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10 Foosball Shots & Tips To Improve Your Offense

Foosball has dramatically changed over the years. Initially, many people played the game indoors, but recently, foosball has become a renowned sport.

Today, foosball has won many hearts. Organizations have been formed in support of the game.

Also, numerous tournaments are held now and then to embrace this fun sport.

So, how do you grasp the art of foosball shots? Here is a write up on this and more.

Remember to be patient as well because it might take some time for you to master the skills.

10 Foosball Shots and Tricks

If you want to be an excellent foosball player, these shots will come in handy.

Make appropriate use of each shot, and you will always find scoring opportunities during your games. Also, it’s always good to begin with, the easier ones and keep soaring high.

  1. Foosball Pull Shot

Just as the name suggests, the player is required to pull and then release the rod to score using a single movement.

The players use the offensive 3 bar to execute this shot. The ball is pulled in a lateral position towards the player and then shot into the goal.

  1. Push Shot

This shot is among the easiest to learn for beginners. The main technique for an ideal push shot is holding the handle loosely.

This ensures that you gain the needed speed. It will also be easy for you to make the shot because there will be minimal resistance.

  1. Pull Kick

This shot is quite easy to perform if you can do the pull shot. For a perfect pull kick, the ball is passed from the far man on the third rod.

It is then passed to the middle man who finally kicks it to the goal.

Most beginners grasp this shot pretty fast, thus motivating them to keep playing foosball.

  1. Push Kick

The ball is passed from the 3 barman nearest to you to the middle offensive man from where it is kicked towards the goal.

This shot is not as common as those mentioned above.

However, players still use it too without their opponent’s knowledge to increase the chances of scoring.

Ensure that the shot is quick to make it appear like a pass.

  1. Snake Shot

More skilled foosball players mostly take snake shots. Therefore, beginners might find it quite challenging to execute.

However, if you have mastered all the basic skills, it will be easy for you to make a snake shot.

This shot is a 3 bar foosball shot done by the middle offensive man. The ball is pinned between the man and d the table.

Ensure you take this shot with an open hand. This is because your wrist should pin the man on top of the ball towards the forward.

Then the man is moved in a lateral manner where you can push or pull the rod and, at the same time, spin your wrist on the handle to kick the ball with the man.

You can see these swift movements can be challenging for beginners but eventually gets easier.

  1. Bank Shot

A bank shot is common in foosball. When you hit the ball to bounce it to the goal, you have taken a bank shot.

It can be used on the offensive or defensive side.

You should use it on the defensive side because it is difficult for your opponents to notice it, unlike when you use it on the offensive side.

  1. Spray Shot

Spray shots are diagonal shots. This means that the ball will move towards the goal at the same angle you threw it.

These shots limit your chances of making a perfect shot, especially if you are a beginner.

That is why you will realize most foosballers don’t use the spray shot while playing.

  1. Dead Man Shot

Dead man shot is a challenging shot for most foosball players. This is because you take it from a blind spot.

You shoot the ball towards the far corner of your opponent’s goal, which makes it difficult for them to defend.

However, you have to take it in a particular defensive position. If you master this skill, you will always make fruitful dead man shots.

  1. Tic-tac Shot

Interesting name right there, don’t you think? The name originated from the sound made when the players on the same rod are passing the ball.

The tic-tac trick is used by many foosball players to challenge the opponents.

For a proper tic-tac shot, you need to have a good plan with your fellow teammates. Bounce the ball between two players of your team continuously.

As you play, get the ball to the offensive 3 bar.

You can conclude the opponents by blending push and pull shots. Once you see a reasonable gap in their defense, shoot your shot and score.

  1. Aerial Shot

If you compare all the foosball shots, aerial shot leads the list in difficulty. It challenges not only beginners but also pro players.

Ensure your set up is perfect if you want a great aerial shot. Aerial shots are made with the ball positioned at the back of the defensive 2 bar.

Take the shot as the defensive men between two defensive men. It should be caught on the back of the 2 bar for it to be an aerial shot.

This 2 bar should be held horizontally as it is moved to the center of the table. Finally, the foosball is thrown into the air towards the goal.

Foosball Shots Tips To Improve Your Offense Skills

If you want to stand out and own the foosball table, you need to familiarize yourself with several tips.

Worry no more because we have compiled a list of essential tips that will elevate your foosball shots skills.

1.Follow the rules.

I know this is not a tip, so to say, but it is essential to understand and follow the rules of the game.

Otherwise, you won’t need the other tips if you are playing foosball unruly. If you keep that in mind, the other tips will flow smoothly.

2. Hold the handle in a relaxed manner.

Most newbies mess up their first experience playing foosball by holding the handle of the rod too tight.

This might injure your hands, so ensure you hold the handle firmly but loosen up to create space between the hand and the handle.

3. Keep an open stance.

This might sound basic, but it is essential. Don’t stand straight with your feet parallel to the foosball table.

Open up your stance and make a 45 degrees angle from the table.

This way, your arms will be free, and it will be easy for you to make powerful shots.

4. Use the serving spoon method to serve yourself.

After a goal is scored in foosball, the serving team can serve the ball to itself.

Use this opportunity to exploit the serving cup method if your table has one.

5. Always pin the ball.

This will help you think about the next move that you will take.

6. Keep an eye on your opponent’s men.

It is apparent that you will always watch your players during the game. However, paying attention to your opponent’s defense helps to know when and which shot to make.

7. Angle your forward players.

Keep your three-man rod ready. Always drive the ball towards them because they are your offense.

This way, you will maintain the possession for a long time and, in the process, work out the proper moves you need to make.

8. A wall pass always works.

Great offenses in foosball are as a result of appropriate passes.

By doing this, your opponents will not predict your next move, and you will be getting closer to their goal.

9. Change the direction of your passes.

This leaves the opponents confused, unlike when you focus on passes towards the same direction.

10. Passing from the defense is a good idea. 

However, beginners always try to shoot from the back.

This can be effective, but you should move the ball forward, so it gets easier for you to hit the goal without a miss.

11. Always use your goalie when the opponent blocks your shots too much.

However, you need to do this in a smart way; otherwise, you might end up with an own goal.

12. Grasp a particular shot

Every game will need you to employ various techniques.

You will realize that shots are the most common. While you might have to learn all the shots, it is better if you master one of them.

This way, you will be able to focus on this particular shot.

13. Ensure that the goalie and defense are synchronized

Angle them, depending on how your opponents are playing.

This will minimize their chances of scoring since your defense will be well put.

14. Shoot from the defense

Don’t get confused because I gave a tip on making passes forward. This is because you can always score.

These shots are difficult to calculate and will always catch your opponents unprepared.

15. Make use of all your players

This game is played in teams so ensure all the players are busy during the game.

Enjoy the game. As obvious as it seems, it is always vital to have fun while playing foosball.

If not, you have no reason to spend time there.


Do you already feel like a foosball pro? Well, I know you don’t view the game like you used to before.

You know the shots that you need to learn for you to enjoy the game.

While they might seem difficult at the beginning, you will get used to them with time.

Start with the shots that are easy to learn and advance as you move on.

Additionally, the above tips will be of great help. If you use them correctly, you will definitely own the table and have an unforgettable moment playing foosball.