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Best Snooker Cue Tips In 2021: Buyer’s Guide

For a beginner, cut tips may not seem like a big deal.

But, the pros understand very well how a cue tip hardness can influence the accuracy of your shots in snooker.

This guide here aims to help you find the best snooker cue tips that will never let you down.

Our Pick
Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tip
Also Great
CUESOUL 5pcs 14mm Cue Tip Super Soft for Billiard Pool Cue and Snooker...
Table Model & Brand
N° Reviews
72 Reviews
780 Reviews
Average Rating
Our Pick
Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tip
Table Model & Brand
N° Reviews
72 Reviews
Average Rating
Also Great
CUESOUL 5pcs 14mm Cue Tip Super Soft for Billiard Pool Cue and Snooker...
Table Model & Brand
N° Reviews
780 Reviews
Average Rating

Best Snooker Cue Tips In 2021

1. Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tip

The Kamui brand has been around for a while. It’s a trusted billiard products dealer across the world thanks to its wide range of high-quality products.

The Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tip is a true definition of value for money.

It comes in various colors to make the selection process easy according to preference.

You get to choose between black hard, black medium, black soft, black super soft, and hard and tiger glue.

The tips are laminated to ensure you achieve a better play than your competitors.

It also guarantees users durability and reliability, thanks to its leather construction.

According to numerous client reviews on various online sites, this tip is a sure bet when it comes to cue ball gripping.

It will give you one of the best grips within its range, thanks to its high elasticity feature.

And the best part is that you don’t have to use much force to achieve more spin.

The high elasticity feature gives you better control of the cue ball, which most beginners seem to appreciate.

This Kamui Blacktip is made in Japan with the highest craftsman quality. You can easily shape them using sandpaper or sharpener, and they will be ready for use.

They are, however, hard, therefore, might not appeal to players who prefer soft tips.

As for the size, you can only get them in 14mm, so if you prefer anything less than that, you will have to look elsewhere.

It isn’t a superior quality tip for nothing, expect it to breathe life into your old pool stick (if you own one)

The Kamui tip can also hold chalk for longer than any other tip within its range of pricing while retaining its shape.

  • Value for money
  • Mind-blowing ball control
  • Ability to retain shape
  • Holds chalk for long
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Not soft

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2. CUESOUL Cue Tips Screw-On Tip

If affordability is what you’re searching for, the CUESOUL Cue Tips-Pool Cue Tip makes an ideal pick.

Cuesoul not only makes impressive tips but also sells them at a much lower price than other manufacturers in the market.

The tips are made from the famous Japanese pigskin, and they promise users longevity.

These cue tips feature a lamination of 10 layers, and like the Kamui Black, they are 14mm in diameter.

The best part is that you get to choose the level of hardness you want. From the pool cue tip-M, mix hardness, S to SS, you will get lost for choice.

This particular one is SS.

Besides, this brand is already well established, and from the positive reviews I see about it from different buyers, you can trust it to deliver their promise.

So, even if it comes cheap, you can expect it to serve you just like any premium tip.

Most players confess their preference for this cue tip because of its ability to hold chalk for long.

Also, the tip is easy to install even for beginner players, and the same case applies to the maintenance process.

And because of this, I would recommend this tip for both starter and experienced players.

And because of its ability to comfortably accommodate both pool cues and the snooker cues, the CUESOUL offers value for money, especially if you enjoy playing both games.

When you order this package, you receive five mixes of tips, all of which overlap the standard cue tip of 13mm.

  • Affordable
  • Offer a premium-quality feel
  • Decent grip tips
  • Easy to shape
  • Hold chalk for long
  • Some users found getting the glue to sticks a bit frustrating

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3. CUESOUL Cue Tips-Pool Cue Tip

The CUESOUL Cue Tips hardness M is similar to the SS, but their hardness significantly impacts playability.

If you don’t like either hard or too soft cue tips, you will love this tip’s medium feel.

In fact, most players use it for shooting.

And like their SS counterparts, they come in a set of 5, but you don’t have the option to select the mix.

You will have to settle for what the manufacturer offers.

At their pricing, I find these tips quite impressive, and their decent quality will offer you durability and reliability before you decide to upgrade.

They are made from baked pig leather, which is known to withstand wear and tear.

Most players appreciate this tip’s ability to hold chalk for longer, plus it’s easy to maintain.

If you enjoy playing both snooker and pool, this cue will offer you value for money. But you will have to sharpen it a little bit more for snooker, which shouldn’t be a problem.

