Best Bumper Balls Reviews In 2021

As silly as this may look, bumper balls are actually a lot of fun.

They are a perfect game for family gatherings especially in summer where the weather is nice.

Anyway, I thought to review some bumper balls that I find to be best in my opinion.

Here are below my best picks for bubble balls that you can buy in 2021.

Best Bumper Balls To Buy In 2021

1. BATURU Inflatable Bumper Soccer Ball 1.5m (5 ft)

The BATURU Inflatable Bumper Soccer Ball is made from Plato PVC that’s 0.8mm thick. This thick material doesn’t tear easily, and it also has impressive wear resistance.

Additionally, the high-grade PVC used is odorless and non-toxic so it can be used by players who have sensitive skin.

This bubble ball has been made using superior construction featuring superior sealing performance.

The ball has great ductility, and it will not leak easily even after hours of play.

It also has anti-aging properties that prevent it from fading or yellowing with time.

This BATURU bumper ball has both anti-freeze and UV resistance properties with a range of between 5°F and 104°F.

This means that the ball can be used all year round throughout the seasons without deforming even when exposed to cold winters and hot summers.

The BATURU shoulder straps are made from thick, soft, multi-paneled ventilated padding that has been sewed repeatedly.

These breathable, adjustable straps give maximum back support and relieve stress on the shoulders. Besides the shoulder straps, the ball also comes with comfortable handles.

There are seven fasteners on the ball for shape maintenance, and these are lined up in a vertical column.

The fasteners increase the bearing capacity of the bumper ball, and as a result, this ball can support weights up to 250 lbs.

This bumper ball has an exterior diameter of 1.5m (5 ft), an interior diameter of 0.58m (1.9 ft), and a height of 1.25m (4.1 ft).

It is a standard size ball suitable for players falling between 4.8 ft – 6.3 ft tall and weighing between 100 – 250 lbs.

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2. ANCHEER Inflatable Bumper Bubble Soccer Ball 1.2m/1.5m (4 ft/5 ft)

The ANCHEER bubble ball comes in a fun assortment of colors whereby you have eight color choices.

This vibrant color combination would be a great option for a team or a league or even just for family fun whereby everyone identifies their ball by its color.

This ball is made from 1.0mm thick Plato PVC so you can rest assures that it is a thick, durable ball that will competently stand up to hours of play.

This material is non-toxic and odorless so users can play without worrying about developing allergies or exposing their bodies to harmful substances.

The ball has been sealed using the welding edge technology, and this results in better sealing, thereby reducing the likelihood of leakages.

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Additionally, this ball has aging resistance which guards against yellowing or fading with age.

Similar to the BATURU, this ANCHEER bubble ball also has seven fasteners for shape retention.

This allows for better tensile resistance and tolerance, thereby increases the loading capacity of the ball when compared to a ball having 5 or 6 fasteners.

The inside of the ball comes with adjustable canvas shoulder straps along with smooth and secure TPU handles for safety.

The plug of the ball is also made from TPU, therefore, providing a high-quality tight seal against air leakage.

This bumper ball comes in two sizes: a large and a small.

The large model measures 1.5m (5 ft) in diameter, and this is designed for users who are between 4’9″ and 6’2″ tall and weighing between 100 – 180 lbs.

The small model measures 1.2m (4 ft) in diameter, and it is designed for users weighing between 60 – 100 lbs., and measuring between 3’9″ and 4’9″ tall.

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3. Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball Set 5ft

Any games involving bumper balls are best players with at least two players because if you are all alone then who will you bump up against?

For this reason, the Popsport inflatable bumper ball is a great option because it comes in sets of two.

This Popsport ball is made from 0.8mm thick PVC. This material is thick, durable, non-toxic, odorless, and eco-friendly.

The ball is CE/TUV certified meaning players can use it without having any health or safety-related concerns. This is a perfectly safe ball for use by both kids and adults.

Still, on safety, this bumper ball comes with a 3-way safety system. These are air cushioning, handles, and a safety harness.

The air pockets come in different colors, so the user has the option between blue and red air pockets contained within the transparent ball.

In case the ball punctures, then you will be happy to know that it conveniently comes with a repair kit comprising glue and some material patches.

Tears are pretty easy to remedy, and the easy-to-follow instructions included with the repair kit ensure that you cannot go wrong.

This ball measures 1.5m (5 ft) in diameter and can hold weights up to 220 lbs.

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4. Garybank Bubble Soccer Ball 1.5m (5 ft)

Garybank is one of the most trusted bubble ball manufacturers in the industry, and this bumper ball does not disappoint.

It is a high-quality ball at a very affordable price.

One feature which truly sets this ball apart is the super eyesight hollow out innovative feature.

