viper shot king dartboard review

Viper Shot King Dartboard Review

Regardless of your skills, without a good quality bristle dartboard, you may not be able to perform or score in a game.

Even the best darts will not save the situation.

Therefore, a premium and durable dartboard and darts are necessary to prove your professionalism and skills in this game.

There are different brands in the market, and Viper Shot King Dartboard is among them.

Below here, we have a comprehensive review of this adorable bristle dartboard.

Viper Shot King Dartboard Review

  • Round design

The majority of professionals worry about bounce-outs. Premium dartboards are expensive; however, they have fewer bounce-outs.

The Viper Shot King Dartboard is a decently priced board that meets your expectations in the dart room.

The spider wires on this board are round and not angled, and this makes it exceptional as it helps reduce the bounce-outs.

  • Size

The Viper Shot King Dartboard has an overall dimension of 18 inches in diameter and a scoring area of 15.5 inches.

Generally, this is the recommended size for a tournament or a competitive game.

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  • Material

A high-quality dartboard will last many training sessions and will give you value for money.

The Viper Shot King Dartboard is made from high-quality natural sisal fibers.

These are packed down together by the use of a compression band for durability and longevity.

Furthermore, the ring encompasses the board in elegant colors and thus blends with your style.

  • Wiring system

The spider wires are thick, super strong, and are affixed on the outer area.

Due to their sturdiness, they can withstand the force from the dart. Thus, they will not break nor bend from the impact of the darts.

For reduced bounce-outs, there is a thin three-sided wire around the bull eye that excellently swerves the dart shots.

The advantage of a thin wire is that it increases the scoring area and hence your scoring potential.

  • Movable ring

The Viper Shot King Dartboard can always look as good as new.

A bonus feature is a movable ring that makes it easier for you to rotate the board to smoothen the scruffy areas. This incredible feature helps in balancing the dartboard for durability.

  • Ease of assembly

The Viper Shot King Dartboard is easy to fix to the wall since the package comes with hardware.

Therefore you only need some DIY tools to fix it. However, for added stability, you can affix it to the wall.


  • Spider wires are thick and sturdy to withstand impact from the darts
  • A movable ring helps in smoothening the wear areas
  • The scoring area consists of high-quality sisal fiber
  • Suitable for leagues or tournaments.
  • Reasonably priced


  • Round wires too thick to control bounce-outs
  • Low quality of the darts

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Viper Shot King Dartboard Product Specs

  • Detachable number ring
  • Package includes six darts and the dartboard
  • Thick and tough spider wires
  • Staple free bullseye
  • High-quality sisal fibers


Overall, the build is top-notch; however, the design is not wholly staple-free.

Unlike most dartboards for beginners that usually have staples on the bullseye, the Viper shot king bullseyes is staple-free.

A major concern is the recurrent bounce rates which are caused by the round wires separating the numbers

Typically, round spider wires are not convenient for reducing bounce-outs. None the less, the bristle area is made of high-quality natural sisal for extra durability.

Spider wires are more resilient when you compare to other dartboards with thin wires.

Hence, these can withstand forceful impact from the darts and protect your dartboard from early wear and tear.

In our final comment, the Viper Shot King Dartboard is a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality dartboard at a friendly price.

It may not be a good choice for professionals due to the high number of bounce-outs.