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Best Kubb Sets To Buy In 2021: Beginners Guide

Does that sound familiar? Well, it might not but worry not.

You are in the right place, to turn and toss this name even before you think of purchasing the best Kubb set.

Kubb set is an exciting yet underrated game that was invented by the Vikings.

It was first played in Sweden and has continued to spread all over the world.

Let us engage and learn about it in the write up below.

Best Kubb Sets In 2021

1. Yard Games Kubb Premium Set

Outdoor events need a couple of games for optimal fun. The Yard Games Kubb set is an exceptional set for all outdoor activities.

It is quite affordable and performs well compared to other standard sets.

The set comes with gorgeous pieces made from high-quality hardwood. The pieces are durable and eco-friendly; hence they are safe to the environment.

They also absorb shock, which is one of the main factors for a perfect Kubb set.

Additionally, the pieces have a sleek finish that is gentle to the skin.

If you are playing for many hours, your hands will be safe; thus, you have concentrated on the game.

The storage is gorgeous and spacious enough to accommodate the pieces.

The straps are sturdy and well stitched to prevent snapping so you can comfortably carry this set outdoors.

  • Affordable
  • Durable pieces
  • Quality storage bag
  • The baton is too light.

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2. GoSports Kubb Viking Set

This set is dedicated to taking you back to the good old days.

Its pieces are engraved with graphics that enhance their appearance.

GoSports has been thoughtful enough to deliver a set made from durable rubberwood.

While some Kubb sets will last a few games, this set is made for elongated services.

It does not matter how often you play Kubb, but GoSports set here to serve you.

If you are looking for a set that will accommodate children, this should be your first option.

It is used in all terrains without compromising the flow of the game.

  • Very gorgeous
  • Ideal for all-terrain
  • Durable wood
  • Wood gets dents quite easily

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3. MAGGIFT Kubb Game Set

There are plenty of Kubb sets in the market, but the MAGGIFT Kubb Game Set will blow your mind.

The main thing you will enjoy about this set is its versatility.

This is because you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

This set has durable components. They are made from rubber hardwood, which is long-lasting.

This material is scratch-resistant while at the same time, feels smooth on your skin.

The pieces are made to impress both in appearance and functionality.

They have a smooth finish, and the edges are crafted just right.

MAGGIFT Kubb Game Set will fulfill all your indoor and outdoor needs for a game that can be played by the whole family.

  • Fairly priced
  • Good for kids
  • Quality material
  • Wood needs extra care

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4. Striker Games Kubb set

A quality kubb set is not always expensive, as portrayed by the Striker Games Kubb Lawn.

This cheap set is worth an investment if you are on a tight budget.

Just as it is in other sets, this one comes with every piece well arranged in the box.

The pieces are made from quality wood, which lasts for an extended period.

The good thing is the components are not painted so you can decorate your favorite color.

However, the king has a red crown with a Striker Logo on the chest.

This makes it the most beautiful piece in the set.

The batons and kubbs are resistant to wear and tear. Therefore, they can stand all the surfaces.

The set also comes with a booklet bearing all the instructions; hence beginners can quickly learn how to set up and play the game.

Striker Games Kubb has a mesh carry bag, which makes it easy to transport.

It also helps you to store the pieces once the game is over to avoid misplacing them.

  • Quality material
  • Customized painting
  • Beautiful carrying bad
  • The pieces are a bit smaller than in most sets

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5. Kubbspel Classic Kubb Game

The Kubbspel set is made with love to satisfy your outdoor game needs.

If you are looking for an enormously durable and quality set, look no further because you just landed yourself a lifetime set.

This set is made from Australia hardwood, which crowns its durability.

The material is also eco-friendly.

Being a professional set, it follows all the tournament specifications.

The set weighs 19.8 lbs, which is the ideal weight for a perfect Kubb set.

It comes with a reinforced carry bag with handles and drawstrings to secure the pieces.

The bag also makes it easy to move around with your kubb set.

Finally, you will love the lacquer finish, which protects the wood from wear and tear without making it rough.

  • High quality
  • Beautiful finish
  • Great for professional games
  • Heavier than other sets

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Just as the name suggests, this kubb set will get you on the move all day.

GETMOVIN SPORTS Kubb Set has taken the game to a new level. It is made from rubberwood, which amounts to unbeatable durability.

Getmovin has impressed the users with this quality set that absorbs shock effortlessly.

It can be used on different terrains such as grass, sand, and gravel.

Carry around your set with the beautiful tote bag that comes with the package.

There is also an instruction sheet that is laminated to prevent tearing.

Thus, beginners can rely on this set.

  • Versatile
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to carry around
  • Quite pricey

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7. Kubb Yard Game Set

Kubb has been gaining familiarity over the years hence the emergence of more manufacturers of the sets.

The Kubb Yard Game Set is a reliable set made for all ages.

