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Shuffleboard Table Sizes: The Ultimate Guide

Around the mid-1800s, Shuffleboard tables were considered a symbol of opulence so much that all the noble and wealthy folks had Shuffleboard tables in their homes.

Well, that era is long gone, and Shuffleboard tables aren’t considered much of a nobility anymore. However, they are still a handy addition to any game room.

Shuffleboard tables come in many brands, but size remains one of the primary considerations when it comes to deciding the right table size for your home or office.

Should you go for a small table that’s 8ft long, a mid-sized table that’s 16ft long or a large tournament-size table that’s 20ft long?

This article here will explain to you how to choose the right size for your shuffleboard table.

What Is the Most Common Shuffleboard Table Size?

Many homes do not have a lot of extra room to spare, and so as a result, they end up preferring getting smaller shuffleboard tables rather than bigger ones.

For this reason, the smaller tables that are 9ft to 14ft long are the most common shuffleboard table size.

Small Shuffleboard tables are great because they easily fit into tight spaces, so you don’t need to have a lot of room to accommodate such a table.

Additionally, these tables are often shorter, and so they can be used by kids and adults alike.

Another reason behind their popularity could be because they are a budget-friendly option.

Not all small shuffleboard tables have a low price point, but they are definitely cheaper when compared to their larger counterparts.

The style of play is another consideration.

Smaller shuffleboard tables are better suited for recreational play seeing as they allow for a slower, more relaxed game that’s still fun.

The larger the table, the more challenging it will be to make a shot.

As a result, large tables are ideal for more experienced players looking to have a serious game while shorter tables better suit those who desire a more laid-back game.

What Is the Official Shuffleboard Table Size?

A regulation-sized Shuffleboard table is 22ft long. This is the official size used in tournaments, and they can accommodate the fastest waxes, therefore, being ideal for experienced players.

These large shuffleboard tables employ quality craftsmanship and use high-quality hardwoods.

As a result, therefore, they are often quite expensive and bulky and require several people for the installation and assembly.

Someone who is looking for something smaller but still near-regulation size can go for the Shuffleboard tables which are 18ft or 20ft long.

The tables in this range would be perfect for anyone who wishes to practice regulation Shuffleboard or one who has a lot of spare room in their home.

Besides offering a faster play, the larger tables can also be a beautiful furniture addition in any game room.

These tables are often constructed from hardwood, giving them a look and feel of grandeur and opulence.

The playing field of a Shuffleboard table requires constant care.

So, one thing to keep in mind is that the larger the table, the more dedicated one will have to be in maintaining the table.

What Size Shuffleboard Table Should I Get?

Universally, size is a major consideration when it comes to buying a Shuffleboard table.

Besides the size of the table itself, one also needs to consider the size of the room and the access to the room.

Ideally, it is advisable to get the largest table the room can accommodate.

Of course, the room size should also take into consideration the required clearance all around the Shuffleboard table.

Authorities in the industry advise that there should be a minimum of 2ft all around the table.

The 2ft offers sufficient room for the players to get behind the table and bend over with ease as they get into the proper stance and shooting positions.

The other consideration is access to the room.

How are you going to get the table into your game room? Are the doors large enough? Will you go up any staircase or use elevators? Are there any tricky corners you have to maneuver?

The two major components of a Shuffleboard table are the playfield and the cabinet.

Most cabinets can be taken apart into smaller manageable sizes, but the playing field is often one solid block of wood.

Keeping in mind that the playing field can be quite large and heavy; therefore, the doors and hallways have to be wide enough for one to get through.

The shuffleboard table size additionally has an impact on one’s style of play.

So, would you rather get a large table for fast games or are you better off with a smaller table for a laid-back type of play?

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How Much Does a Shuffleboard Table Weigh?

Shuffleboard tables vary tremendously in weight because different tables employ different construction materials. Additionally, the size of the table is another reason behind the variation in weight.

One would expect a smaller table to weigh less than a larger table and vice versa.

9ft long tables are conventionally, the smallest in the market and so these also typically weigh the least.

