killerspin jet 800 review

Killerspin Jet 800 Review: Is It Right For You?

A quality table tennis racket must be flat, rigid and should be made of at least 85% natural wood.

Whereas the size of the tennis bat doesn’t matter, there are some features that makes it responsive and perform better.

The Killer Spin JET 800 table tennis racket is the newest version of all-time favorite JET 800 table tennis rackets.

If you are looking for a premium racket for competitive play, the Killer Spin fits the bill perfectly.

Killer Spin Jet 800 Ping Pong Paddle Review

Dual Carbon Technology

The Killer Spin jet 800 is specifically designed for the aggressive player who’d like to have maximum control of the tennis ball.

Made from superior dual Carbon Technology, this racket consists of two layers of carbon composite infused with seven layers of premium wood.

Therefore, this boosts your shots, giving your opponent less chance of defense.

You can overcome heavy spins and serves, thereby sending your opponent to an early surrender.

ITTF Approved Top Grade Nitrix- 4Z rubber 

The Killer Spin Jet 800 features an ITTF approved top-grade Nitrix 4Z rubber for increased spin and power.

The top layer of this rubber material is superior in quality and offers an excellent grip on ball strikes.

No matter how heavy the spins are, you’ll be in a position to counter them effortlessly.

Side tape technology

The wooden Side Tape Technology makes this bat unique from other models on the market. This feature protects your paddle’s traditional side tape from peeling off.

Besides, it enhances the blade durability by shielding it from constant wear and tear.

Therefore this makes it last long without repairs or replacement.

Ergonomic handle

The Ergonomic flared handle is made with comfort in mind.

With a flaring shape, the Killer Spin JET 800 handle offers a firm grip and maximum control.

Consequently, it prevents the paddle from slipping out of your hand during a rough and aggressive game.

Thus, you can return mighty shots from your opponent and have total control of the game.

Storage box for maximum protection

The Killer Spin JET 800 comes with a storage box for keeping it safe from damage.

Also, you can carry it for your outdoor tennis sessions.

The casing has a small allowance where you can record scores, signatures, and write personal messages.

Therefore this helps in tracking your performance.

  • Carbon technology ensures intense power and speed
  • High tension ITTF approved Nitrix rubber for excellent grip on the ball
  • Flared handle for a firm grip
  • Elegant red color
  • Durable racket
  • Expensive than most table tennis rackets

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Killer Spin Jet 800 Specs

  • Lightweight 9.4 ounces
  • Seven Layer Technology
  • Carbon material
  • Flared Handle
  • Storage box
  • ITTF Approved Top Grade Nitrix- 4Z rubber
  • Side tape technology


From the Killer Spin Jet 800 review, this product is of superior quality for aggressive play.

The dual carbon technology enables players to return quick and powerful shots against the opponents.

You can return hard shots from your opponents without losing grip. The racket rests firmly on your palm, thanks to its flared handle, which offers a good grip.

The material used and protection of the blade through wooden tape technology leaves no doubt that this is your paddle for professional play.

It’s a high-quality racket that will last through many training sessions.

The size of the paddle is adequate to spin the ball from every angle of the tennis table on either side.

Once the ball lands on the racket, it spins at high speed to enable you return the ball in quick succession. Therefore, you can use either side of the racket without moving a lot.

Due to high speed in spinning the ball, the Killer spin JET 800 is suitable for intermediary and expert players.

Additionally, since it’s pricey, it may not be a budget solution for a beginner. We highly recommend an ordinary racket for beginners.

We can decisively say that the Killer Spin Jet 800 is a high quality product that will give you value for money.