3 Easy Dart Games You Can Start Playing Today

easy dart games

After purchasing your dart board, it seems logical that the next step would be to learn how to play dart games.

Most of dart games may seem to be a little bit complicated especially for someone who has never played a dart game.

That’s totally normal.

Today’s article will cover three easy dart games that anyone can learn in a matter of a few minutes.

These games are by far the easisest dart games ever.

I promise you that.

Now, let’s get started.

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Dart Game 1#: The Popular Must-Know x 01

I know that the name of this game may scare you a little bit.

But, don’t worry about that. You’ll get it in a minute.

This is one of the easiest dart games ever and it’s actually quite popular.

You begin with a score that ends with a 1 such as 401, 501, 601. Just like how it is played in a dart tournament.

The goal is to get to zero.

So if you decide to play 401, every player begins with 401 points and focus to reach 0 before his challengers.

– How to play x 0 1

The play starts by every player throwing a dart to the Bull’s-eye. The player whose dart gets close to the Bull’s-eye becomes the first player.

However, there are two ways to begin playing this game. Straight in or double in.

  • For straight in, the moment you begin throwing darts, you earn points for where your darts land.
  • Double-in is the most common actually. Here, you must land your dart in the double-ring before you start earning points. The double may be any number which is also your first point. Any points you earn when you play get deducted from the total.

For you to win, you must finish on 0 by throwing a double.

For example, if it’s your turn to play, and have 80-points left, you can earn 20, 20 and a double of 20 to end the game. But if you play more points past zero, your points remain unchanged.

It is called a bust because you have exceeded the points.

As you can see, this game is easy.

However, there are numerous numerical variations you need to use to end the game. That’s why it can be an excellent game for developing mathematics skills.

By the way, I’d like to invite you to take a look at this video below about how pro players achieve 170 checkouts in x01 game.

Dart Game 2#: Cricket

dart game cricket

Another easy and classic dart game is cricket.

Though it is very simple, you need some strategies to master it. The order of players is determined by every player aiming the bulls-eye. The closest dart near the bulls-eye plays first. You need to write out numbers 15 to 20 on a chalkboard or on a piece of paper.

To open the scoring, hit a number three times before your challenger, and also close the scoring if your challenger opens by hitting 3-times. By mastering the strategies, you can be able to score excellent points. Double counts as 2, while trebles as 3.

For instance, if you hit No.18 with all the 3 darts in a row, each time you hit 18 after that earns you points. Your challenger cannot earn points from number 18 because you own it. However, he can try to stop you scoring many points on the number by hitting it 3 times.

How to play cricket:

Step 1: You throw your darts hitting No.18 three times. This means you have opened the number 18, and no one else can earn a point from that number.

Step 2: Your challenger tries to hit number 18 but only manages to hit the target with 2 darts.

Step 3: You throw three darts at 18 hitting a single, a treble and one hit number 4. There you earn 72 points. The four does count because in this game you only use 15-20.

Step 4: Your challenger hits 18, and now 18 is closed and no player can score points from the number.

The game ends when you close the numbers and the bulls-eye. The player with the most points becomes the winner.

Dart Game 3#: Scram

Scram is a game of two-players who are known as the scorer and the stopper.

You begin by writing numbers 1-to-20 and the Bulls-eye down in the middle of your scoreboard. Every player gets a part of the scoreboard.

How to play scrum:

The stopper throws his/her darts first, and each number he/she hits is scored on the scoreboard. He has to throw all the three darts.

After the stopper, it is the scorer’s turn to throw his 3 darts. Any number that the scorer hits and it is not closed is a point.

The game continues till every number on the scoreboard and the bulls-eye are closed.

The roles are later reversed, and the game continues. The game ends after the second round, and the person with the highest points is the winner.

The objective of this game is to score many points. In case there is a tie, the players aim the bulls-eye to find a winner.

If you are the stopper, make sure you hit the largest numbers first. For the scorer, hitting the available largest numbers is also a strategy.

What Now? Practice These Easy Dart Games

I hope that the explanations were very clear to you.

As I mentioned before, these dart games are super easy to learn and even master after a few games.

Therefore, what you need now is practice.

Undertanding the rules of a dart game isn’t enough.

You should learn the skills and the strategies in order to defeat your opponents.

That’s why the next step after reading this article should be to go get yourself a dart boad and practice these games with your friends.

Before you go, I’d like you to share with us your thoughts on these dart games and how easy or difficult you find them in a comment below.