Playcraft Sport 40″ Tabletop Air Hockey Table Review

Playcraft Sport 40" Tabletop Quick Review Insights
  • Price-Quality Ratio
  • Surface Air Flow
  • Table Durability
  • Assembly Convenience
  • Extra Features

To sum up:

Pros: Excellent table for kids with a reasonable price

Cons: Too small for kids above the age of 12

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Tabletops are a great choice for kids. They don’t need so much space. They are easily removable and can be placed on any kind of table. Plus, kids love them. It’s because they are easier to handle than full-sized air hockey tables.

Playcraft Sport is one of the best sellers in this category. Most buyers testified that they love it. It has a good rating on Amazon which proves that customers are satisfied with the quality of this table.

Playcraft Sport was built using good quality materials. It has a beautiful design. It provides a nice and smooth flow for the pucks. In short, it provides a good value for the money you’re paying.

Table Specifications

Playcraft Sport Tabletop Air Hockey Table
Table Dimensions
8'' H x 21'' W x 40'' L
Primary Material
MDF Hardwood
Pucks & Pushers
2 pucks and 2 pushers
Electronic Scoring
Assembly Time
A few minutes
Age Group
4 to 12 Years

Table Images

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  • A well-built table using hardwood MDF.
  • A nice air flow that is better than most tables of the same price range.
  • A beautiful design.
  • Excellent choice for kids under 12.
  • Super easy assembly.
  • Excellent quality-price ratio.


  • Kids above the age of 12 find this table too small.
  • This table wasn’t built to last for more than 2 years.

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To sum things up, the Playcraft Sport is sturdy tabletop table that can be bought for a really reasonable price. It’s not a table for the pros nor does it provide a flawless flow for the pucks. It was not made also to last for decades. It’s rather a mini air hockey table designed especially for kids.

The Playcraft Sport 40-inch is a solid table that kids at home will love to play with during rainy days. If you’re looking for a well-built toy for the kids, then I don’t see anything better than this table. It’s the perfect gift for your nephew or your friend’s son.

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