and intermediate level players. There are multiple options whereby the player can choose either a barrel weight of their choosing or their preferred flights, shaft lengths and other interesting components.

When it comes to flights, different flight shapes result in different flight paths having different levels of stability, For beginner players, in particular, it is vital they try playing around with different shapes until they find the flights that suite them best.

Shaft length influences the balance of the dart as well as the velocity of throws, and this dart set comes with the option of choosing either a 35mm 1g shaft or a 48mm 2g shaft. There are O-rings provided for locking the shaft onto the barrel, and if players need to reshape the dart for symmetry, there is a mechanic wrench provided with this set. Besides the mechanic wrench, this complete dart set comes with six aluminum shafts, six brass barrels, six O-rings, 12 poly pro flights, and a sharpening stone.

CC-Exquisite Professional Darts Set: Best Entry-level steel darts

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Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts: Another Great Option

These aluminum shafted steel tip darts are a great set for players who are looking for something durable but at a reasonable price. At 20g, they are ideal for intermediate players and so it would make sense to want to invest in good quality and durable dart sets.

These darts are very well balanced, so players do not have to worry about dealing with back or front-loaded darts. Because of the impressive balance, these darts loft very well and they are true to aim. Also, the strong steel darts stay in good shape, but you might want to check them every now and them.

In case they are beginning to blunt, this dart set conveniently comes with a dart sharpener, so players can always ensure their darts stay sharp for good penetration into the dart board. The poly flights give little air resistance so that players can make effortless throws regardless of whether they are playing casually or in a tournament.

Ignat Games Steel Tip Darts

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Bullseye Steel Tip Metal Darts

These strategically designed 21g darts feature a steel tip, a nickel silver plated barrel, and polypro flights. The nickel silver plated barrel is well weighted and durable, and it also comes with well-placed gripping points which enhance the player’s control.

Enhanced dart control additionally comes with the advantage of being able to fly straight and true. Besides having a straight flight path, the flights on these darts also allow them to achieve a high velocity thus allowing the darts to stick to the board.

21g is around the ideal dart weight for both beginners and expert level players, which is what makes this particular dart set ideal for every player. One particularly unique aspect of these darts is how they come in a jar containing 24 darts. This might seem a bit too much for some, but if you are having a party soon, then this is perhaps the best set you could buy.

Bullseye Steel Tip Metal Darts

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Fat Cat Bulletz Steel Tip Darts

These darts come with a convex nylon shaft, and this aerodynamic build allows players to keep their aim true, resulting in increased speeds with reduced drag. Besides having an aerodynamic design, the shafts are also incredibly lightweight yet sturdy, because they are made from nylon.

Additionally, the polypro flights also feature an aerodynamic design to reduce drag further. Darts shot with a high velocity will be able to stick to the board more consistently, and this, therefore, reduces bounce outs.

The barrels made out of 90% tungsten and 10% nickel offer exceptional balance and give the dart an overall slim profile. The barrel has deep shark fin grooves along with double banded knurl so that player can get the benefits of maximum traction along with three grip points at the center. It goes without saying that at 23g, this dart set might be better suited for expert level players.

Fat Cat Bulletz Steel Tip Darts

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L.E.D STEP 21g/22g/23g/24g Steel Tip Darts

The colors and the design on this dart set give it quite a captivating appeal, but besides just looking good, these darts also play very well. To begin with, these steel tip darts feature a detachable design to allow the player to change various components according to their preferences; the detachable design also comes in handy when you are packing the darts away when traveling or just for easy storage.

The streamlined brass barrels have good heft and offer a great balance for stable flights. Additionally, the ergonomically designed grip further provides superior dart control for consistent flight paths and pinpoint accuracy.

The aluminum shaft is fastened to the barrel using O-rings which prevent the joint from loosening once the dart is dropped. The well-designed flights help increase the speed of the dart through reduced drag, and this further helps in getting pinpoint accuracy combined with consistent flight paths. The flights come in two styles so the player can choose whichever they prefer.

L.E.D STEP 21g/22g/23g/24g Steel Tip Darts

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PAMASE 23g Steel Tip Darts Set

At 23g, these darts are ideal for intermediate and expert level players, and the solid aluminum shaft reduces chances of a bounce out. Besides being durable, the shaft is also lightweight, and this prevents it from interfering with the balance of the dart because a weighty shaft would mean the dart is backloaded. A balanced dart further results in a good loft hence allowing it to glide stably through the air.

The brass barrel has stylishly knurled threads which allow the player to achieve a controlling and comfortable grip. This boosts the throwing accuracy thus increasing the chances of achieving higher scores. The stainless steel tip is long, sharp and durable and this way, players can benefit from long-lasting performance with reduced bounce outs.

This dart set comes with a classy magnetic case to allow for easy gifting, and it also provides convenient storage and traveling option. The complete package comes with 12 darts (excluding the flights), 18 flights in six styles, 12 replacement shafts, a sharpener and the exquisite case.

PAMASE 23g Steel Tip Darts Set

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What Factors to Consider When Purchasing Steel Tip Darts

Before you decide on the best steel tip dart that will go along with your dartboard, there are some things to keep in mind.

A choice of soft or steel tip dart entirely depends on your preference and skill level.

Here are the factors to consider when purchasing steel tip darts.


The price of the steel tip darts greatly influences your decision to buy or not.

If you’re looking for a decent set for playing dart at home, then you may consider soft tip darts, which cost less.

However, for professional play, get steel tips that perform better in terms of controlled throws and accuracy.

How many darts do you need?

Steel tip darts come in sets. For hobby play with family and friends, you’d want to stock a lot for everyone.

