Baseball Darts Rules

Baseball Darts Rules: How To Play The Game

If you love sports and like trying out new games, then you must have come across Dart.

But like any other game, Dart comprises various levels and Baseball Darts is the most preferred by newbies.

This is because like basic Baseball, its rules are quite simple and it takes only a few minutes of your time to master.

But even then, you will have to grasp a few advanced skills if you want to win.

Here’s a quick overview of the Baseball Darts, game variations and essential tips to help you start playing, soon!

Baseball Darts Rules

The Objective of the Game

Your focus in the Baseball Darts game is for you to score as many runs as possible in every inning.

The inning here refers to the specific turn-rounds that the game is on.

So, the 1st inning is the 1st turn and it applies to every player.

And then the 2nd inning refers to the 2nd round of turns, the 3rd to the 3rd round of turns, etc.

Now that you get what an Inning means, let’s continue…

So when you’re participating in a game of 9 innings, you will compile your scores from the 1st turn to the 9th turn.

The player with the most scores automatically becomes the winner.

Note; The Baseball Darts games only use number 1-9 on the board. And they become the target regions for every inning.

So for specific inning numbers, only the area with the number associated with that inning on the board is valid.

Starting the Game

The commencement of the game is characterized by coin tossing to select the team that starts playing first.

Then 3 darts (can be either soft tip or steel tip darts) are thrown by each team to count as an inning.

The small outer ring on the board is counted as two runs, while the small inner ring is 3 runs.

And the other remaining areas within the inning settle for are a single run.


In case there’s a tie at the end of the game, the teams participate in additional innings, only that the bullseye becomes the target this time around.

For the scores, the outer bullseye equals to one run, while the inner one is 2 runs. The game goes on until one team beats the other to be declared the winner.

Here’s a video that shows in practice how a game of baseball darts is played.

Scoring In Baseball Darts

The scoring board should always be set in place before the commencement of the game. It should be placed horizontally and the names of each player carefully indicated on the left side.

As for the inning columns, they should be arranged in ascending order towards the right side, to mimic the appearance of the Baseball scoreboard.

The game begins with each player attempting to score runs in the 1st inning’s number 1.

At this stage, a player scores only when they hit number 1.

All the players get equal 3 chances to try scoring as many runs as they can using their 3 darts within that inning.

When you hit a specific number’s space within the board once, that’s equal to 1 run.

When you hit twice, it’s equal to 2 runs and thrice is equal to 3 runs. The inning is declared over once every player exhausts their 3 runs.

Other Variations of Baseball Darts

The variations of Baseball Darts, basically depend on the rules applied.

This causes a slight change in the way the game is run, but the basics remain intact.

Let’s look at some of these variations so that you can easily identify them the next time you go play.

7th Inning Stretch

First, we have the 7th Inning Stretch, which allows the formation of an extra rule to the ones already available.

In this case, players have to be careful with their runs in during the 7th inning because if they miss the target, then their entire score is divided by two.

Which simply means, they remain with a score standing of half of what they had achieved throughout the game, up to the 7th inning.

While this rule is great in bringing a new adventurous twist to the game, it can sometimes overwhelm the players and disrupt the peaceful nature of the game. Especially for beginners.

But if taken positively. It can make the game more enjoyable.

After all, a little complexity is a great brain teaser.

Dummy Players basketball darts game

Secondly, there’s the Dummy Players basketball darts game.

This type of variation comes into existence when the teams involved in the game consist of an uneven number.

The inclusion of dummy players is helpful in such cases as they help to even the scores. How?

The dummy will be set with an already predetermined score.

And this score will be decided depending on the expertise of the involved players.

They are usually 5, 10, 15, 20, etc…

Once there has been an agreement on the dummy score, the number is equally divided between the innings.

Remember the game aims to be as fair as possible for all players.

So whichever variation you choose, consent is always key.

Baseball Darts Tips

Focus on the triples. Remember the highest points you can score per inning is 9. And that consists of 3 triples.

Triples are usually at the center section.

So whenever your dart misses to hit it, it will most probably land on the immediate single section, which is equal to 1 point for you!

You might want to maximize on that if you can manage to land a dart on the triples section as often as possible.

FAQ About Baseball Darts

What does sacrifice mean in baseball darts?

A sacrifice is a score that’s made once a players’ dart hits the black spot surrounding the outer part of the board.

This mostly happens when a runner is on base.

You, however, have to call it out before throwing the dart.

In Conclusion

Baseball Darts is a fun-filled game that could serve as a get-together for sport-loving friends.

The best part is that you can learn the basics within a few minutes, so any interested party can join.

Additionally, there is no limit to the number of games you can play, so if you have a whole day, then roll-up your sleeves and enjoy.

Bonus point; If you have been practicing for other darts games, Baseball darts can help perfect your aim, while polishing other acquired techniques.