This hollow out at the front of the ball enhances the eyesight of the players providing a clear view that might otherwise have been blurred by dust or multiple uses of the bubble ball.

This feature also provides more secure play for users who wear glasses.

This ball is manufactured from Plato PVC, which is a high grade, durable plastic free of any odors and toxins.

This ball does not puncture easily, and so it can easily withstand hours of play without leaking or developing any wear and tear.

Of course, this is provided, the ball is used in the right way and on the right surfaces.

To prolong the life of your ball, make sure you do not over-inflate it as this will make it likely to pop.

Additionally, only use the ball on grass or wooden surfaces that are free of any sharp objects.

It is also recommended not to play with a bumper ball near pets.

This is because the pets will think you are playing with them and so they can easily tear the bubble ball with their claws.

As long as you give it the proper care, rest assured you will be using this ball well into the future.

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5. shaofu Inflatable Bumper Ball 1.2m/1.5m (4 ft/5 ft)

This shaofu bumper ball is made from non-toxic, odorless 0.8mm thick TPU. Unlike its PVC counterparts, this ball is corrosion resistant to acid and alkali.

Users don’t have to worry about the ball getting damaged by sweat or oils.

The ball is also conveniently waterproof so you can leave it out in the rain if you do not want to keep deflating and inflating it.

This extends the durability of the ball, besides making it very easy to use, clean, and maintain.

The welding edge technology provides a better seal compared to a glued edge.

This way, the ball has better air retention, great flexibility, and non-deformation.

It also has heat and cold resistance ranging between 5.0°F -0 104°F so players can use the ball throughout the year.

There are comfortable TPU handles that are welded onto the front interior part of the ball, and there are also shoulder straps for enhanced security.

The adjustable canvas straps are comfortable, and they guarantee a perfect fit for all users.

The 1.5m (5′) bumper ball has an interior diameter of 60cm (23.6″) and a height of 128cm (50.4″).

The adjustable strap in this ball is 95cm (37.4″) long and can support weights ranging from 100 lbs. – 180 lbs.

On the other hand, the 1.2m (4′) bumper ball has an interior diameter of 50cm (19.7″) and a height of 105cm (41.3″).

The adjustable strap is 90cm (35.4″) long, and the ball can support users weighing between 60 lbs. – 100 lbs.

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6. Theefun Sumo Bumper Balls – 2 balls

The Theefun bumper ball is a free-arm model that would be a great addition to a barbecue or pool party.

Because it is designed for light play, this bumper ball can conveniently come in handy anywhere and at any time.

Better yet, these balls come in pairs.

They are made from 0.3mm thick PVC, which is durable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic.

The PVC is heat-sealed to guard against air leaks, and it has been tested to guarantee it is safe for use by kids and adults alike.

The plastic PVC material is thick enough to offer shock absorption properties but not so thick that the bumper suits can be used for intense gameplay.

Nevertheless, the inflatable ball is very easy to inflate and deflate in just a matter of minutes using either a pump.

These bumper balls are safe to use in direct sunlight and punctures can easily be remedied using the repair kit that comes with the bumper balls.

The two complimentary repair patches can each repair about 1-3 small holes so rest assured the kit should do you a great service.

When fully inflated, this bubble ball measures 36″ in diameter, and it has a weight capacity to up to 265 lbs.

As long as one is under the weight limit, this ball does not have a maximum age or height limit. Anyone can enjoy rolling around in it.

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7. GoBroBrand Bubble Bumper Balls - 2 pack

The GoBroBrand bubble bumper balls are designed for light play, but they are remarkably well made.

The balls are constructed in a honeycomb style with various air compartments.

The convenient part about this design is that one section can pop while the rest remains intact. So, the fun won’t stop just because the ball has a hole in one section.

Nevertheless, holes van easily be repaired using the kit which comes with the balls.

The repair kit can conveniently patch up to 4 holes, and there is a set of instructions included.

These bumper balls are easily collapsible for transport or storage.

Which means you can take the fun with you wherever you go without giving it too much thought.

Whether you are going for a family get together, camping, to the park or the beach, there is no reason to leave your bubble balls behind.

These 36″ balls are made from durable heat-sealed PVC which is soft and lightweight yet still provides sufficient shock absorption upon collision.

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What Is A Bubble Ball/Bumper Ball?

Have you ever seen some games being played while the players are partially encased in a torus bubble that covers their head and upper body?

Well, this giant plastic orb is what’s known as a bubble ball or a bumper ball.

These giant inflatable bubbles allow players to roll, bump and flip over without risking injury.

Additionally, they come with an adjustable padded harness that guarantees a comfortable fit for users of all body shapes and sizes.

