foosball tips and tricks for beginners

Foosball Tips and Tricks For Beginners To Improve Their Game

Some people play Foosball recreationally, and some take the game seriously.

The casual players might not play that often. Just an occasional game at the pub, in the office or at a friend’s house party.

The serious players might have participated in a tournament. They could even be part of a local league or association.

Whether playing just casually or taking part in a tournament, nobody likes to lose.

Every foosball player gets in the game hoping to win.

The only difference is that while some use strategy, others rely on dumb luck.

Which kind of player are you? Have you been looking for tips on how to better your chances of winning the game?

No worries, this guide here focuses on foosball tips and tricks that are best suited for the beginners to help them upgrade their game and start winning as quick as possible.

Let’s get started!

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How Do I Get Better at Foosball fast?

1. Have a Relaxed Grip

Many beginners and even a few not-so-new players tend to hold onto the handle a tad too tightly.

This could happen right from the start of the game, but most players tend to take this stance when the pressure is heightened, and the competition is heating up.

Tightening up during a game will not work in your favor.

This tends to constrict your movement and slows down your response time so resist the temptation to tighten up.

Instead, breathe and relax your grip.

Of course, this is not to mean that you should loosen your grip entirely.

With your knuckles on top and your thumb wrapped loosely around the handle, make sure there is a bit of space between your palms, fingers and the handle.

A relaxed grip allows you to adapt to different kinds of shots, and it also gives your shots more power whenever you flick your wrists.

2. Don’t Spin

Spinning is a great way to maximize the power of your shots, right? Wrong.

To begin with, spinning is illegal in Foosball.

Additionally, when you spin, you lose control of your players and so your pass becomes a lottery effort and neither can you block the opponent’s shots.

The ball gets catapulted into parts unknown, and many an own goal has been scored this way.

Besides being detrimental to your game, spinning the rods can cause them to warp, therefore damaging the foosball table.

So, it is essential to adhere to this basic rule: you must not spin.

3. Have Your Players Slightly Inclined

When your players are angled, you are keeping them in a position where they can easily receive and hold the ball when it is shot in their direction.

However, the angling varies with the different player positions on the foosball table.

Your goalie and midfield players should be angled away from the opponent’s goal.

This is to mean that their heads should tilt towards your goal, and this gives you a better chance at blocking shots.

As for the attackers and defenders, incline them in the opposite direction. This way, you are in a better position to not only block but also maintain possession of the ball after blocking

Foosball Defense Tips For Beginners

1. Use the Defense to Make Passes

The defender rod is used to block an opponent’s shots, and so most players tend to use the defense to shoot the ball up the table.

However, did you know that you can use the defense to pass the ball instead?

Shooting from the back can be a very effective move but so can moving the ball forward with short passes.

Do not pass the ball blindly though.

Like all other positions, make sure your passes are calculated regardless of whether it is a lane pass, wall pass or a bounce pass.

Doing this will help you methodically make your way to the front, all the while retaining control of the ball.

2. Move the Two Defense Rods in Unison

The two defense rods should be played as one solid defensive unit.

As a result, therefore, ensure your defense players do not overlap and that they do not cross back and forth either.

The idea is to use the two rods to create a strong defense against the opponent’s shots.

So, you can space the defense men slightly apart such that there isn’t enough space between them through which the ball could pass.

Used correctly, this spacing between your men could tremendously work in your favor and make a significant impact on your game.

3. Vary Your Rod Movements

First off, note that you should always be playing the defense.

This means that the defense rods should constantly be moving as you follow the ball regardless of where it is on the table.

Subconsciously, players tend to enter in a particular pattern when moving their rods and more so their defense rods.

If you want to get better at Foosball, then you have to learn to alternate your movements and patterns.

Learning to do so will help you master the art of making your move unpredictable, therefore distracting the opponent in the process.

Foosball Shooting Tips For Newbies

1.Master A Single Shot Technique

Many advanced players will use a variety of shooting techniques during a game. In a bid to keep up, you might be tempted to do the same. Well, unless you are good at various techniques, don’t.

