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Best Beersbee Sets To Buy In 2021

If you are from Canada and love to play outdoorsy games, you must know about Beersbee.

The perfect game for people with a knack for throwing and catching.

This game is also called polish horseshoes in the United States among other names such as French Darts and Frisbeener.

This game is based on two teams and a pair of glass bottles along with Frisbee and the stakes.

This article will help you choose the best Beersbee set for your yard.

Best Beersbee Sets In 2021

1. Yardies Beersbee Set

This brand has coined its name in the market of Beersbee, and you will be able to knock off the opponents by throwing the Frisbee.

To ensure a long lifespan, this set is made of a combination of stainless steel and plastic.

The plastic used has a high density that optimizes the durable construction.

The package comes with a wingman carrying case to ensure everything is packed perfectly and stays cool with the cooling compartment.

Besides, hydrops technology is used, which makes components playable in water.

The aluminum is of industrial quality, which makes the design waterproof.

With each set, there are steel bases with multi-terrain enamel, bottles with impact-resistance, poles that fit into the case, rubber tops, and Frisbee along with a case that keeps everything in place.

There are replacement bottles available in the set.

In addition, the terrain bases are constructed from rubber hybrids through which you can play while playing in the ocean.

Moreover, the frizz is built from a durable yet flexible material.

  • Replacement bottles
  • Combination of stainless steel and aluminum
  • Industrial grade aluminum
  • A cooling compartment in case
  • Hydrops technology
  • Multi-terrain enamel
  • Rubber hybrids
  • Flexible and durable material for frizz
  • The bag is weak and easily frayed
  • The hollow piece that sets into the pole section gets loose

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2. Driveway Games Catch The Bottle Flying Disc Game Catch The Bottle

This set comes with a plethora of things such as Frisbee, two impact-resistant bottles, and Beersbee pole stands wrapped in the carrying bag.

Everything in this set is highly portable, as they can be put together in two minutes.

There are two PVC Beersbee pole stands that can be added to the gymnasium floor or any other pavement.

To add the poles to sand and grass, soft surface spikes can be used that comes with the set.

The PVC pipes have 25 mm thickness, which is pretty high density considering the plastic quality.

This set will become a fantastic option for your gaming sessions in the backyard.

This is a US-based company, and that is the ultimate guarantee.

There are two stakes in the set to ensure you can play and knock off the opponents in grassy and sandy locations as well.

However, there have been complaints regarding the bottom joint and bottle rests as they got broken at multiple instances.

  • Two stakes for making it playable on grass and sand
  • High-density PVC poles with 25mm thickness
  • Highly portable as it can be installed anywhere
  • Bottom joints and bottle rests aren’t reliable
  • Legs aren’t moveable
  • Unstable alignment

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3. Seaturtle Sports Yazoo Bottle Beersbee Disc Toss Game with Soft Surface Spike

This set is one of the most reliable and highest qualities set in the market. This set allows the users to have fun and enjoy the backyard to the fullest.

In other words, if you are planning the camping nights, cottage or lake picnic, this is a suitable fit.

This set has soft spikes that allow the users to add poles to the soft surfaces.

Everything is portable, and you can set it up within two minutes with the poles set from 20 feet to 40 feet distance.

In this set, there are two aluminum poles with portable rubber boots, Frisbee that weighs around 175 grams and two soft and personalized can-shaped targets.

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To keep everything in place, there is a carrying bag in the case as well. Also, the poles are telescoping poles.

These poles can be adjusted in terms of height, and the rubber boots will take care of the spikes.

  • Reliable and high quality
  • Soft spikes to insert poles to soft surface
  • Aluminum and height-adjustable poles
  • Two can-shaped targets
  • A carrying bag is included
  • The disc isn’t reliable and is posed to break

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Buying Guide

What Is Beersbee?

This game is also known as Polish Horseshoes, which is all about tossing the Frisbee.

In this game, there are two players against each other as they knock off the bottle and put off the can on the opponent’s pole.

The game is pretty easy, and some people are also making DIY Beersbee games.

What Do You Need For Beersbee?

As we have already mentioned that this game can be made as a DIY project, you need the following equipment to make a Beersbee game;

  • Two empty bottle
  • Frisbee
  • PVC pipes of about five feet
  • Beer (if you drink)

This game is pretty easy to make, but you can always opt for the sets mentioned above.

To set up the game, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Add the poles to a surface by keeping them at the distance of 25 feet
  • On the pole, add the can or empty bottle

How To Play Beersbee?

In this section, we are helping you play Beersbee and adding the additional tips and rules, have a look!

  • The opponents will stand at their particular poles, and they throw the Frisbee at another pole to knock off the empty bottle
  • The opponent will try to catch the Frisbee, and both players need to handle a cup as well
  • Both teams will take a turn to play Frisbee
  • The goals are devised in the start, and once one team reaches the goal, the results are redefined
  • It is better to announce a win by two points

FAQ about Beersbee Sets

How to make Beersbee game?

If you want to make Beersbee game, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Take two PVC pipes
  • Insert the pipe into a surface
  • Add cups at the top of the pipe
  • Start playing!

What Should Be The Height Of Beersbee Pole?

The poles need to be around six feet tall, shorter heights can be used, but the higher height is preferred.

The taller poles are better to enhance throws and create a higher defense for knocking off the bottle.


This article will help you choose the right set for your next Beersbee game in the backyard or the picnic.

We have tried to answer the questions related to Beersbee, how to make the DIY sets, and what equipment is added.

So, happy Beersbee’ing!