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Best Pool Cue Cases Reviews In 2021

There are various pool cue case manufacturers in today’s market. Some renowned, and others are just coming up.

So, it isn’t surprising if you can’t seem to make up your mind about any given brand.

And that’s where we come in, to give you a comprehensive overall review of the best pool cue cases in the market.

Best Value for money
Iszy Billiards 2x2 Hard Pool Cue Stick Carrying Case, Black, Medium,...
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Elite ECP24 Pool Cue Case - Black
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Best Value for money
Iszy Billiards 2x2 Hard Pool Cue Stick Carrying Case, Black, Medium,...
Table Model & Brand
N° Reviews
Average Rating
Premium Option
Elite ECP24 Pool Cue Case - Black
Table Model & Brand
N° Reviews
Average Rating

Best Pool Cue Cases In 2021

1. HAN’S DELTA Hard Oval Pool Cue Carrying Case

First on our list comes the HAN’S DELTA Pool Cue Billiard Stick Carrying Case. It’s a 2*2 and offers fantastic protection for your cues.

The black carrying case comes complete with a vinyl covering to store two butts and two shafts.

To guarantee you ease of movement, the case has an adjustable shoulder strap, making it a perfect fit for individuals of various heights.

At first glance, you will love its oval design, which gives it a premium appeal. The classic black color is a plus.

The top part of this cue-carrying case comes with a zippable lid to ensure your valuables are safely kept-in to avoid unnecessary external damages.

And that’s not all. The manufacturers of this beautiful case ensured to use foam as padding for the inner cue tubings.

Therefore, you can move around comfortably, knowing your investment is secured correctly into position.

The padding is also useful during storage.

You can comfortably store up to 31-inch long butts, complete with two more extra accessories of your choice in the provided pockets.

If this cue carrying case isn’t value for money for on-budget buyers, I don’t know what is!

  • Hard case design.
  • Light enough for easy transportation
  • Comes with additional pockets for your accessories
  • Presents decent quality and a low price
  • Reports of not well-balanced shoulder strap placement
  • Some cases miss lining in the tube

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2. PiKu Pool Cue Carry Case

The next one is the PiKu Pool Cue Case Carry Case, which is made from nylon and PU.

The material is strong enough to offer your cue the long-term protection it deserves.

This large capacity cue carrying case can comfortably accommodate three butts and four shafts.

I find this feature very impressive, especially in this case’s affordable pricing. So, take advantage of that.

Also, this package comes complete with a multifunctional pocket.

The pocket can be used to store mobile phones, wallets, keys, and other extra accessories that you would like to carry to the game room.

I love the comfortable handle of this case,

Most players swear by the anti-slip mat design of this cue carrying case, making it easy for them to place wherever they want to unload or load.

For easy storage when not in use, the manufacturer of this carrying case included a hooking point.

This makes it easy to hang the case, be it in your closet, or whichever place you prefer.

The handles are also very comfortable to hold even for a long time, and the zipper is strong enough to lock everything in the case.

  • Good quality carrying case
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Decent padding on the inside
  • Light enough for easy transportation
  • Comes with a hanging hook
  • Not hard, so might not provide your cue sufficient protection from hard impacts

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3. J&J New Champion Leather Hard Pool Cue Case

The J&J New Champion Leather Hard Pool Cue Case might not be among the cheapest carrying cases, but it offers many amazing features that guarantee you value for money.

The model B_0425 cue case is made from vinyl leather, a material that’s famously known for its sturdy features.

It’s a sure bet of durability and reliability if you maintain it well.

The package comes with individually lined tubes, complete with correctly done interiors, to offer maximum protection to your cues.

No products found.

It can comfortably accommodate three butts and six shafts.

Also, this nice carrying case comes with wide and comfortable adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect fit.

There is also a pair of side handles when you don’t want to feel your cues’ weight on your shoulders.

When we say that this cue carrying case is large enough, we want you to picture it accommodating butts and shafts of up to 31-inches.

I find this convenient given most of them are within this range, if not less.

And to ensure you have room for extra accessories9 chalks, tips, etc., the manufacturer included an extra spacious pouch to accommodate all of them.

Weighing only 4lbs, I find this carrying case light enough for daily transportation.