Add the extra fun to your backyard party by grabbing this fantastic set that never disappoints.

The package comes with all the pieces as needed.

They are made from high-quality materials that guarantee you durability.

These pieces also maintain their aesthetic for a lifetime as long as you take care of them.

A zipper tote bag accompanies this set for easy storage and transportation.

You can, therefore, take it with you to any occasion that needs some game to elevate the fun.

  • Easily portable
  • Highly durable
  • Very beautiful
  • Batons would have been heavier

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Features to Consider When Buying a Kubb Set

When you decide to buy a kubb set, there are various things you have to keep in mind.

These considerations will help you make a choice that you won’t regret.

The Components

What do you expect to find in a kubb set? The pieces in such a collection include ten rectangular blocks measuring 15cm and 7cm square on end.

One of the pieces of wood is bigger than the rest and is called king, measuring 30cm and 9 cm square.

You will also find six batons, 30cm each with a diameter of 4.4.

Size pins for field marking are also featured where two marks the pitch corners, and the other two mark the center.


Kubb games are mostly played outdoors, especially on hard surfaces.

The components of Kubb sets are made from wood. However, it is the quality of this wood that influences how long the set will last. Ensure that the wood is eco-friendly and lightweight.

Size of The Pieces

Every component pf the kubb set has the required size according to professionals. Ensure that you confirm the sizes before you make your purchase.

This is because the wrong sizes will mislead you, and eventually, the game will not be as exciting as it should.


Every item used for playing games needs proper finishing. This is to prevent any injuries that would occur due to non-precise finishes.

For the kubb sets, the wood should be well polished to avoid any scratches.

Surface to Play On

What surface will you be playing on? The different types of pf woods used to make the kubb sets are meant for different surfaces.

Some of them are versatile; hence can be used on all surfaces while others are not. Therefore, keep this in mind when you go shopping for the best Kubb set.


Consider how much you are willing to spend on the kubb set.

However, most of them are relatively affordable so that you can get a great set even on a low budget.


Here comes a factor that people forget to check. Ensure that your set of choice offers a warranty.

This is because some of the sets tend to dent sooner than expected, even without frequent use; therefore, a refund or replacement would be a great deal.


A good kubb set should come with a carrying bag. This enables easy transportation as well, so you don’t keep misplacing the components.

How To Play Kubb: Main Basic Rules

If you are looking forward to playing Kubb games, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules.

Check these rules out for you to play appropriately.

  • The pitch should be 8×5.
  • The game involves two teams, each with 1-6 players.
  • Five kubbs should be placed on both the baselines. The king is placed in the middle of the pitch.
  • To determine who plays first, the participants toss a baton towards the king. The baton closest to the king starts the game.
  • The players toss batons towards their opponent’s side, intending to knock down their kubbs.
  • The batons should not rotate horizontally during the throw.
  • Any kubbs that remain after one side throws all the batons are tossed onto that team’s side as field cubes.
  • A rethrow is allowed for a kubb tossed off the boundaries.
  • When the time comes for the other team to play and all field kubbs are cleared, the team that played first is granted the advantage to throw from the closest cube that is standing.
  • Any baseline kubb brought down before the field kubbs are over is returned to stand and will not count.
  • Knocking the king down before all the other kubbs are down, making you a loser.
  • After all the kubbs are down, you now toss on the king and win the game.

How Do You Set Up Kubb?

Being an outdoor game, you are likely to play it in different places; hence you should know how to set up Kubb.

The process is pretty easy, as explained below.

The first thing you do is choosing a perfect place to play. It could be grass, sand, dirt, or snow surfaces, which tend to make the game more interesting.

It should be leveled appropriately and spacious enough to offer enough room to toss the batons.

The field should be 5×8 meters. Measure the centerline and place stakes. Do the same to all the corners. You can use a string to create the boundary line.

With this done, the set-up is ready, so you can go ahead and determine who will start the game by following the rules as stated above.

FAQ About The Best Kubb Sets

What Is the Best Wood to Use to Make a Kubb Set?

Kubb sets are officially made using hardwood. Some of them include oak, cherry, maple, and ash.

However, most people feel poplar is the best wood to make a perfect Kubb set.

Who Invented Kubb?

Kubb was believed to have been invested by Vikings about 1000 years ago.

The game was meant for entertainment as well as enhancing their strategic skills for pillaging expeditions.

When and Where Was Kubb Invented?

It is believed that kubb was invented 1000 years ago in Gotland, Sweden.

Back then, rumor has it the Vikings used sculls to play the game.


The best Kubb set isn’t difficult to find if you know what you need.

Additionally, I believe this piece is an eyeopener, and now you are familiar with the kubb sets you are likely to come across.

Also, remember the factors you have to keep in mind.

Once you have that in check, you can go ahead and purchase your kubb set and upgrade your outdoor games experience.