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Best Ladder Ball Sets In 2021: Buyer’s Guide

Ladder ball has become the new bug that is biting without a doubt.

Many people, both adults, and kids have embraced this game with so much joy.

This is probably due to the fun that comes with it or maybe the ease to grasp the skills.

If you are among these people looking forward to an unforgettable experience playing ladder ball, be sure to buy the best ladder ball set.

We have done this buying guide to help you through the purchasing process. Check it out.

Product Reviews

1. Franklin Sports Ladder Ball Set

Franklin Sports is a renowned brand that deals with sports items. All their products are worth every cent you spend.

This applies to their ladder ball set as well, so be ready to blow your mind with this fantastic set.

This ladder ball set outstands among the many sets in the market today.

It is made from durable steel, which ensures the ladder is sturdy.

This set does not require any tools while setting up so you can do it alone.

Additionally, the set adopts the official tournament style for the ladder ball targets, which measure 36 inches by 24 inches.

It comes with bolas as well as six golf tosses, three colored red, and the others in color blue.

The set comes with a durable carry bag, which ensures you don’t misplace any item.

The Franklin Sports Ladder Ball Set is ideal for your lawn as well as the beach.

It is excellent for both children and adults; therefore, no one will be left out.

  • Durable and sturdy steel construction
  • Perfect size
  • Includes six bolas
  • Quite pricey

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2. GoSports Ladder Toss Set

Are you a fan of classy-looking items? If yes, you will fall in love with the GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Outdoor Game Set.

The striking colors of the blue and red golf balls will take you back to the games you enjoyed recently or a while ago.

GoSports Premium Ladder Toss is super lightweight. It comes as a package of two premium PVC targets, six bolas, and a gorgeous carry case.

There is also an instruction manual that will guide you through the setup process. This way, it will be easier for beginners to know how to go about the game.

Go for this ladder toss set since the targets are pre-glued; hence set up takes less than three minutes.

The balls are connected with thick and high-quality ropes to avoid tangling.

GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Outdoor Game Set has an inbuilt scoring system, which ensures that you get engaged in the game without worrying about cheating on the scores.

Finally, this ladder toss set is excellent for any outdoor set up so grab it and have fun with your friends or young ones if you have any.

You will also love the lifetime guarantee from the company, so get going before it’s too late.

  • Super light
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • affordable
  • It would have been more sturdy

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3. Yard Games Ladder Ball set

The other ladder toss set that got our attention is the Ladder Toss Double Wooden Ladder Ball Game.

This set comes with two durable wood frames that are finished beautifully to enhance the appearance.

It has sturdy ladder rungs along with easy to set up bolts. Ladder Toss Double Wooden Ladder Ball Game has six real golf bolas, three red and three blue.

The bolas are attached with strong threads to avoid snapping during the game.

The wood frames have an inbuilt scorekeeper for easy point recording.

This way, you can follow the game with much ease, and you don’t forget the points.

There is a canvas carrying case that ensures secure storage as well as transportation.

Therefore, you will have an organized game while in the field.

Set up will take you just a few minutes, and you will have plenty of time to have fun playing ladder toss.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Not very sturdy

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4. Maranda Enterprises Ladderball Game

Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game is one of the most common sets you will come across in the shops today.

It is built from metal thus can withstand the challenges thrown to it while in use at your yard.

The sturdy construction also keeps the ladder in good shape for many years.

While this set works exceptionally well outdoors, you can incorporate it as an indoor game as well.

Therefore, you will enjoy this fantastic game even when the weather is unpleasant to accommodate you outdoors.

The set has six bolas, three being red, and the other three colored blue.

The bolas are made from soft material, so they don’t hit too hard in case of missed tosses.

Once you are done playing, organize all the parts in the provided storage, which also makes transportation easy.

However, you need to control kids younger than eight years who want to play this game to avoid any accidents.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to transport
  • Not ideal for kids below eight years

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5. AmazonBasics Ladder Toss Set

If you are on a budget, worry not because the AmazonBasics Ladder Toss Outdoor Lawn Game Set got you covered.

This set is exceptionally cheap compared to other ladder sets of the same quality.

The pipes and joints are made from PVC, thus enhancing durability. The six bolas come in two colors, blue and red.

Two of these bolas are connected with a durable nylon rope that does not tangle or break during the game.

However, these bolas are quite heavy and can cause damage in case a player gets hit.

But on the contrary, these types of bolas are the best as they enhance a sturdy toss.

The pricing is also fair, so you can’t dwell so much on the few downsides.

