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Best Spikeball Sets In 2021: Buyer’s Guide

If you’re not playing Spikeball, then probably you’re an observer.

Spikeball is a classy game for most people who want to have fun and a good time.

Like any game, your skill and experience will depend on the arsenal at hand.

Here we’ve assembled the best Spikeball sets reviewed and rated for quality.

Read on.

Best Spikeball Sets In 2021

1. Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit

If you’re starting in Spikeball, Spikeball Standard 3 Ball Kit is the ideal choice.

Although the pro version is more resilient and robust, this set is a favorite among expert players who’d like to sharpen their skills.

The kit has all the items you need to get started. Inside you’ll find an adjustable net, three competition-size balls, and a carry bag.

Whether you’d like to play indoors or outdoors on your backward, this set is versatile and will get you hooked.

Regardless of your skill level, the net is adjustable to suit your needs.

For a beginner, you’ll enjoy the extra bounce, and if you’re an expert, you’ll get a moderate bounce.

The set is easy to set up, and it’s the best choice when you compare to regular sets available on the market.

Besides, the accessories are not bulky; thus, they’re easy to carry and to store.

This fantastic set is an epitome of strength and stability with its foldable legs and sturdy frame. Such flexibility allows you to dive, rest, or take a fall with confidence.

The Spikeball app that connects you to other players near you and lets you pick-up games

  • Easy to set up
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Adjustable net
  • Connects to Spikeball community
  • Not suitable for tournaments

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2. GoSports Slammo Game Set

Like any other game, how well you play Spikeball will depend on the quality of the equipment.

The GoSports Slammo set is a blend of both durability and performance.

This set promises maximum stroke and is suitable for playing for fun as well as a hard-core Spikeball game.

This budget set comes with everything that you need for an outdoor sporting activity.

These include; two competitive 9cm size balls, I target, a carry bag, a beginner’s 12 cm training ball, and a rule book.

The unique design makes this game resembles a tiny trampoline.

Although the GoSports Slammo doesn’t have foldable legs like the Spike 3 set, it offers superior playability with its sturdy frames.

Even so, these are easy to collapse within a short time.

You’ll have an easy time playing the pocket shots since there’s a wide area covered by the net.

Further, the net is sturdy and comes with clips that attach to the frame.

You’ll get value for money due to a lifetime guarantee of the parts.

  • Excellent for expert players
  • Strong rims and adjustable legs
  • Durable net with a full coverage
  • Lifetime guarantee of parts
  • Legs are not foldable

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3. JOGENMAX Spike Battle Ball Game Set

If you’d like to elevate your Spikeball game or give your loved one a well-thought gift, then the JOGENMAX Spike Battle Ball game set is a must-have.

Whether you’re new or an experienced player, this set is reasonable enough if you want to get serious on your play.

Due to a stable construction, this game set comes with a net, two legs, three PVC balls, a backpack, a premium hand pump, and a free ball needle.

The legs have PP suction cups that not only protects your floor from abrasion but also allows you to play indoors.

The net features a strap fitted with four luminous belts that glow under cover of darkness.

Therefore, you can play in the evening or at night beach party.

You’ll enjoy a good bounce and have maximum control of the game since the balls consist of high-grade PVC with excellent texture.

The legs are firm, foldable, and easy to set up and won’t take much of your storage space.

We highly recommend this ball set if you’re looking to jump into Spikeball for the first time or looking to replace your Spikeball set.

It won’t hurt your budget since it’s reasonably priced, yet you’ll get a high-quality game than most pricey options.

  • Illuminates in the dark
  • Sturdiness
  • Legs are foldable
  • Easy to set up
  • Made of high-grade material
  • The balls show folded ridges even when fully inflated

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4. Funsparks Slam Ball Game

Get ready to enjoy a fun-filled game of spike ball by picking the Funsparks Slam Ball Game set. It uses an advanced track hook system that allows for easier setup.

This game set is suitable for beginners and professional players. It’s easy to learn, and the movements are intuitive for easy pick-up.

This Spikeball set is made from a premium frame to ensure consistency and even bounce when playing.

This makes it suitable for competitive play and high intense games.

Other accessories include two competition size balls each measuring 9cm, ball pump, carry case and one training ball measuring 12cm.

Our favorite feature is the net, which is sturdier and more stable. We also love the fact that the balls are highly responsive and will give a good bounce.

You can achieve a high precision or accuracy when spiking the ball.

The ball texture is top-notch, and this gives you a better grip when serving.

Also, it’s possible to have total control of the ball without having to worry about losing points to your opponents.

  • Easy to learn
  • Made of premium frame
  • Sturdy net
  • Ball texture
  • Comes with all accessories
  • Not suitable for small kids

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5. Portzon 3 Ball Kit

The Portzon 3 ball kit is ideal for playing Spikeball anywhere at your backyard, at the park, or the beach. This product is suitable for both experts and new players.

Sometimes playing Spikeball game comes with lots of falls and even dives. The Portzon 3 ball kit is a robust product that features foldable legs.

Also, you can easily squeeze it in your garage, closet, or trunk.

You can adjust the net depending on your preference. This makes it easier to achieve more bonces if you’re a new player and less bounce for expert players.

A bonus feature is an app that connects you to other players within your area and lets you pick-up games.

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We love the fact that it’s easy to assemble, features strong hooks, and a PVC frame for easy assembly.

The Portzon is an elegant kit and thus a perfect gift idea for your loved one.

The set consists of 3 balls, adjustable net, storage case, instruction, and carry bag.