I love that this cue tip can accommodate a great number of billiard players, together with its affordable pricing, which is favorable even for on-budget players.

  • Value for money
  • Give a premium feel
  • Decent cue ball grip
  • Durable material construction
  • Good for breaking
  • Need a good quality super glue to stick

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4. KAMUI Snooker Original Laminated Billiard Cue Tip

This KAMUI Snooker Original Laminated Billiard CUE TIP is another Kamui cue tip oozing quality at affordable pricing.

The tip, which comes as a one-piece, is made from solid leather to guarantee you durability and reliability even on frequent use.

And that’s not all. The original leather helps players achieve more speed, leading to a more accurate shot.

Because of this, the tip makes it easy even for beginner players to accurately move the cue ball over a longer distance.

So, you can be sure to enjoy the training time!

The manufacturers of this tip ensured to use customized treated leather material, which not only maintains elasticity but also withstands adverse environments, such as humid environments.

  • Durable leather material
  • Generates more speed for an accurate shot
  • Can comfortably withstand humid environments
  • Allows playability
  • You only get one piece
  • Not soft

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5. CC Century Pro Cue Tip

The CC Century Pro Cue Tip might not be your typical cheap tip, but it sure is worth the pricing with its features.

This tip is one of the world’s first scientifically hand graded custom cue, which places it up for optimum consistency and fantastic feedback.

It offers players flexible playability, boosting their confidence as they face their opponents in the field.

And there’s still more.

This cue is made from the highest quality leather to serve you for a long while guaranteeing speed. It’s mostly used by professional players and has even appeared in tournaments.

So, if you’re a beginner, you might want to sharpen your skills before investing in it.

The good news is that you get to select a box with your preferred selection of tips.

I find this fair enough given its price and the fact that most manufacturers don’t allow this makes it even a better deal.

However, the major downside is that the tips only come in 10mm, so you will have to look elsewhere if you want bigger sizes.

  • Sturdy leather material
  • Great cue ball grip
  • Guarantees excellent speed
  • Chance to select preferred box
  • Only available in 10mm

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How To Choose The Right Snooker Cue Tip

Being a billiard player also means you get to make crucial decisions. For instance, you are likely to find yourself debating and trying to figure out which tip is best.

Any legend player will tell you how difficult it was to find the best options some years back. But you’re lucky because today’s market is filled with numerous choices.

Therefore, you have to be more cautious if you want to choose the right cue tip to serve your needs adequately. But how? Find out below:

Which Material Is Better?

This question is the most common of all. The most available cue tip materials are solid leather and layered leather.

a). Solid Leather Cue Tips

These are usually made from a thick piece of leather (usually tanned), and then press it down to form a single layer.

Because of this, these tips are of excellent quality and are consequently pretty inexpensive.  Most beginner and slightly experienced players love them.

They offer not only value for money but also a unique solid hit, especially when striking the cue ball.

They also come in various sizes, so you get to choose according to preference. Plus, they don’t require much trimming, making them ideal for beginners.

Also, because of their affordability and reliability, these tips make excellent replacements, especially for one-piece house cues.

But, with all the positive attributes, come some minimal setbacks. These tips might not be the best pick if your main priority is to maintain consistency.

For instance, you might purchase two or three identical cue tips from the same manufacturer with all the features intact, but chances of playing different are high.

Additionally, the solid leather snooker cue tips tend to compress pretty fast. This means they will require more maintenance.

You will have to deal with the faster misshaping and learn excellent grooming.

Be careful, however, as too much grooming can lead to wear and tear or giving the leather a spongy-like feel.

b). Layered Leather Tips

Unlike the solid leather tips, the layered tips, also known as laminated tips, are made of numerous compressed layers of leather.

Most of the time, these layers are from the same leather part and are identical. They are them professionally pressed down with glue.

Because of their complex and articulate manufacturing process, these cue tips are long-lasting. And this explains why they’re more expensive than their solid leather counterparts.

They also hold their shape better, therefore, require little grooming. When playing, these tips give players a high consistency level, making them ideal for experienced/professional players.

Plus, they hold chalk for long, which means more consistency and control over the cue ball.

Cue Tip Hardness

This is also another vital factor to consider.  And although most players confess that they had to go through the trial and error route before settling for one, there’s also a matter of personal preference.

But how will you even know your preference if you haven’t tried the tip yet?

If you don’t like lots of grooming, you might want to consider getting a softer tip.  They compress better than harder tips, so you won’t have to shape, etc. regularly.