Mastering a single shot is a practical approach in guaranteeing you at least one goal during a game. Practice makes perfect, so they say, and that could not be truer. When you find a shot technique that works for you, you can then apply it every time you play.

Doing so will help you stick with the technique, and this reduces the time and concentration you tend to waste while trying to line up a shot when an opportunity opens up.

2. Quick Wrist Flicks

When taking a shot, attempt to turn your wrist quickly. You will know you are doing it right if the rod turns about 180° in the process.

Snapping the wrist as you shoot helps produce more power.

This consequently gives your ball momentum and speed with translates into a fast and steady shot.

Any football shot depends on the placement of your thumb, the movement of your wrist and the grip technique.

For beginners and advanced players alike, mastering all three skills will help you get much better at the game.

3. Master the Dummy Shot

Just as the name suggests, this is whereby you move as if making a shot but stop short of doing so.

As you might already have figured, in Foosball this requires a great deal of poise and technique.

With the same powerful wrist flick movement that you use in an actual shot, make as if to shoot.

However, do not go through with the shot and instead, stop short at the last second. Tap the ball sideways, passing it to the player beside you and shoot the ball into the net.

Foosball Goalie Tips For Beginners

1.Dribble Using the Goalie

In case your opponent is continually blocking your passes or shots, then dribbling with your goalie would be a great way to create some space.

To do this, simply pass the ball back and forth between your goalie and the two-man defense rod.

As you make these short passes, move by sliding along the backline while you wait for a lane to free up. When a path has opened, quickly pass the ball forward.

Using the goalie to dribble requires excellent skill and precision so as not to score an own goal.

2. Have One Hand Always on Goalie

Master the art of controlling the goalkeeper with one hand while the other hand simultaneously controls the ball outfields.

This will mean that you have to manage the goalkeeper with your weak hand, which can be quite tough at first.

This is because it requires short reaction times and involves sharp reflexes.

However hard it seems, though, keep practicing, and before you know it, it will be a skill that comes naturally to you.

3. Adapt Your Goalie to Bank Shots

If you are playing with an advanced player, then they might have shooters that have skillfully mastered the art of bank shots.

Bank shots are harder to defend, hence why it is such an important skill to master.

Foosball Serving Tips For Beginners

1.Serve Yourself

Interestingly, there is no rule in Foosball which cautions against serving the ball to your own men.

This obviously gives you an advantage and so if you wish to get better as Foosball, then you might as well master the art of serving yourself the ball.

Serving yourself basically entails directing the ball towards the men on your midfielder rod.

This can be done in two ways, either using a serving cup or serving with a backspin.

Whichever method you go for, work on it often to master the skill, thereby giving you better control over the game.

2. Master the Backspin Serve Technique

You are now are that there are two serving methods to use to serve yourself the ball.

The more popular of the two, however, is the backspin technique.

Start by taking the ball in your left hand and pin it between your thumb and index finger.

Your index finger should be on the inside, and the thumb should be outside the serving hole, holding the ball in place.

Next, use your right index finger to pin the ball against the hole, which then allows you to release your left hand from the ball.

Use this left hand to grab the 5-man rod in readiness to accept the serve.

Once this is done, finish off by dropping the ball in the hole in a motion which allows it to spin counter-clockwise towards your men.

3. Take Advantage of Serving Yourself

Besides serving yourself, you need to master the skill to maximize each serve.

This is more so when playing against advanced players.

With an advanced player, you might not get many opportunities to shoot as the game progresses, so why not guarantee a goal every time you serve yourself the ball?

Doing this will require a lot of persistence and practice, but progressively, you shall see it paying off in consequent games.

Conclusion: What is Next?

If you have player Foosball before, whether at a beginner level or an advanced level, then you know that all these tips and tricks are better said than done.

However, that is not to mean that they are impossible altogether.

You are bound to make a couple of mistakes in the beginning.

With persistence, practice and diligence, however, you will find that your hands are more fluid and the basic tricks of the game will come quite naturally to you.

Despite it all, don’t think too hard while playing.

Relax, breathe and have some fun because isn’t that the whole point of the game after all?