The fact that its dividers go all the way into it makes it a valuable purchase.

  • Sufficient space for extra accessories
  • Sturdy construction for durability and reliability.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Value for money
  • Bonus gift
  • The dark blue color might not be everyone’s choice

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4. Iszy Billiards Hard Pool Cue Carrying Case

If a perfect combination of reliability and spacious is what you’re searching for, the Iszy Billiards Hard Pool Cue Billiard Stick Carrying Case will offer you that and much more.

This carrying case from one of the famously reputable billiard products manufacturer comes with sufficient room to accommodate two butts and shafts.

It’s by far the best cue carrying case you can come across at its range of pricing.

The case comes with extra pockets to help you carry all the accessories you need for practice/game.

So, you don’t have to worry about where to store your chalks, tips, etc.

When you receive this package, you will notice that the manufacturer has effectively divided it into two cases for your convenience.

The most impressive thing about this carrying case is how the Iszy Billiards manages to keep it affordable, even when it’s clearly made from high-quality material.

This makes it easy to fit into everyone’s budget.

You can find the carrying case in various colors. It ranges from black, black/brown, black/red, blue-white, brown to hot pink white.

You get the chance to pop with color if that’s what makes you happy.

  • Comes completely divided from start to end
  • Has large-sized pockets to accommodate all extra accessories
  • The vinyl covering is beautiful and of decent quality
  • Affordable
  • Not durable enough for daily use

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5. Casemaster Q-Vault Classic Pool Cue Hard Case

The Casemaster Q-Vault Classic Billiard/Pool Cue Hard Case is a deluxe product.

It is constructed with a durable leatherette exterior, to offer your investment proper protection from all sorts of environmental damages.

At its pricing, I still find this carrying case affordable give that its superior quality material ensures it serves you for long.

The case proudly showcases its sophisticated and sleek appearance.

Stylish players seem to appreciate this, if the numerous positive reviews on various online platforms are something to go by.

When you order this cue carrying case, you also stand to benefit from its two pouches, allowing you to carry and store other extra accessories (chalks, tips, etc.) with ease.

This best cue case comes with an adjustable shoulder strap allowing you to achieve a perfect fit, making transportation much faster and easier.

This also means you can share it with other family members no matter their size.

I also love the perfectly padded inner walls of this carrying case as it guarantees the safety of your product against impactful accidental falls.

The major downside, however, is that this product can only accommodate one butt and one shaft. I feel the manufacturer could have done better with a bigger case, given its pricing.

But all in all, the features are awesome, so if you can afford it and don’t like carrying many products at once, this could be your ideal choice.

  • The interior is fully lined
  • Hard exterior for maximum protection
  • Decent quality
  • Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Easy to transport
  • Very stylish
  • No division between the slots

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6. ELITE ECP24 Pool Cue Case

The ELITE 2-Butt and 4-Shaft Prime Leather Pool Cue Case allows you to transport two butts and two shafts with ease.

This black carrying case is oval, and it gives a cool classic appearance making it a preferred pick among professional players and lovers of dull colors.

It comes with two pockets where you can safely store extra accessories, with the longer pocket being 14-inch long.

This should be sufficient even for a heavy carrier.

There is also an adjustable shoulder strap for a perfect fit and sufficient support while on-the-move.

The Elite 2*2 is 32-inch long and can accommodate a shaft of up to 30-inch.

You will also love its innovative top lid, which has a quick-release hatch for faster sending of butts and shafts, especially when a player is late for those practicing/ game sessions.

When you carefully examine this cue carrying case, you will notice the excellent craftsmanship from the way the external pockets are correctly attached to the pored rubber casein.

So, I can confidently say that its design is well-thought-of and you can rely on it for quality service.

  • Highly innovative top-lid hatch
  • Comes with specious large extra pockets
  • Sturdy construction
  • Attractive design
  • Value for money
  • The zippers aren’t of the highest quality

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7. Imperial Officially Licensed NFL Pool Cue Case

We close our best pool cues cases list with the Imperial Officially Licensed NFL 57-Inch 2-Piece Pool Cue.

This product is truly worth mentioning, given that its real feel is much better than the expected quality.

It’s a beautiful pool cue, comfortably accommodating your cues, even in its soft nature.

The cue carrying case comes with a shaft and a cue, so you get two at a price of one, which I find luring.