Also, if your game is consists of a lot of spinning, a soft cue tip makes a great choice. The logic behind this is their ability to hold chalk for long.

On the other hand, medium cue tips are best for starters, who don’t know where they stand (hard or soft tips).  They also make practicing pretty easy as the not so soft feel spares you from a lot of grooming.

And although they might not hold the chalk as better as the soft tips, they do a decent job, which is good enough for a beginner player.

You can achieve decent cue ball spins with the medium tips, but honestly, nothing compared to what you can achieve when using a soft tip.

The hard cue tips, on the other hand, don’t need much shaping. After the first installation, they will be suitable for use (long-term).

You will, however, have to apply extra effort in chalking them if you want to achieve a decent spin with them. Otherwise, be ready to miscue a lot.

The best advice I can give is for you to let loose and try out the various types of hardness and see what works for you.

Even professional players have their preferences.

The Cue Tip Shape

You should begin by asking yourself which shape you prefer.  If you have no clue, worry not. There are only two most common types of cue shapes, and that’s the nickel and the dime radius. Confusing?

This means that the dome that’s usually at the upper part of the tip can either be approximately similar to the nickel or the dime radius.

When a cue tip has a dime shape, it will offer you a smaller contact point with the cue ball. And that will help you achieve more spin.

But, you will have to be good at what you do because if you don’t, you will end-up miscuing a lot.

The downside of these tips is that they offer less versatility, and aren’t forgiving.

On the other hand, the nickel radius offers you a more significant contact point with the cue ball, which makes it easy to control, especially for beginner players.

However, it doesn’t offer a high spin, but that shouldn’t be a problem as you start. You can always upgrade when you’ve mastered sufficient skills.

The good thing is that the nickel radius tips offer a lot of versatility that you can take advantage of as a beginner player.

As a beginner snooker player, the best thing is to experiment with various tips and see which shape works best.

There are also flat, coned mushroom and mushroom flat tips. It’s usually their diameters that differ.

Remember, your cue’s tip is one of the most crucial parts of your stick. Therefore, if you don’t invest wisely, you might never even reach your full potential.

So, take time to test the various available options, until you land on your best bet. Take nothing less, especially if you’re planning to take snooker as a profession.

FAQs About the Best Snooker Cue Tips

What Is the Best Shape for A Snooker Cue Tip?

As already mentioned above, there’s no absolute best or wrong snooker cue tip. It all depends on your experience level, preference, and gaming priorities.

However, because of the ease of playing, most individuals, especially beginners, prefer nickel-shaped cue tips.

They are also very versatile, larger, and more forgiving.

What Is the Best Snooker Cue for Beginners?

We recommend the Kamui Black Laminated Leather Tip.

Although a bit expensive, this tip is long-lasting, requires less grooming, and offers a constant spin. Gives you value for money, especially if you’re planning on playing snooker as a profession.

How Long Does A Snooker Cue Tip Last?

If you invest in a good quality cue tip, it will undoubtedly serve you for long. But of course, with proper maintenance.

So, how long your cue tip will last depends on how good you’re at maintaining and treating it.

Forget what other people are saying: that a cue tip should last up to 6 months. Here we say, maintenance and frequency of use determine its longevity.

What Snooker Cue Tips Do the Pros Use?

A professional player already knows what they want. They can confidently choose between a soft tip and a hard tip, depending on their preferred game.

Either way, most of them prefer the Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip – Single Tip because of its durability, elasticity, and vegetable-tanned leather construction.

It also has various hardness options to suit their needs. And it’s easy to repair.

How Do You Shape A Cue Tip at Home?

To round your cue’s tip, get swatch sandpaper and briskly rub it around your tip.

Ensure you work the strokes towards one direction, from top to bottom. Al this time, focusing on circularly turning both your cue and tip in your sanding hand.

You should achieve the desired shape in a minute or two.

If you’re using a tip shaper, place your shaper right side up on your floor, and then carefully place the tip into the depression.

For perfect positioning, your snooker stick should be upside down.

Now hold the cue near its butt and roll it back and forth to achieve the perfect tip.

To give you a better idea of what I am talking about, watch the YouTube videos below:


This article is a clear indication of the vital role cue tips play in a snooker game.

We have taken you through the best five tips, complete with a buying guide to make purchasing easy. You should, therefore by now, be in a position to make the ideal choice.

Remember, if you want to enjoy the game, you should have the right accessories, and that includes an excellent tip.