sport squad hx40 review

Sport Squad HX40 Tabletop Air Hockey Table Review

Sport Squad HX40 Tabletop Quick Review Insights
  • Price-Quality Ratio
  • Surface Air Flow
  • Table Durability
  • Assembly Convenience
  • Extra Features

To sum up:

Pros: Excellent table for little kids under 12

Cons: It’s not built for heavy use

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In this review we are going to talk about one of the best tabletop air hockey tables in the market. It’s the Sport Squad HX40 from JOOLA. It’s a well designed table that has many positive reviews around the web.

It’s no ideal table for real hockey play. But, it’s an excellent choice for parents who wanna play with their children in some sort of a competitive game. When it comes to bringing joy to the family, this table will do the job. Little kids love this table because of its small size that helps them play air hockey easily.

As I said before, I heard a lot of good things about this tabletop. That’s why I decided that it must have its own detailed review. Let’s get started then !

Table Specifications

Sport Squad HX40 Tabletop Air Hockey Table
Table Dimensions
5'' H x 20'' W x 40'' L
Primary Material
MDF Hardwood
Pucks & Pushers
two 2" pucks and 2 pushers
Electronic Scoring
Assembly Time
A few minutes
Age Group
4 to 12 Years
1 Year

Table Images

Sport Squad HX40 Tabletop Air Hockey Table Review


  • Excellent table for little kids under 12
  • Super easy assembling in just a matter of minutes.
  • Even though it’s a cheap table, it was made using MDF hardwood which is a good thing.
  • Very affordable price with an excellent value.
  • It doesn’t require a lot of space to be stored.
  • The table surface provides a decent flow


  • Not designed for heavy use
  • Adults and teenagers will find this table too small
  • There’s no electronic scoring

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As you can see, this table has a lot to offer. It provides a good value for the money you’re paying. Of course it’s not as good as the other tables that cost hundreds of dollars. That’s a no-brainer.

However, this table is designed to satisfy a particular type of need. It aims to provide a fun air hockey experience for young kids under the age of 12. And many buyers have admitted that this table does exactly what it promises.

Bottom line, The Sport Squad HX40 is an excellent air hockey table for young kids. There’s no doubt about that. This table is a perfect gift that your kid will definitely love.

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