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Best Tetherball Sets In 2021: Buying Guide

Tetherball game is a popular pastime for most people looking forward to having fun.

It gives your family an outdoor thrill and keeps your kids engaged.

Also, it plays a significant role in boosting coordination skills in kids as well as keeping them fit and healthy.

Here, we look at the best tetherball sets you can get in 2021.

Best Tetherball Sets In 2021

1. PRO Swingball

If you’d like to buy a game that will encourage play on your kids, go ahead and pick this impressive portable tetherball set.

PRO Swingball is an idea for adults and big kids looking to play tetherball faster and longer.

When looking for an tetherball outdoor set for your kids, you want something that you can quickly assemble.

The Pro Swingball is easy to handle, and you only need to fill its base with either sand or water to hold it stable.

With a convenient height and sturdy base, this set is versatile.

You can play on any ground, whether it’s your backyard, concrete floor, or sand.

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Storage is easier since everything is packed in a box.

There is a heavy-duty lid to prevent leaks and damage by water. It also has a handle for easy transport.

The set comes complete with one pro Swingball, two checker bats, a scoring system, and a sturdy steel tube.

  • Versatile
  • Easy installation
  • Complete set
  • Comes with a storage kit
  • Not for very young kids

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2. Park & Sun Sports Tetherball Set

The advantage of the Park & Sun sports tetherball set is that it’s a fun and safe game set for the whole family, including young kids.

The tetherball pole is made of sturdy steel construction and doesn’t rust.

Therefore this solves the problem of playing under any weather condition and storage.

The base features a locking mechanism that allows for easy and fast set up.

There’s no need to worry about bruises to your hands when hitting the ball.

Each tetherball consists of soft padding that protects your arms, wrists, and palms when you hit it.

You’ll be impressed with the build quality of the tetherball, which is top-notch.

The advantage is, it doesn’t deflate quickly, like the rubber tetherballs. Thus, you can play long enough without pumping.

The set also features a 12-inch ground sleeve pole that offers a stable installation.

It’s easy to remove and won’t take much of your storage time.

Other accessories in the set include two inflation needles, a durable nylon cord, a Carabiner clip, and a hand ball pump.

  • Poles are sturdy and durable
  • Tetherball soft to touch
  • Easy to remove and store
  • Sturdy nylon cord
  • The sleeve is a bit shaky and requires some firm reinforcement

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3. Champion Sports Tetherball set

Champion Sports Tetherball set includes everything you need for a fun outdoor game.

Includes 102′ soft nylon rope and 4 height adjustable metal posts, and an air pump.

Also included is a nice carrying case, and this makes it ideal for taking this set on the go and playing anywhere.

Other than physical activity, this game engages the kids and enhances their eye to hand coordination skills.

This tetherball system comes with everything you need to have tetherball set up in minutes anywhere you find yourself needing some outdoor family fun.

It’ll only take a few minutes to set it up because it has only a few parts and an intuitive design.

After set up, the ball swings smoothly around the steel outdoor tetherball pole.

This set promises a quick takedown for storage during winter and travel.

Likewise, it comes with a portable tetherball system that you can take for an outdoor adventure to the beach, backyard party, or trip.

  • Sturdy parts
  • Comes with air pump
  • Suitable for the entire family
  • Portable tetherball set
  • Doesn’t hold well in rocky soil

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4. Championship Swingball by Mookie Swingball

Get ready for some awesome fun by choosing this Championship Swingball set from Mookie Swingball.

This incredible game promises some action for everyone, including kids above the age of four.

It’s excellent for outdoor activity and encourages kids’ development, including coordination.

The set features a sturdy base that you can place on any ground. You only need to add sand or water to hold it to the surface.

Its features a lightweight and portable design and parts can fit in a carry bag.

Thus you can carry it for an outdoor adventure at your backyard, the beach, or picnic.

The set is all-inclusive and includes two checker bats, a rope attached to the pole, and a tether ball.

You’ll have an easy time assembling since the parts lock into place quickly and effortlessly.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • An all-inclusive set
  • Sturdy base
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Easy set up
  • Not ideal for very young kids

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5. Park & Sun Sports tetherball set

Get ready for some classic Swingball action by picking this tether set from Park &Sun Sports.

The kit offers solo play and works great with two people practicing.

You can set it anywhere around the home, at the backyard, or at the beach.

Various accessories come with this set to get you started on the game.

There are three polls, each measuring 1.5″ in diameter and locks in quickly the outdoor tetherball pole.

The pole construction consists of high-quality steel that doesn’t rust when exposed to water.

This set features a beautiful multi-colored ball that’s both durable and soft to touch.

Therefore this protects your hands from bruises and allows you to play longer.

The ball attaches to a rope cord that you hook to a steel pole, thus no chasing after the ball.

Moreover, it swings more, and you can play endlessly without getting tired.

  • Sturdy pole
  • A well-padded ball
  • Strong ground sleeve
  • Great for the whole family
  • The poll not tall enough

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6. Sterling Sports Outdoor Tetherball set

When you’d like an outdoor game with friends, kids, and family, the Sterling Sports outdoors tetherball set is excellent for the entire family.

This remarkable set features a 12-inch ground sleeve for surface installation.

There’s a need for concrete and a sturdy base to secure the setup.

