kan jam rules

Kan Jam Rules, Scoring and Gameplay Guide For Beginners

Have you ever come across a game where players seem to enjoy themselves while tossing a disc towards a black-shade can?

If yes, then you now know what the Kan jam game looks like.

Isn’t it just awesome?

Do you want to learn about it already? Then you’re reading the right article.

Today we are taking you through the rules, equipment and all the ins and outs of this incredible game.

So that you get to join in the fun next time. Be our guest!

Kan Jam Rules and Objective


The main focus of the Kan Jam game is for the players of the playing teams to score more points than their opponents.

They can achieve this by strategically tossing, hitting, diverting and stuffing the flying disc into the goal.

The end of the game is characterized by a team scoring exactly 21points.


Various basic rules apply when playing Kan Jam. And they include;

  • The game applies no gender restrictions so a team can comprise of both men and women.
  • The playing teams should be able to forward at least 2 players to participate in games each week.
  • The two teams can include at least 4 members. The maximum number of players is 8.
  • In each game, each team allows 2 of its players to play. But they have the right to switch the players whenever they deem fit.
  • There’s no restriction on the number of matches teams can participate in half an hour.
  • The deflector is to use only one hand to redirect the disc and they shouldn’t double hit it, catch it or carry it.

Equipment Needed

The accessories required to play the Kan Jam game are;

  • disc, which the players will be throwing
  • 2 –Black cans into which the team players will be deflecting the disc. They serve as goals

How to Set Up Kan Jam

First, bring the two cans and the disc to the play area for easy setup.

Now, begin by setting up the goals (the black cans) by laying them flat such that the shiny part becomes the top.

Then take the Kan jam label of instant win and stick it carefully unto the front side of each can.

Next, carefully slide the 3 tab-ends into the narrow slit openings.

The easiest way to do this by pressing the tabs from the outer side of the cans into the inside.

Remember to set the two goals at a distance of 50ft apart. That’s the official distance.

And you should measure it right from the front part of one goal right to the front of the next one.

Ensure that the instant win labels on each goal are facing each other.

But if you’re a beginner or practicing for personal gain, you can reduce the distance to suit your needs.

For leagues and tournaments, the distance is usually reduced to 15ft. apart, to allow several teams to play at the same time.

Kan Jam Game Play

As earlier on mentioned, the game consists of 4-8 players that are then divided into two teams.

This allows for the playing team members to stand on the opposite sides of the goals, to help each other in hitting and diverting the disc as it flies.

So basically, while one team member throws the disc towards the bin with an aim of scoring, the other partner helps divert it (where necessary) onto the goal.

A team can only throw one in a turn, after which their opponents get the chance to throw the disc too.

The disc thrower scores points when the disc gets into the goal.

On the other end, the diverter can also score when they redirect the disc into the goal.

The deflectors are allowed to move around the playing area as they attempt to redirect the flying disc towards the goal.

They, however, shouldn’t touch the goal with either their hands or legs. The goal should always be left to stand independently throughout the game.

At the beginning of the game, teams will toss a coin or paper to select the team that gets to play 1st. afterward, they will only be alternating.

The players get to alternate between the goals after the game and not in the middle of playing, the same case applies to substitution.

The Kan Jam game is usually played to exactly 21 points.

However, some times, the points might be shorter, depending on the agreement between teams.

It’s a requirement for the playing teams to play for an equal number of turns, for fairness purposes.

Consequently, the winning team must score exactly 21 points or score an Instant Win.

The team that reserves the right to throw last is the hammer.

So if the other team achieves the 21 score points first, the hammer can throw the last time in an attempt to catch-up.

Alternatively, teams can throw for an instant win if they can’t seem to attain the 21 scores.

However, if the hammer team is the 1st one to score 21 points, then they automatically become the winners.

The other team is not given the chance to catch-up.

So choosing to be “The Hammer” is advantageous in the Kan Jam game.

Kan Jam Scoring

When the deflector manages to redirect the flying disk into the goal’s side, the team score 1 point (Dinger)

If the player goes over the line while throwing the disc, they receive no point even if the disc lands inside the goal.

The same case applies if the disc touches the ground before redirecting into the goal.

A direct hit or Deuce consists of 2 points.

And is scored when the thrower manages to throw the disk to the side of the goal, without any help from the diverter.

The bucket contains 3 points. And the team achieves this when they manage to divert the disc straight into the front slot of the goal or through the top.

The “instant Win” or Chog, occurs when the disc thrower manages to get it into the front slot of the goal, without any help.

What about a tie? In this case, teams are given 1 turn each to compete for the highest points.

FAQ About Kan Jam Rules

Can you use 2 hands in Kan Jam?

No. Officially, you can only use one hand to hit or slam the disc when playing Kan Jam.

Can you go over 21 in Kan Jam?

Yes you can, but it’s considered a foul and you will have to lose the last turn’s points and throw again.

So typically your score goes back to 17 points.

How many people can play Kan Jam?

Kan Jam can be played by 2 people per game. Teams can consist of 4-8 people.

In Conclusion

Although Kan Jam makes a perfect fun-filled game for enjoyment between friends, it’s also recognized as a classic competition game.

So it provides you with the great opportunity of playing in various tournaments.

You get to make great friends while at it, but you should be ready to get soaked in the thrill of being on your toes, always.

Also, remember practice makes perfect, so play as often as you can. And above all, enjoy it!