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Best Laser Tag Sets In 2021: Buying Guide

Playing laser tag is one of my favorite group activities that I love being part of every once in a while.

It’s certainly a fun and active game that can help you stay in shape while having fun in the process.

This guide here will help you pick the best laser tag set that would suit your preferences and be within you budget.

Without further ado, let us get right to it.

Best Laser Tag Sets In 2021: Detailed Reviews

1. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Blasters and Vests-Power Packed with Ammo

ArmoGear is one of the best laser tag sets out there. It comes with plenty of ammo power with multiple types of weapon selection.

The gun design gives you a good grip for your hands with ease of playing.

Buttons are designed for the ease of accessing.

What impresses you most is the sound range and intensity.

It is audible yet it is free from the noise for ear safety.

The location of light indicators makes them visible immediately and brightly to differentiate between various actions.

Laser Gun pointer is highly accurate and covers a wide range of angles and distances for target selection shooting.

It is easy to tag the vests on multiple locations of the vests with ease (shoulder, head, chest, and back).

  • Four weapon selection options
  • Higher pre-loaded shots
  • Precision target selection
  • Safe for children
  • Faster target tagging
  • Options for four teams with multiple members
  • Sharp flashlight for night-vision
  • Vest belt length could be limited

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2. DYNASTY TOYS Family Laser Tag Set – Multiple Compatibility vest-Less Gun

Dynasty Tag set comes with the latest technology-based blasters and receivers within the tag gun.

So, you don’t need a separate vest.

It also has a robotic spider toy for target practice.

It can take hits from the gun and perform interesting acrobatics for fun.

Construction of the gun is made of highly transparent material that is strong and durable.

The design gives you a great grip. Target selection is accurate and firing is rapid.

Reload happens in real-time even when you are moving randomly while playing.

The larger diameter of the laser pointer makes it possible to focus on the moving targets with high precision.

The gun is long enough for the kids to use both the hands for holding and firing. Light from the team, life, and ammo indicators are visible regardless of the angle in which you hold the gun.

  • Compatible with family robot
  • Attractive design and strong construction
  • Inbuilt infrared sensor and shooter
  • Comes with a robot bug
  • Needs more practice to aim and shoot at guns rather than vests

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3. Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag – Strong Submachine Gun

Kidzlane comes with a strong submachine gun that can fire multiple rounds of ammo within a few seconds.

It gives you plenty of opportunities to hit more number of targets in less time. Life-bar for every shooting mode differs that gives you extra-life for a longer duration of the game.

The design of the gun is large enough for the adults to hold with one hand. Children can use both hands until they get the practice to aim and shoot comfortably.

Construction of the gun is strong enough to protect it from accidental falls and impacts with walls and hard surfaces.

Sounds are realistic and vast for the multiple weapon modes.

Large laser pointers with blaster effects make it highly explosive action during playtime.

Buttons are easily accessible and the indicators are visible even when you hold the gun at acute angles.

  • A large number of pre-loaded shots and longer lives
  • Extended shooting range and angle
  • Safe infrared emission for kids
  • Strong construction for durability
  • Designed for grip and ease of use
  • Sounds can be louder at times

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4. Best Choice Products Infrared Laser Tag Blaster Set – Best for Outdoor Shooting

The biggest benefit of playing with the Best Choice laser tag is the freedom to play outdoors during daylight.

It has a powerful laser pointer that emits strong and long-range shots within a short time.

The design of the gun with a large groove makes it easy to hold and shoot.

Several lives are the next benefit you get from the gun design. Every light offers three lives that are higher than any other model you can choose.

Changing ammo during playtime is rapid and easy. Infrared emission frequency varies for every weapon mode.

A combination of light and vibration modes makes it highly interesting gameplay for the kids and youngsters alike.

You can choose from a vast range of gaming options with an inbuilt firmware.

The missile launcher is one of the most interesting and attractive features for long-range shooting.

You can aim at the target vests even when they are moving randomly at great speed.

  • Large handle with a firm grip
  • Real-time battery charging
  • Faster reload while playing
  • Easy to access buttons
  • No visible cons

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5. Liberty Imports Infrared Laser Tag – Long Range Shooting Fun

Liberty laser tag gun has a long-range targeting feature that can make your gaming a memorable experience.

