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Kan Jam Review: Best Sets To Buy In 2021

Kan Jan is one of the most played and loved backyard games.

Reason? It’s simple to set-up and flexible enough to accommodate any amount of players.

So if you have been searching out for a fun-filled game, which you can enjoy with family and friends, then we got the answer for you; try Kan Jam.

But before you jump with joy and head straight to the store to purchase a Kan Jam set, here is a comprehensive review to help you know which set suits your needs.

We also answer some of the basic Kan Jam game questions.

Read through to the end!

What is Kan jam?

Kan Jam can be easily ruled off as disc golf by beginners.

It’s an outdoor sport that’s characterized by the throwing of a Frisbee into a bin/container to score.

In this case, it’s the container that’s referred to as a “Kan”.

The game includes two teams. And each team is made up of two people and there are two bins at both ends of the playing area.

The focus of the game is for the two players to help each other reach the ultimate score of 21 points.

The minimum number of players required for this game is 4.

Kan Jam Review: Is it Worth it?

1. Kan Jam Original Portable Disc Slam Outdoor Game

This Kan Jam Portable Disc Slam Outdoor Game set is currently one of the best in the marketplace.

It’s suitable for open and large spaces, making it a favorite for backyard games.

When you purchase this Kan Jam set, you receive two portable and waterproof Kans and an official Kan Jam throwing disc. Kans are to be placed about 50-feet apart.

This best Kan set is easy to assemble as it comes with an instructional manual, hence suitable even for beginners.

You can even let the kids help in the set-up.

The fact that this set is wide as compared to similar sets in the marketplace, makes it beginner-friendly.

It’s also easy for kids to play. Making it a perfect game for family gatherings, parties and family fun days.

At only 5.8 pounds, this set is extremely portable.

You can take it with you, wherever you want. Be it to the nearby park, beach or weekend getaway, you won’t even feel the weight!

  • Easy to set-up
  • Portable
  • Guarantees a lot of fun
  • Doesn’t require many skills to play
  • Too light, hence can be easily knocked off
  • Doesn’t come ‘with an extra disc
  • For outdoors only

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Can You Play Kan Jam Indoor?

2. <strong>Kan Jam Tabletop Mini Disc Game</strong>

If you love playing indoors and would like to include Kan Jam in your to-do list, then the Kan Jam Tabletop Mini Disc Game should be your ideal set.

The set requires a space of about 16-feet, so ensure you have enough room.

Therefore, places like the basement, Rec room, and Dorm, make perfect hosting places.

This makes it a perfect sport for those exquisite indoor office parties, birthdays, etc.

And like the original portable disc, this set also comes with a disc, 2 Kans and an instruction manual.

So you will have to find the best playing table and of course players.

This incredible mini Kan Jam set, allows not only the standard 2 vs 2 player matches but also the 1vs 1.

This means, you only need one willing person to play with you and you will be set!

Setting up is also pretty simple, so you won’t require an expert.

The Kin Jam Mini guarantees its users with the durability thanks to its high-quality construction.

And it can be played by individuals of all ages.

  • Great for both outdoors and indoors
  • Accommodates players of all ages’
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Allows 1vs 1 playing
  • Adds fun and class to indoor parties
  • Durable construction
  • Playing can prove difficult for a team of 4 people, due to the small-sized discs and cans
  • Due to the small and light size of the discs and cans, playing outside can prove difficult, especially on a windy day.

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Playing Kan Jam on Water

3. <strong>Kan Jam Splash Pool Disc Game</strong>

What comes into your mind when you hear the word splash?

Lots of water and fun, perhaps?

If that’s the best way you can describe your perfect Kan Jam game, then look no further, Kan Jam Splash Pool Disc Game got you sorted.

With this set, you can actualize your dream of playing, while floating on water.

You receive a set of two customized Kans, which can easily float on water.

And with them, the package includes a small-sized Kan Jam throwing disc, together with a user guide to help you get started.

However, far from what it sounds like, this splash Kan Jam splash version isn’t as easy to play as the dry ground versions.

Why? The small form of Kans, combined with the tiny disc, might hinder the flexibility of movement, as well as make disc throwing difficult.

This might prove even more difficult for beginners.

Also, the movement of Kans is controlled by the water, so you have to be fast to score.

But despite all that, the set is pretty simple to assemble.

And can be played by individuals of all ages. Just ensure you use the kids’ pool if you will be playing with them.

  • Kans are guaranteed to float on water
  • Accommodates the 1vs 1 and the 2vs2 games
  • Children and the elderly can enjoy it
  • Great adventurous game for the outdoor pool section
  • Guaranteed Durability
  • The movement of Kans largely depends on the water movements, which might prove difficult to control.
  • The set comes with tiny disc and small cans, hence making playing pretty difficult. Some customers say the Frisbee is too small to even fly.

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Who is Kan Jam for?

Kin Jam is a fun-filled game that can perfectly fit any occasion.

It’s very clear from the above sample reviews, that you can never lack the appropriate set to use for both outdoor and indoor parties.

So this makes Kan Jam a flexible game, which can easily accommodate anyone.

It helps lighten up the moments and draw families together.

Children get to learn new fun ways to play and adults get to spend quality time with their loved ones.

The only requirement for one to play Kan Jam is the ability to throw a disc.

So no matter the age, gender, social background, academic qualifications and other demographics of individuals, so long as they can toss a disc, then they’re game.

How cool is that?

You can play it on the beach, in the neighborhood part, in the home swimming pool or the basement of your house.

Whichever place you select, just focus on having as much fun as possible, because, that’s what Kan Jam is all about.

Fun and More Fun!

Are Kan Jam Accessories Necessary?

Some versions of Kan Jam come with extra accessories.

Most of the time, these accessories are optional and you have to pay extra to get them.

It could be an extra disc, Kan or themed Kans and discs. It all depends on the package.

But are they really necessary?

While you might not need an additional disc or Kan, you might want to add the glow-in-the-dark accessory, to your must-have-list.

This’s vital, especially if you love hosting parties at night and would like to include the Kan Jam game as part of the entertainment.

Mostly, the glow package comes with a set of 2 Kans, a disc with a LED light attachment and some extra LED lights.

The LED lights are mainly to be placed inside Kans at night, to create a lighting-up effect from the outside.

They’re mainly controlled using a remote and you get to adjust the colors appropriately until you identify your preferred theme.

So to answer the question, the answer is YES and NO.

Yes, because the additional accessories are cool and vibrant. They help brighten the mood.

And no because they aren’t a necessity for game playing.

Wrap Up

Kan Jam is a game for everyone. It’s not only easy to play, but also full of fun.

But for an optimum experience, you have to equip yourself with the correct playing equipment.

And that’s why we have reviewed the above Kan Jam sets to help you choose the perfect one according to your needs.

From outdoor, indoor to pool Kan Jam game sets, there’s so much entertainment in one game.