Other features include a premium quality steel pole designed to last and resist corrosion.

The pole has a button that uses the push locking mechanism.

Therefore this makes it easy to take down the structure by just pressing the button.

The set also includes an 8″ rubber ball that is both soft to touch and durable.

The quality is top-notch and withstands long hours without deflating.

The game is easy to play since the ball is attached to a sturdy nylon rope and hook clip.

You only need to snap, then play instantly. It also includes a ball pump and inflating needle.

  • Durable poles
  • High-quality ball
  • The ball is soft
  • Sturdy nylon pole
  • The pole bends after leaving outside for long

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7. Franklin Sports Tetherball Set

Bring back the classic days of playing Swingball in your backyard by choosing the Franklin Sports Tetherball Set.

This game kit is ideal for some outdoor fun in your yard, the beach, or BBQ. It’s also a fun game for your dog.

The assembly consists of a steel pool that stands at a suitable height for adults.

Other accessories include a mini ball pump, deflating needle, and a ball.

For the price, the set will give you value for money since the materials are weather and rust-resistant.

We recommend this product due to the ease of play.

There’s a long rope that attaches to the ball and rope; therefore, you can play solo or with other players for a fun session.

The kit is easy to set up or disassemble, and the parts can easily fit in a carry bag; thus are portable and easy to store.

  • Sturdy parts
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Ease of set up
  • Portable
  • Good pole height
  • Can be shaky

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How To Pick The Right Tetherball Set For You

There are a lot of brands offering tetherball sets.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose which one is right for you.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when buying a tetherball set.


A tetherball set consists of a tetherball, rope, and tubes. It’s essential to consider the material used in construction for added durability.

The rope holds to the ball and attaches to the pole. The quality should be premium so that the ball doesn’t become loose and detach.

Nylon is ideal since it can resist any weather and tackles the turns and hits from the ball.

The material for the poles should be durable for longevity.

Galvanized steel poles are sturdy and are rust-resistant.

A padded ball is soft to touch and gentle on your arms, wrists, and palms.

Since the game is a favorite for the entire family, it’s vital to consider your safety and that of the kids.

Choosing a durable material will withstand forceful impacts and hits.

A Sturdy Base

A strong base will hold the pole into places. Some tetherball sets are temporary and will need extra reinforcement in the form of water or sand.

Others require attaching on the ground surface.

Whatever the attachment, the base must be strong and not move even when stirring the ball.

The Height of The Pole

The pole height is an essential consideration and depends on players. For very young kids, you’ll need to consider shorter poles.

However, for older kids and adults look for long poles.

Ease of Assembly

A tetherball set should be easy to set up and disassemble.

The best options have a locking mechanism that collapses the set by a touch of a button.

Such a set is also easy to pack in a carry bag, and this makes it portable.

Therefore, you can use it anywhere at home, beach, or a picnic.


A tetherball set should give you the freedom to play anywhere. A suitable option will stay firm on any ground.

The base shouldn’t be heavy since it can be hard to transport. A weighted base offers flexibility in terms of mobility.

How to Play Tetherball: Rules of the Game

Tetherball is easy to learn and a good sports game for the whole family. It’s a two-player game with participants’ striking a ball wavering on a rope attached to a pole.

One of the players stands on one side of the pole while the other positions on the opposing side.

No player should stand in the area in between when the game starts.

The goal of the game is to get the ball to going round and round the pole.

If a player stands in between, they might get hit. Also, they can get in the way of the ball.

The first payer serves by hitting the ball around the pole. He aims at getting the ball go round the pole in the same direction until the rope tightens.

The second player has the same goal to hit the ball so that the opponent doesn’t win.

The player who wraps the ball around the pole wins.

A player gets disqualified from the game if they break the rules. For example, throwing the ball, touching the rope, catching and throwing the ball, crossing the line and touching the pole,

The aim is to hit the ball back and forth, and the game ends if the serves win three rounds in succession.

if you want more detailed information, check our article about tetherball rules and how to play.

FAQs About Tetherball Sets

How Tall Should A Tetherball Pole Be?

The length of the tetherball pole depends on the player. The height of most poles varies between 7 and 10 feet.

However, the rope should hang approximately 2 inches from the ground. For kids, a shorter pole is ideal. However, for adults, a long pole is favorable.

How Do You Make A Tetherball Set?

A tetherball set consists of a ball attached to a rope, a steel pole and a base. The first step is to unpack the items. Next, set the bottom to the ground.

You may need to add sand and water to hold the pole to the ground.

Some people use tires and fill with sand after installing the pole to the ground. Finally, inflate the ball and attach the rope to the pole using clips.

If you are looking for a more detailed guide, I recommend watching the following video

Can You Use Two Hands in Tetherball?

You can use either hand to hit the tetherball during a play. However, using both hands will lead to catching the ball, which is against the rules.

How Much Space Is Needed for Tetherball?

You’ll need a clear area of approximately 100 sq. Feet. Next, draw a circle with a diameter measurement of 10 feet.


Tetherball is a fun game for the entire family.

It’s favorite among families that would like to have fun in their backyard or an outing.

A tetherball set has everything you need to get started. When buying one, you’ll need to consider the sturdiness of the materials for longevity and safety during play.