The frequency of infrared light emission is high and the strength of every emitted signal is the maximum you can find.

The tag set is free from vest dependence. Inbuilt laser emitter and receiver make it easy to play the game without wearing a vest.

Ammo level varies for every weapon mode that makes it possible to choose the battle mode from the inbuilt firmware.

The gun has a strong construction that is resistant to fall and impact.

It is also resistant to UV rays and heat in the outdoor environment.

Infrared rays can travel at high speeds to hit the target precisely in the most unfavorable exterior conditions.

The gun is designed for comfortable handling and safe playing for the kids. Infrared rays have the lowest intensity for skin and eye safety.

Yet the impact of strikes is high enough to make the play interesting and absorbing.

  • Class-1 safety standards
  • Easy target spotting
  • Real-time reload
  • Powerful rocket launcher
  • Adaptable for indoor and outdoor
  • Some of the bigger kids may find the handle size to be smaller

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6. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Kids Infrared Laser Tag Blasters- Ultimate Hit Registers

The second version of Best Choice Laser Tag -Gun has a larger hand with firm gripping pots for the kids.

All the buttons are simple in design and easy to operate. Light indicators are bright and positioned within the visible range.

Lightweight construction with ergonomic design (shape) gives better control over shooting and changing the shooting angle in real-time.

Hitting the reload button is easier now with the light touch and push option.

The flexible trigger is easy for multiple presses and long-hold for a submachine gun weapon.

Sound effects are realistic and match the lighting accurately.

A vast range of gaming options with multiple sounds and lighting effects make it easy to play indoor and outdoor environments with ease and comfort.

Setting the blaster mode for the various shooting weapons is simple and fast with the gun.

It takes only a light touch on the button to make the changes happen in real-time.

  • Lightweight construction for flexible handling
  • Multiple gaming options with an inbuilt firmware
  • Highly sensitive hit registers in the vests
  • Longer lives with every light
  • Ergonomic design with strong construction
  • Some kids may feel the body color range to be limited

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7. Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger – Automatic Reloading Battle Gun

The NerfOfficial laser tag has a realistic battle gun design with an extended battery holder for extra capacity and longer playtime.

The holder acts as an extra handle for the kids to hold and use as a machine gun. The system recoils automatically after every firing and ammo reloads automatically.

Sounds and lighting combination is realistic and the impact is extraordinary. Yet, the acoustic is within the safety limits for the kids.

Class-1 infrared rays are safe to the eyes and skin of the kids while aiming and shooting.

The gun can accommodate multiple teams with a large number of players. You can also attach the tagger to a video game if you want to play it in a single-player mode.

Target tagging is accurate and fast in the indoor and outdoor settings with equal ease. Activation of every button happens in real-time within a fraction of a few seconds.

  • The safe range of infrared rays
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Stronger construction for highest quality and durability
  • Ideal for all age groups of kids and youngsters
  • Realistic blast effects with attractive lighting
  • Some kids may feel the sound to be too high

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8. Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set – Longest Range Shooting Gun

The Laser X 88016 gives you the luxury of longest distance shooting with 200 feet range.

The inbuilt firmware system guides you in complex situations of the game with an interactive voice.

The sensitivity of the infrared shooter and the receiver are highly compatible with each other to give you the best gaming experience.

The design of the gun is sleek and long like a real weapon in the star-war games.

High-quality sound with incredible lighting effects makes gaming highly interactive and engaging.

There is also an option for plugging the headphone to get the maximum sound effects.

Construction of the gun gives you maximum grip for your fingers and the entire palm.

It gives you the option to play the game with one hand or both your hands for maximum hold and grip.

  • Ergonomic design for small and big kids
  • Multiple team selection options
  • Interactive voice coach
  • Headphone connectivity
  • Options for single and multiple players
  • No visible cons

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9. The Adventure Guys Deluxe Edition Lazer Tag Gun Set – Built for Big Boys Shooting Contests

Adventure guys laser tag is designed and built for big boys taking part in shooting contests and complex multiplayer games.

The body has a strong construction from engineering quality composite plastic that is strong, lightweight, and durable.

Resistance to stress, fatigue, falls, and impact is very high and the durability is the best you can enjoy for playing extended hours of gaming.

The gun can produce multiple lighting and sound effects that are realistic with the most optimum acoustic and color combinations.