  • Fairly cheap
  • High quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Not very stable

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6. ROPODA Ladder Ball Set

Do you want to elevate the fun of playing ladder games? Well, this is the set you need for an exciting experience.

ROPODA Floaty Ladder Golf Ball Toss Game Set is uniquely designed to enable you to add a twist to the game since it can float on the pool water.

The ROPODA Floaty Ladder Golf Ball Toss Game Set is versatile.

Other than being used in the pool, the set is reliable both indoors and outdoors.

It features six quality EVA foam interest to enable it to float.

This ladder ball set is generally lightweight hence no chances of sinking.

Also, this weight allows you to transport it from one place to another effortlessly.

For assembling, you will not need a helping hand because it is simple. After the games, dismantling the set up is easy as well.

While it’s mostly meant for kids and teenagers, this ladder ball set can be used by adults.

However, kids enjoy it more since they love playing with water. Like many other sets, it comes with two ladders made from PVC and six bolas for tossing.

Without a doubt, this ladder ball set should be part of your family fun games.

  • Very versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for kids
  • Stability is unreliable

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What to Look for When Buying A Ladder Ball Set?

While buying a ladder ball set, there are several things you need to keep in mind.

Check out the list below to familiarize yourself with them and why you should consider them.

Quality of The Frame

High-quality frames will guarantee durability. The best material for long-lasting frames is steel. Steel ladders can stand scratches and other likely challenges in the field.

However, you need to take proper care of the frames because once they break, you will have to replace them.


Ladder ball targets come in various sizes. The first one is the professional set, which measures 36″ x 24″.

The other one is the recreational one, which does not follow the professional specifications and measures at least 30″ x 24″.

You will make your choice depending on how you want to use the ladder ball set. However, a professional set would be great.

Bolas Type

Bolas come in two different types, nylon, and rubber. However, this is not a big problem. The challenge comes in the weight of the bolas.

If kids are involved, rubber bolas should be your only option. If you are using the bolas for competition, go for golf ball bolas.

Ease of Set Up

Most ladder ball sets are easy to set up; hence this should not worry you much.

However, some require you to connect joints, be ready to get your hands busy.


The ladder ball set is not as expensive as other outdoor games.

However, different brands vary in price. Weigh your budget and see how much you are willing to spend on the set.

The good thing is some ladder ball sets sale at as low as $40.

Things You Need to Play Ladder Ball


You can’t play this game without the bolas because they are the ones you will toss.

These are golf balls made from either nylon or rubber. They are usually six in number.

They are paired in twos and connected using a nylon rope.

Do not forget to check our guide on how to play ladder toss.


This is the frame that has three rungs meant as the target to hang the bolas.


These are the three poles that make up the ladder.

The upper rung is valued at 3 points, the middle two points, while the bottom rung is one point.

Toss Line

This is where the players toss the bolas from.

For professional games, the line should be 15 feet from the ladder. However, for leisure, five paces are excellent.

FAQ About The Best Ladder Ball Sets

What Are the Dimensions of a Ladder Ball Set Normally?

The two bolas are 13″ apart and tied with a nylon rope. The ladders stand 15 feet from each other.

These ladders have three rungs set at 13″ apart. Also, at the 15 feet mark is a toss line where the players throw the bolas from.

Where Can I Play Ladder Ball?

Ladder ball comes through for both indoor and outdoor use. However, most people play it outside, say in their backyard.

There are also other ladder ball sets with special features for floating; hence can be played in the pool.

Ladder ball is also a great game to play at the beach, so whenever you have a chance to tag along with your ladder ball set, go ahead and have fun.

How to Keep Score in Ladder Ball?

Recording ladder ball scores is quite easy. The game is played in rounds, and for it to start, the participants toss a coin to determine who starts the game.

Each player always has three bolas which they should toss towards the rungs. He/she must throw the three bolas before the next player is given a chance.

When the player finishes their turn, the scores are recorded depending on what rung they are hanging on.

The topmost rung has 3 pints, the middle two while the bottom one earns the player a point.

The winner of the first round plays first in the second round, and the process continues.

However, the winning points should not exceed 21 points. If so, the points in this particular round will not count.


Ladder ball is an exciting game that does not discriminate against age.

Every person can play and enjoy ladder ball games, whether they are new to it or have been game for some time.

However, you need the best ladder ball set to elevate the fun.

Therefore, ensure that you purchase a long-lasting set that can at least handle the pressure expected in the field.

As seen above, it doesn’t need you to dig too deep into your pockets because ladder ball sets are quite affordable.

So once you make up your mind, get the ladder ball set that will satisfy your needs, and glam your backyard.