While wearing a bubble ball, the user’s legs are unrestricted so they can run around freely whereas their hands are restricted within the bubble.

This means that the players have to maintain balance using only their legs which further adds to the thrill of wearing a bubble ball.

While wearing this giant plastic bubble, players can engage in a variety of games. These include rolling down a hill, playing soccer, sumo, relay races and playing human dodgems.

Are Bumper Balls Safe?

First off, keep in mind that every physical activity has a risk of injury. So similarly, it is possible to get hurt while using a bumper ball.

Nevertheless, bubble balls are designed to be very safe, and so if used the right way, one doesn’t need to worry about getting injured.

Different bubble balls will come with different safety features so seek to find this out. Ideally, the best balls are those that come with a 3-way safety system.

A 3-way safety system comprises adjustable straps for a perfect fit, internal handles for stability and protection against air pressure.

Air pressure shouldn’t be such a big worry unless you intend to use the bubble ball in an area with powerful winds that can blow you away.

In addition to the safety features provided, players can take extra precautionary measures. For instance, it is vital to wear the right shoes to prevent roiling on your ankle while trying to prop yourself up on your feet.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Bubble Soccer?

The cost of renting a bubble soccer ball with vary depending on how many balls you need and for how long you will be renting them.

Overall, the total cost should also include the cost of setting up the balls and deflating them as well. Keep in mind that the setup and tear down costs will also vary depending on the type of bubble ball that’s in use.

When it comes to the size of your group, there are two ways to go about it.

You may choose to rent a bubble ball for each player – which will be more costly, or you may decide to sub-in players – which would be more affordable. It all depends on how you have structured your game.

The duration of play is entirely up to you. However, most rental companies will have a minimum rental duration of 2 hours. This way, the users are assured of at least 1 hour guaranteed playtime.

On average, the rental cost per ball per player would range between $20 – $25 for a duration of up to 2 hours. For large groups, however, a company may choose to offer a flat rate.

How to Choose A Bumper Ball for Your Backyard

  • Material

Most bubble balls are either made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

TPU is used in bubble balls that will undergo heavy use such as balls used for rental or those used in leagues. TPU balls are highly flexible, and they can be used in colder climates.

Additionally, this recyclable plastic is environmentally friendly, odorless, and has superior abrasion resistance.

PVC balls are cheaper, but likewise, their lifespan is also shortened. These balls tend to harden and discolor with time, and they can even crack after prolonged use.

As a result, this material is better suited for balls that shall be used occasionally.

Additionally, PVC balls tend to have plastic smell, and they are not ideal for use in cold climates. Typically, the material of a bumper ball has to be at least 0.8mm thick, but higher quality TPU balls are thicker.

  • Bounciness

When it comes to the style of construction, bubble balls may either be threaded or constructed in a honeycomb style. Both these styles have different effects on the bounciness of the ball.

Threaded models come with a network of strings inside the ball. These strings aid in distributing air and pressure, therefore, preventing the walls of the ball from crashing or collapsing upon impact.

This way, instead of absorbing the shock of the impact, the user can easily bounce away from the other player.

Honeycomb models, just as the name suggests, come with interlocking pockets gathered at the seams. These balls have inferior cushioning and result in less bounce-back action when players collide. They are, therefore, the less popular models.

  • Size

Bubble balls do not come in a one-size-fits-all option. Instead, there is a limited range of sizes to choose from.

The standard balls have a diameter of 1.5m, but you can find smaller models that have a diameter of 1.2m or even 0.8m.

Additionally, bubble balls come with recommended weight and heights, so pay attention to this when selecting a ball.

Smaller models are designed for children and teens up to about 4’0″ tall while larger models are designed for players between 4’0″ and 6’0″ tall.

  • Safety Features

The safety features included in most bubble balls are a shoulder harness and handles. The shoulder harness looks similar to a seat belt with adjustable straps having a loop or snap closure mechanism.

These keep the ball securely attached to your body as your run, bump and roll around in the ball.

A pair of vertical handles may be provided opposite the shoulder harness. These handles may be made from rubber or plastic, and they help the player hold on to the front of the ball.

The purpose of these safety features is to minimize jostling and shifting of the bubble ball around the player’s body.

This is particularly important for the players that have a smaller body frame, and so there is more space left inside the ball.

  • Design

Swaddle-style bubble balls completely enclose the players’ arms. Often, these models will cover your head as well, and they will be longer, therefore, protecting your hip and an upper leg too.

As you might have guessed, this bubble ball style is designed for more intensive play.

Free-arm models are smaller than swaddle-style balls, and they look like over-inflated vests. These allow for full range motion of the players’ arms and the head and hips are exposed as well.

Because they offer less protection, free-arm models are designed for light play.