The sensitivity of the receiver is the maximum you can find on the beetle-bug that comes to you along with the tag set.

You can use it for target practice and enjoying the funny actions it makes after getting the hits from your laser gun.

  • Fast reload
  • Large handles for a firm grip
  • Multiple weapons with a vast range of shooting options
  • A vast range of sound, vibration, and lighting effects
  • Safe for children with low-intensity infrared rays
  • No visible cons

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How Do I Choose a Laser Tag Set?

Simulation war games that have inbuilt military strategies and covert operations are the best recreational sports for you and your family.

The handheld guns are driven by infrared light and bodily worn parts act as targets. Inbuilt firmware and software systems can integrate the hardware for data processing and display.

The basic Tag Set Equipment includes a Laser gun and a vest that you can wear on your chest, shoulder, or back. There are certain parameters you need to understand before choosing your new Laser tag set.

Tag Gun Material – Look for Quality and Durability

Composite plastic (preferably ABS (Acrylo-Butadiene-Styrene)) is the most commonly used material for making the gun and vest.

It should be non-toxic (child-safe), lightweight, and impact & fall resistant. It should also be resistant to heat, humidity, sweat, and dirt.

Tag Gun laser Pointer – Check Safety and Precision

Check the classification of Laser pointer on the Tag gun. It should be preferably in the range of class-2 or class-3B.

They are mild and harmless for the skin and eyes of the players (especially children). They also have a longer reach and precision focus.

Tag gun Design and Construction – Determine Ease of Handling and Playing

The first parameter is ease of holding on the grip-panel, trigger, front-strap, trigger-guard, back-strap, and grip-safety parts.

The pointer direction should be away from the shooter’s eyes.  Some of the other parts’ locations should be

  • Speaker (closer to the grip-panel)
  • Shooting indicator (along with the nozzle)
  • Payload/reload button (base of grip panel)
  • Switch (in front of the trigger at a reachable position)
  • Team color indicator (at an instantly visible point)
  • Weapon selection button (preferably beside the switch for pistol, machine-gun, shotgun, etc)
  • Option for headphone
  • Other indicators (life, health, currency) in the immediately visible parts

Tag Vest Design and Construction – Ease of Wearing and precision Reception

The vest should have four hooks at the corners for accommodating belts. The length of the belt will be different for wearing on the chest, shoulder, or back.

Power switch should be easily accessible. Indicators for the team, life, health, and others should have multiple color options that are easily understandable).

Indicators for life, hit vibrations, sounds, and color changes should be accurate and visible to the wearer.

It should have options to choose the minimum and maximum hits by connecting to the inbuilt firmware/software.

The material should be child-safe (Ex: non-toxic ABS) and resistant to warping (bending), cracking and breaking.

It should have an impact and fall-proof characteristics. You can check these parameters on the technical specifications in the user manual that you may download and read.

Battery for Tag Gun and Vest – Ease of Charging and Long Life

Battery case-cover for the Tag gun should be easy to open and close (preferably with a small screwdriver). It should accommodate at least four to six AA rechargeable batteries.

Some of the gun models will have ports for recharging while the others may have Wi-Fi options. You need to check and choose the one that is easy and convenient.

Similarly, you can check the battery holder for the vest. Its size will be smaller than the gun (ex: button battery).

Make sure the longevity of the battery is specified. Some of the laser tag sets may come with batteries, while others may not. Then you may have to buy the batteries separately.

Laser Tag Software – Speed and Accuracy Parameters

Laser tag sets come with an inbuilt software/firmware for making the gaming attractive and absorbing. You can change the settings with buttons on the gun/vest.

It should have multiple options for the

  • Shot-type
  • Damage-type
  • Reload-time
  • Firing-rate
  • Swap-speed
  • Sound-options
  • Shooting-range selection (minimum to maximum)
  • Weapon-selection etc
  • Interactive voice (preferably with tips and feedback)
  • Option for multiple players and teams
  • Instant reload options

Compatibility Options – between Tag Gun and Vest

Some of the laser tag guns may have inbuilt compatibility between the gun and vest of different models and brands.

It is an added advantage that gives you the options to play with multiple guns and vests when you meet your friends and guests for weekend and birthday party celebrations with the laser tag sets.