Also, having been constructed out of quality hard North American maple wood, the cue’s quality is worth a mention even if this isn’t our focus.

There’s even a leather cue tip in the package, which seems to complement the leatherette case.

The case is not only light enough for easy transportation and storage of your valuables, but it also offers durability and reliability.

When you order your package, you get the opportunity to choose between various teams representing various colors.

They are all well-made and attractive. So, the selection is based majorly on personal preference.

  • Light for easy transportation
  • Spacious enough to accommodate a cue and a shaft
  • Has a strong Zipper
  • Two-in-one at a price of one
  • The cue is of decent quality
  • Cannot protect your products from a hard fall
  • No exterior pocket

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Types of Pool Cue Cases

One of the most asked questions in the billiard games industry is, “which pool cue case should I buy?” Therefore, if this sounds like you today, we totally understand.

Before choosing a case, it’s vital to learn the difference between the various types of pool cue cases. And the most common ones include the hard, box, and soft cases.

Here is a quick evaluation of these three to help you make an informed choice:

Box Cases

As their name suggests, the box cases mimic the box-design and tend to be rectangular.  They are typically very sophisticated, the reason as to why most players buy them.

Most of these cases come in a briefcase model, complete with the useful latch style fasteners with different features depending on quality and pricing.

For instance, the most expensive box carrying cases come with a smart combination of locks for extra security details.

The good news is that the current marketplace is filled with various options so that you can choose according to preference.

Because of their make and nature, the box cases tend to be hard, therefore offering maximum protection to your cues and other accessories. Most of them, however, lack tubes.

Hard Cases

These are, by far, some of the most popular cue carrying cases in today’s market.

Most of these cases come with high impact tubes, which serve as a holding place for both the shaft and the butt.

And I tend to think this could be one of the many reasons contributing to their popularity. When using them, you can move around without a worry in the world.

Also, most of these cases offer protection against warping and dents, as well as any environmental factors, which could negatively impact your cue.

They vary in size and length, so you get to pick the one that perfectly fits your cue.

The smallest hard case usually accommodates one butt and shaft, while the biggest can comfortably carry several (up to seven) products and accessories.

They are relatively expensive, but given the high number of features they offer, they tend to value money.

Soft Cases

Soft cue carrying cases are usually inexpensive. And because of this, most beginner or on-budget players prefer them, at least until they can upgrade.

They’re also a favorite pick for short-term storage users.

Unlike the hard cases, the soft cue carrying cases lack the tubes. But most of them have separate compartments for the cue and shaft, which offers them protection from denting.

Since these cases don’t come with external pockets, you will have to invest in a separate carrier for your extra accessories.

Most of them are big enough to accommodate only one cue and shaft, but there are a few others that can only accommodate two butts and four shafts.

How To Choose The Best Pool Cue Case

As much as it’s true that each cue case offers different features, specific things matter the most in each model. And they include:

The Material

When choosing the right pool cue case, you must get one with the correct covering material.

Remember, this is the material that will largely determine how much protection your cue and other accessories enjoy even as you move around.

In the pool products industry, it’s a known fact that some materials are superior to others, as far as the provision of adequate protection is concerned.

Look at the hard plastic, for example. This material is considered the most durable for covering. So, it’s best for the exterior.

The plastic should, however, be thick and crack/bend-resistant.

Storing your cue in such a case gives no room for damage even with accidental falls on hard surfaces. Most of the plastic cases are either round, rectangular, or oval.

The rubber material, on the other hand, is also considered good quality.

It’s usually used on the sides and corners of the carrying case, cushioning the case. If you drop your case, for instance, the rubber will automatically absorb the impact, leaving no room for unnecessary cue damages.

A carrying case with a rubber exterior gives it a firm grip against your body as you move around. This makes balancing easy, and you can walk for hours without tiring.

Lastly, leather might not be as durable as plastic/rubber, but it offers decent quality, which can serve you long, especially if it’s thick.

Thin leather might expose your cue to damages. But thick leather acts like rubber and can quickly absorb impacts to ensure the safety of your valuables.

The Capacity

Like any other storage product, the cue carrying cases differ in their carrying capacity. Therefore, it’s essential to examine this feature, as each case is different carefully.