Most expert players loathe the pocket shot, however with the Portzon, that shouldn’t be a problem.

The net features a highly crafted design that also offers wide coverage.

  • Adjustable net
  • Has an app
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong hooks ad sturdy PVC frame
  • Elegant set
  • Net has a wide coverage
  • Pricey

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6. YourPartner Spikeball set

If you’d like to improve your skills, you need a set that offers excellent play as well as withstanding heavy impact.

Sometimes a standard kit may not be enough to meet your needs.

YourPartner Spikeball is a favorite indoor and outdoor game set for beginners, expert players, and kids.

The set includes one net, one target, three completion size balls, one training ball, a carry bag, and a pump.

Although the legs are tight, the most outstanding feature is the sturdy frame, which is made of durable PVC material.

You’ll also love the premium grade net, which consists of an elastic and sturdy material, thus ensuring a good bounce.

Assembly is easy, and you don’t need any hardware since it comes with straightforward instructions.

A plus accessory is a durable bag that you can use to store your set. Thus, it saves space and protects other items.

The ball has a good texture that offers a perfect grip. Thus, this gives you more control and lets you serve with confidence and accuracy.

  • Has all the accessories
  • High-quality net
  • Sturdy frame
  • Ball texture
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable bag
  • Legs not foldable

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What to Look for When Buying a Spikeball Set?

Looking for a Spikeball set?

Several things come into play when choosing your favorite set.

Let’s talk about them in more details.

Overall quality

Other than giving you great value for money, a high-quality Spikeball set will last longer and boost your experience

A good net is a vital consideration and should offer the best bounce. The quality should be top-notch, reliable, tight, and elastic with wide coverage.

The net should also be adjustable, which is ideal, depending on your skill level.

The competition and training balls are central when it comes to playing Spikeball. The best sets have a total of four balls, while the texture and size help to maintain control.

Experts prefer playing with small balls; however, big size is ideal for new learners and kids.

An all-inclusive set

A perfect set should have everything you need so that you don’t make a return trip to buy separate items.

Quite often, you’ll find a durable net, target, competition-size balls, training ball, legs, and a carrying bag.

Other accessories include rule books and ball pumps.

Sturdiness and Strength

A sturdy frame will protect you during dives and falls. The level of stability will significantly depend on your skill level.

Some models out there are only for fun games at home or during outings and picnics with family and friends.

Advanced players will look out for sturdier options that can withstand falls and dives. Foldable legs are ideal since they save on space during storage.

How to Play Spikeball?

If you’ve ever played Volleyball, then you won’t have a problem playing Spikeball since the rules are similar.

The aim is to serve a ball in a manner that your opponents can’t make a successful serve.

In this game, you need a net, which is simple to set up. Hook the net around the rim using clips. Then, inflate the spike ball to a comfortable level.

Split into two teams of two and position yourself around the net.

A serve involves bouncing the ball into the net once.

After that, players can move around the net and hit the ball from anywhere.

The returning team has three chances to bounce the ball back into the net.

The other team repeats the same up to the point where the ball hits the ground. When this happens, the games come to an end.

The official spike ball rule book stipulates that if a ball hits the rim, you’ll lose a point and the other team gets awarded.

Pocket on serve happens if you hit the net’s pocket when serving, which will make the ball fly in an awkward direction.

You’ll redo the serve, but if it happens again, you lose a point and the other team gains.

If the ball hits you or your teammate after hitting the net, the other team gets the point. To avoid this, try to stay away from your teammates’ line of fire.

If a ball bounces twice on the net, the other team gets a bonus point. It’s advisable not to serve close to the net, at least you should stay 6 feet away when serving.

FAQ About The Best Spikeball Sets

Is Slammo as Good as Spikeball?

Both games are fun to play; however, the main difference comes in the adjustability of the legs.

Spikeball has adjustable legs, and this makes it an excellent choice since you can play on any surface, whether flat or hilly. With Slammo, you can only play on a flat surface.

Spike balls are better quality, weight, texture, and thicker.

If you’re a beginner, you can start at Slammo and progress to Spikeball after improving on performance.

How Pumped Up Should a Spikeball Be?

The ball should be firm and a little soft with some room to squeeze. An over-inflated ball is hard to control.

Since you’ll be hitting the Spikeball using your hands, and an over-inflated ball can easily bounce off frequently during a play.

A 9 cm size ball is suitable for both fun play and tournaments. Training balls are 12cm in size.

What’s the Difference Between Spikeball and Spikeball Pro?

Spikeball and Spikeball games are similar when it comes to the rules. However, the difference comes in the quality of the set and accessories.

The pro kit is suitable for tournaments due to its sturdier frame, durable net, and ball texture.

The color scheme is different, and the legs have non-skid covers. Other accessories include a ball pump and a backpack.

Where Can I Play Spikeball?

Spikeball is a fun game that you can play indoors and outdoors. It’s a favorite sport that you can play in the backyard, the beach, or even at a picnic.

If you’re an experienced player, you can participate in tournaments with other players.

Is Spikeball a Good Workout?

Spikeball is a good workout game that involves physical exercise, which is good for the body and mind.

Sports promote blood circulation, enhances breathing by working out the muscles. It thus helps in building lean muscles.


Spikeball is a fun game for beginners, experts, and kids. It’s all a favorite game for the entire family.

It keeps you active which is necessary for healthy living.

However, for you to get good bounce, you need a high-quality kit consisting of the sturdy net, ball texture, solid frame, foldable legs, and ball pump.