A ballpark figure would be between 250 lbs. to 350 lbs. meaning as much as it is lighter than bigger tables, a 9ft table would still require several people to move it.

Expect tables which are between 12-14ft long to weigh anywhere between 400 lbs. to as much as 600 lbs.

The tables in this range are still considered small tables, but as you can see, they can be quite heavy.

Mid-sized Shuffleboard tables which are 16-18ft long could weigh between 600 lbs. to 750 lbs. while 22ft tournament-size tables could easily weigh more than 1000 lbs.

Tables of the same length, made from similar materials, could end up having a considerable disparity in weight.

It all banks on the quality of the cabinet and apron, as well as the thickness of the playing surface.

What Is the Height of a Shuffleboard Table?

There is a considerable difference in shuffleboard table lengths and widths. On the other hand, there is a very small difference in height between the smaller tables and the larger tables.

Typically, expect a table to be anywhere between 30” and 32” tall.

Keeping in mind that this height is taken from the floor to the wax-coated playing surface, the smaller tables will be slightly over 30” tall while the longer tables will be around 32” tall.

This variation depends on the thickness of the playing surface as well as the adjustment of the leg levelers.

Most high-quality shuffleboard tables come with leg levelers, and the players can use these to level the table on uneven floors, thereby adjusting the overall height of the table accordingly.

How Wide Is a 12 Ft Shuffleboard Table?

The width of the playing field varies between 16” and 20” depending on the length of the table.

While some smaller tables may have playing fields that are merely 15” wide, 22 ft long regulation-size shuffleboard tables have a playing field which is 20” wide.

Expect a 12 ft Shuffleboard table to have a playing surface that’s 16” wide while the overall width of the table is about 24”.

Factor in the clearance around the table and one will need a room that is at least 6ft (72”) wide to be able to accommodate a 12ft long table.

What Is the Longest Shuffleboard Table?

The longest shuffleboard table is a tournament-size table.

By regulation, this table should have a playing surface that’s 22ft long, 20” wide and the overall height of the table is typically 32”.

A full-length shuffleboard table would be pretty elegant and majestic addition into any room.

They are made from high-quality hardwood and have exceptional features, luxurious finishes, and well-made structural components.

Besides the grandeur, these tables really put one’s playing skills to the test.

Which Shuffleboard Table Size You Should Buy?

Small Recreational Tables: 9 To 12 Feet

Small shuffleboard tables are a budget-friendly option which makes them perfect for a laid-back style of play.

In this instance, the player has a high level of control over the puck.

The trade-off, however, is that one cannot use the fastest waxes on these tables seeing as the puck will fly across the table and might even go over the edge.

Small Shuffleboard tables will come with smaller pucks scaled to the smaller table, and they could be shorter as well.

As a result, tables in this size bracket are ideal for use by children even without adult supervision.

Medium Length Shuffleboard Tables: 14 – 16 Feet

Mid-length shuffleboard tables are still recreational, but this length caters to more serious players who also happen to have a bit more room to accommodate the larger table.

If you plan to play often, then consider getting a mid-sized table rather than a smaller one.

Additionally, with these tables, one can use faster waxes, there is also more room to try out creative shots.

It is also worth mentioning that playing on a medium-length table is more challenging than playing on a smaller table.

Full-Length Shuffleboard Tables: 18 – 22 Feet

Full-length shuffleboard tables are a work of art. These large tables are perfect if you intend to play with a group of people because what fun is there in investing in a large, expensive table only to play alone?

Besides being ideal for one’s local association, these tables are also necessary to invest in if you plan on playing often.

Playing on a long table is more fun and challenging, and one can get the chance to use faster waxes, thereby putting your skills to the test.

Final Words

Playing Shuffleboard is a great way to unwind after a long day as well as a great way to get some physical and mental exercise.

Different table sizes are designed to cater to different players, so one has to choose wisely.

Primarily, make sure that the table fits within the available space in your home without making the room feel cramped.

Additionally, the table size you choose should befit your playing style, your skill level, and your budget.