However, for professional practice, then a set of three is enough.

The Barrel material

The majority of dart barrels consist of metals such as brass, tungsten, nickel, and brass.

Tungsten is the primary material for tournament dartboards and is considered a superior metal.

In such a case, you’ll need a steel tip with a high percentage of tungsten.

If you are a hobby player, a barrel made of brass costs less as compared to tungsten.


Your selection of the best weight for the darts will depend on your specific needs.

The average weight for most steel tips is between 12-50 grams.

The distribution of the weight on the dart should be well balanced to ensure the darts stick to the board after a throw.

For a beginner, you can consider darts that’s are a bit heavy on the front and midsections.

Flight or wing design

Consider the design of the flights, which plays a vital role on the performance of your darts. Generally, standard flights are more stable, whereas slim flights are small and light.

Removable steel tips

A removable steel tip increases your options to change the tip, depending on the type of dartboard.

When throwing at soft tip boards, you’ll need soft tips darts.

You can always have an extra set of soft tip darts to replace the removable steel tips.

Why you should choose steel tip dart?

Steel tip darts have a metal point and are useful when throwing at bristle dartboards.

There has been a surge in the number of players who prefer steel tip darts over soft tip darts.

Part of the reason is that these are classic and bring a vintage feel onto the game of darts.

If you’d like to follow tradition, then steel tip darts are a worthy consideration.

Although soft tip darts are generally safe and harmless, steel tip darts are the winner.

They have reduced bounce-outs, making them an excellent choice for competitive play. As such, professional players prefer them over soft tip darts.

There are various benefits of playing your favorite game of dart with steel tip darts.

Steel tip darts have an average weight of 20 to 30 grams, making them heavier than the soft tip darts.

In a way, the heaviness guarantees a more accurate throw depending on the player and the skill level.

Steel tips have more strength and are less likely to bend or snap. Strength ensures durability, and this saves you some money on replacements.

Your choice of steel tip darts will also depend on your intention. If you’d like to participate in a tournament, then go for steel tip darts.

However, steel darts are not ideal for casual play. Due to the heaviness, the darts can damage the walls if they miss the dartboard.

Small kids shouldn’t play with steel tip darts since they are a hazard. The sharp tips can lead to injuries.

Sharpening steel tip darts (Video)

Steel tip darts need proper care and maintenance for consistency in performance. It’s vital to sharpen your steel tip darts regularly.

All types of darts need sharpening, including the more premium tungsten options.  A nicely sharpened tip shouldn’t be rough, blunt, or spikey.

You may be wondering about the degree of the sharpness and how often you should sharpen.

To simplify things, here is the process of sharpening steel tip darts and a video for illustration.

  • Establish if your steel tips are too sharp, blunt or have burrs

This is a simple activity where you need to touch the tip of your dart using a finger.

If the tip is spiky, then it means it’s too sharp, which can increase the bounce-outs and damage the spider on your dartboard.

A curvy edge easily slides past the spider and onto the board without causing any damage.

A blunt steel tip has a higher bounce out since it hits the spider and falls.

It can also push the sisal fibers, thereby causing the dartboard to wear out fast. Burrs are rough edges that pull the sisal fibers and destroy your dartboard.

  • Gather sharpening tools

Once you establish that the tip is too sharp, blunt, or have burrs, the next step is to sharpen.

For starters, you need some sharpening hardware to have a sharp and round tip.

  • Sharpen your dart with a circular sharpener

Stone sharpeners are small tools that are fairly priced. They are round shape made of stone with an opening at the top.

Insert the tip into the sharpener. Slowly, rotate the dart in a circular motion. Increase the speed steadily.

After 10 to 20 minutes, remove the dart and check the sharpness using the fingers.

If the tip is rough, then insert the dart back into the sharpener. Repeat the procedure until all burrs are eliminated.

Refrain from pressing hard when sharpening as it can ruin your dart.

  • Sharpening using a flat stone

A flat stone is a traditional yet cheap option that will save you some money.

Despite the grit being slower, it’ll get rid of burr while maintaining the size of the pointer.

  • Sharpening using a piece of Emery cloth

A piece of Emery cloth can also help clear the burrs.

Rub the points on the cloth until the sharpness, bluntness, or roughness is gone.


FAQs Related to steel tip darts

Are heavier darts more accurate?

The weight of the dart doesn’t necessarily affect its performance.

A beginner can throw heavier darts since they have fewer bounce-outs.

On the other hand, a masculine player may prefer lighter darts to make accurate throws.

The important thing is to ensure there’s consistency per throw.

Why Do Some People Coat Steel Tip Darts with Potatoes?

Dart players are encouraged to have a potato near their dartboard. Learn more about how to set up a dart board

By dipping the dart, it forms an outer cover that easily sticks on the board after a throw.

Can I change the tip from steel to soft?

Normally steel tips are used on bristle dartboards. However, quite often, you may want to play on a soft tip board.

It would be helpful if your dart has removable steel tips. You only need to remove the tip and replace it with a soft tip.

Do good darts make a difference?

Good darts are made of premium and durable materials such as tungsten.

These cost more; however, they have accurate throws and glide better.

They have a good balance in that their weight is evenly distributed.

On the other hand, low-quality darts are made of nickel or brass, which tend to wear out very fast.

Although cheap, these are bulkier, hence more bounce-outs.

How Often Should I Care for or Sharpen My Steel Tip Darts?

You should sharpen your steel tip darts quite often. Not necessarily a scheduled program, but it will depend on how regularly you use your darts.

Sharpen when you notice burrs, pointy and blunt tips.