But before you decide, you should first be aware of the number of cues you plan to own or be carrying on your practice/game trips.

Since most beginners own only one cue, they will only need a small capacity cue carrying case.

On the other hand, professionals invest in large capacity cases because they tend to carry multiple cues for their games and practice sessions.

The capacity of the carrying case should also include the available compartments for your butts and shafts.  This will offer you easy access, especially when in a hurry.


When we speak about protection, we are specifically referring to the pool carrying case’s inner lining.

A good lining should keep your cue in place, ensuring it doesn’t unnecessarily move around, leading to unnecessary damages.

When the padding is stable, you can comfortably move around without worrying about your cues hitting against each other.

The most common material used for padding is foam. They are great at absorbing impacts, even those brought about by accidental falls on hard surfaces.

Some case manufacturers use plastic molds.

But they are not as good as foam because they can only hold specific types of dimensional cues. So, you have to ensure the molds are specifically meant for your cue type.

If you find a fitting plastic mold, it will offer you long-term service as they’re known to be very durable.

For inexpensive cue cases, most manufacturers use soft linings. They might not protect your cue from impactful falls as much as the plastic or the foam linings could do, but they are better than nothing.

They come in different colors and are ideal for players who are more focused on styles than their functional capabilities.

The Features

Let’s first agree on something: you won’t be investing in a pool cue case if you didn’t want a product that will make transportation easy, right?

Because of that, you need to focus on the features that these cases offer.

For instance, are the straps adjustable? Do they have straps? Adjustable cases make it easy to achieve a perfect fit.

You need your case securely tight on your body, especially if you’re always on-the-move.

Handles, on the other hand, need to be constructed out of durable material.

For the perfect grip, go for rubber handles. They are also weatherproof, guaranteeing durability, and reliability, even in extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, a textured material makes a better choice than a smooth surface, while at the same time being big enough to comfortably accommodate your hands (not too big or too small)


The first thing you should do before heading to the market is come-up with a rough budget estimate. Be as true to yourself as possible, and avoid following a crowd as this can be misleading.

You want to purchase an affordable cue carrying case within your budget, without much compromise on quality.

Remember, your number one priority should be proper protection and ease of movement, at least for beginners.

FAQs About the Best Pool Cue Cases

How Do You Store A Pool Stick in A Case?

The best position to store your pool stick is flat in a cue case. Your number one priority is to avoid placing any pressure on it, to avoid damages.

It’s advisable to use a hard cue case as it provides excellent protection from external factors such as extreme temperatures, moisture, etc., than soft cases.

The YouTube video provides a clear demonstration:

What Are the Most Famous Pool Cue Case Brands?

As you can see from this best pool cue cases reviews, the most famous pool cues brands include HAN’S DELTA, PiKu, Iszy, and Elite.


The primary purpose of a pool cue case is to offer maximum protection to your cue while offering you the convenience to move around.

Also, the case is a perfect storage room for your device when not in use to ensure it stays in good condition and serves you for the longest time.

The above list of the best pool cue cases promises to offer you the best service. Therefore, you should choose the most appropriate one based on your needs and get to enjoy your investment.

Don’t forget to check out the buying guide for useful tips on the perfect selection procedure. You’re already a step ahead of your peers by simply reading this.

Thank you!

  1. Honestly, I don’t believe that you really know anything about cue cases.
    The primary functions of the case are to transport and protect the cue. You actually recommended a case that, by your own admission, sometimes doesn’t include the lining (no protection there).
    If you really want to know “the best case”, stop looking at cases coming from the same factory under different names and consider others that actually perform the function for which they are intended. (By the way, I’ve been playing for around 30 years, and if I haven’t owned most of the case type and brands, I’ve physically had them in my hands, from the $5 economy to $3000+ custom handmade cases).

    1. As a casual player looking to provide information to all different level of players, I fully understand that sometimes we might not get our list to be approved by everyone. Lists, by default, encourage discussions and different opinions.

      With that being said, if you are open to it, I would ask that you reply with recommendations of a few brands/models of cue cases you would like me to consider, I would be happy to look into them and update this list accordingly.

      I definitely value every reader’s opinion, and with you being an experienced user, I would find what you have to say very valuable. Thank you for taking time to read and comment on this article.

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